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Updated on December 17, 2009

In every country, they have their own kind of election. This is the time that people have to look for the right candidate to run the government. It is an opportunities to exercise their right of suffrage. An election lies the future of the country. Having a candidate not worthy to their votes has risk in putting governance in danger. The leaders should be honest in their obligation for the welfare of their people ready to help and protect.

During their campaign period, they reached people on the street, smiling, shaking hands, nodding as if he sees his long time friends. The hands became stiff of handshaking to people that crossed his path. Even the small boy who was innocent seeing what happened on the street wandering why there was so many people around. Other candidates pat the back of the voters to win sympathy to vote for him. The most unusual platform of governance is by having so many promises for people's advantage.

To let people know the platform of each of the candidate, they hold a Meeting de Avance, converging into a public places, in plaza to hear what will be their priorities if elected. They did a grandstanding, singing and dancing to give people an enjoyment just to win their heart in lieu of what really the true intention if elected. A beautiful oratorical piece telling people that he is very qualified for such position he is running, convincing them to vote for him.

Each candidate has its own campaign fund out from the sponsors and sympathizers to ensure that he has enough resources for this important exercise of nerves. They hire movie stars, comedians to reach more people without realizing that the people only converging in a place not for him but to see the movie stars personally. Each candidate will do everything by spending more money just to make his campaign more effective in the eyes of the people. They distributed colored caps, T-shirt with his name inprinted in it, posters with smiling faces even if such smiles has its own hidden agenda.

The life of a candidate is the life of too much pressures, tiredness for the duration of the campaign period everyday to all places of the entire country. Even to places considered as hot spots during election day are included in their campaign.

One day before the election, activities were very intense. The mechanics of buying votes started. A fat envelope was given secretly to someone tasked to distribute to voters to ensure of his winning. Even if it is illegal but no one can prove otherwise. This is the saddest part of this election exercise. People can easily fooled because of money. Most of them, are those under the poverty line who accepted the so-called donation for their own use. It's interesting to note that such help is to be exchange for a vote. Why they did this? Because they cannot trust their abilities to win. They are not sure what's inside in people's mind. What they did is to ensure that those people who are undecided to whom they will vote be sealed by the flickering colors of the money. When asked, "well, that's life".

Election day. The paraphernalia to be used is now ready. Voters list is available. Each party has its own watchdog to ensure of avoiding cheating. Voting started early. Voting turn-out is less in the morning. The reason is that they still observing what will be the outcome of the voter's turn-out during the day before casting their individual votes.

Election exercise end early in the afternoon to allow counting of votes in the evening. This is the final act of knowing who will win. In some region, manipulation and rigging of election returns was great. All the mechanism of cheating were done. Knowing the winners were very frustrating. People pulse who should win is not what was expected. This is the result of people's lack of concern of not voting wisely. Whatever will be the outcome of the governance to those who win in their position when they should not be there, the voters were to blame. The inevitable already happened. For the best interest of the country, they have to support those who win. This will be their obligation at the moment.


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