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GOP Debate November 9, 2011

Updated on October 14, 2013

GOP Candidates


GOP Debate November 9, 2011

So tonight will be my last synopsis of the GOP debates. There will probably be many more but really I think this has been a destructive process for the candidates. They have revealed too much of themselves. And although they have tried to turn the story desperately this is an anti-incumbent and anti establishment year. The candidate that can be the most anti establishment will win and guess what? Both parties don’t have that candidate.

Every last person running for president has served in office, Granddad is government or Dad is government and both have had educational advantages the average American will never have the opportunity to receive. Wealthy establishment candidtae is all we are offered this year.

There is not one candidate that understands the fear of not being able to make a mortgage payment or being able to feed their families. None of them get it. And they all belong to that cult which is referred to as DC.

I liked Mitt. I thought he would make an excellent run against Obama especially if JEB ran as Vice but even Mitt is apart of the establishment. America is tired of the establishment. We don’t believe in our government anymore and until someone if nominated who knows what it is to struggle, be financially devastated and unemployed there is no one to vote for and that includes President Obama.

DC has lost touch with reality and so has everyone who works there as their sole intent on working in DC is to insulate themselves from the true hardships of what it is to be a citizen of this country.

You can’t judge this debate without considering all the gaffs of the other debates. Most notably I think Newt Gringrich has done well and so has Mitt Romney. But both Gringrich and Romney are establishment candidates and both have almost as much baggage as Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann.

Cain’s sexual harassment charges gives and advantage for Bachmann tonight as she and her husband, with his clinic to convert homosexuals straight, live in Minnesota in a house paid for by Fannie and Freddie right before they went bankrupt. And Michelle Bachmann is never going to [politically survive the claim she made that a parent told her an HPV shot made her child mentally retarded? Where is the parent that said that? Can Bachmann prove she was told that? I don’t think so. Michelle Bachmann has gamed the system so much she has managed to make money as a sitting Congresswoman while collecting money to run for president. She is a double dipper and then has the out right audacity to cry foul while she is collecting two government salaries? She underestimates the American people entirely. All her lies and schemes will not win her anything.

I also like Huntsman but it doesn’t look promising.

Herman Cain’s tax plan was the pits and I don’t think we need another president that can’t keep it in his pants. We have already endured that as a nation far too many times.

Newt good but really bad baggage. And he has no new plans.

Rick Santorum is alright but there are consistent rumors that he is gay. That wouldn’t affect my decision to vote for him except he claims to be anti gay rights.

The guy from New Mexico is late to the game. And late never sits pretty with me.

And while all of America was unemployed, losing their homes and going hungry the GOP candidates had the audacity to say, “No more taxes.”. Has gthe GOP figured out you have to have income to worry about taxes. America is unemployed. Let's talk JOBS before tax cuts! President Obama was going to extend the Bush tax cuts. And I saw and interview with Bill Clinton in which he said, “The American People do not resent success.”. And he is absolutely right. No one resents the success of Jeff Zuckerman or Bill Gates. There maybe other things we do not like about them but we think they are entitled to their success.

Americans hate oppression of the few. In particular the ill gotten gains of those in DC or the liberation of the DC crowd. Because no one in this country feels free right now. We all know DC is down on every American as hard as they can to limit any wealth or success possible. We know we are completely shut out of having the success through hard work and despise people who are successful through ill gotten gains. Case and point Michelle Bachmann who lives in a taxpayer provided house, with a fat government grant to her husband for his homosexual treatment center while collecting a congresswomen’s pay check and the fat campaign contributions of running for the GOP nomination all while crying foul over the debt ceiling. Thank God Ed Rollins got away from Michelle Bachmann. I like Ed Rollins.

Has it occurred to anyone else in America that if you took all the money used by all the candidates to run for office that you could pay off the debt? It is a matter of priorities.

Let me be clear there is not a dog in this race that has their priorities straight.

And before this gets down to the Democrats against the Republicans or vice versa let me be clear the crooks inside the beltway are only putting on a show for you to feel free and they could care less about what happens outside of the beltway unless it interferes with their power, money, or life style.

The Republicans use to be the old guard who believed in taking care of everyone but that is no longer true. The old guards of the Republican party are few and far between. They are not running for office that is for certain.

GOP Debate Niver 9, 2011

Last GOP Debate Analysis

The Republicans seem to be in agreement tonight. No more bank bail outs. They recommend cut, cap and balance which Michelle Bachmann voted against. They are willing to allow Italy to economincally fail.

Mitt did make a point that corporations should be will to go through bankruptcy and restructuring. But Romney looks rather batter.

Unemployment is a national crisis and they are still claiming they need to reduce taxes. Bachmann claims taxes cause unemployment and yet George Bush eliminated taxes for the entire eight years of his presidency and no one could get jobs. People have been out of work for a decade not a year or three years.

There are more people out of work than in work. And it will only takes a candidate wise enough to enfranchise Americans who are disenfranchised to win the election.

Herman Cain was allowed to address the sexual harassment claims. Herman Cain needs to learn to abandon bad ideas but he is too old and hounds his 999 plan which will be lethal to the middle and the low income people.

They want to help the middle class which is gone. That is Bush straight talk for helping no one.

And they are advocating more flat taxes which is the hardest on poor people.

Ron Paul wants to privatize government agencies.He sounds like George Bush the neo-conservative. Are Liberatarians the new Nep-cons?

Michelle Bachmann has demonized Barack Obama as well. But she is an establishment candidate.. What a hypocrite Michelle Bachmann is to complain about Freddie and Fannie who paid for her home. And Bachmann was so stupid to call Freddie and Fannie stupid when they paid for her home. You know if Bachmann gets anywhere close to the executive branch Fannie and Freddie will be living high on the hog since they bought her house.

There was a lot of fear mongering and very few answers.

They are going to unwind Freddie and Fannie like they did UBS?

Where is the old guard? Where is the Republican Party I grew up with? They don't seem to exist any longer.

And they are pushing more corporate agenda's. Computerized medical records aren't without their controversy. One can go to the doctor and the computer sends the prescription to the pharmacy but it never actually gets there.

Gringrich wants the states to experiment on people but he was for brain cognitive science which I agree that needs to be funded. And he finally admitted Autism is one of the greatest challenges facing America and it is.

Again Bachmann should have shut her mouth as she claimed Barack Obama, aka the devil to Michelle Bachmann, intentional caused the social security crisis but she also claimed no more taxes. So how can social security stay solvent without taxing workers? The entire deal of social security is workers pay into to take care of the elderly and disabled and when they become elderly or disabled they are given social security.

Student loan debt is about a trillion dollars and it is also being transferred to the public.

In this debate they really fail to capture the optimism of the promise of a new president. Whoever gets the nomination, which I believe it will be Romney, will really need to have an optimistic message of hope or it will be another four years for Obama.

But Romney is sounding an awful lot like the Bushes. It is my assesment Romney won the debate although there were a few good performances by other candidates. In particularly, Jon Huntsman specifically talk to China and tarrifs wars causing trade wars which is a really important issue.

GOP Nominee

Who Will You Vote For the GOP Candidate?

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It is now twp years later. October of 2013. Romney did get the nomination but in the end they both sounded like the Bushes. Unemployment is still critically high which means that social security is going to be insolvent because no one has jobs to pay into it. Healthcare has become privatized which means there is no accountability and the healthcare exchange has been disasterous but what is worse is that we are faced with raising the debt ceiling to give an exceptionally poor performing Congress yet another salary raise. DC has been on paiod furlough while outside the beltway Americans would give their eye teeth just to have a job let alonw a job which pays you to stay home.

It is the foiurteenth day of our government being shut down while they pay all of their employees to sit home? Government apporval rating is as low as it was during the great depression. Quite frankly I am surprised that ten percent of the country believes Congress is doing a good job. That seems like a high percentage to me given the state of the nation.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Hi Charles James,

      Because Obama spent and spent and spent when the conomy was in terrible shape and now it is much much worse.

      Thank you I will check out Tomatis therapy. You inspired me to write a Ghazal which I credit you with but because I didn't get your consent I didn't give you hubpage lilnk. I hope you don't mind.




      Perhpas Blair can live in North Korea!!

    • Charles James profile image

      Charles James 

      7 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

      Dont give us Tony Blair. You can keep him.

      If the economy was going to Hell in a bucket before Obama arrived why is it all his fault?

      Seperately, if you have autism in the family have a look at Tomatis therapy - but go for Tomatis and not the cheap Tomatis lookalikes.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Hi Charles James,

      Of course you like Obama, you are the UK and we here in America are well aware of the UK feelings about having Obama as president.

      Don't kid yourself both parties have losely candidates. The American people never really have a choice of a good candidate they often have to chose between bad and worse.

      Obama hasn't done his job here either. This country is falling apart and he has lined the pockets of all of his Scientology pals. The hunger in everyone children's bellies in this country have woken everyone up to the fact that Presidnet Obama is an imperalistic elitist who doesn't give a damned about the people he is sippose to be serving in this country.

      Do you realize that parents of children with autism recieve absolutely no help from their government under president Obama? He wants to find more research which means he wants to bribe more doctors and not actually provide parents of children with Autism a humane quality life. He is too busy paying all of the oil companies off and his Hollywood buddies to care about ordinary people's plights.

      Really he went to to Libya which you protested. I remember our first correspondence about and that was all about paying off BP. Where is the reciprication by BP officials tot he ordinary tot he country which made their oil acquisition possible? It isn't there.

      So I bet the UK loves Obama and Obama loves the UK too bad he doesn't have it in him to love his own people.

      America is exceptionally close to a civil war in which Obama and Dc will no longer be in control. We are tired of being refugees to crony's who put other countries financial interests ahead of our own.

      You would like Obama until the day you had to live under his presidency. Living in the UK makes it easy to like him as you never have to deal with the consequences of his actions. The rest of us pay pay pay!!

      I of course mean this in the most diplomatic terms possible as I am part English but my friend across the pond everyone had better wake up to the new reality that it is over for everyone who has been in a leadership position because they have failed their people so miserably. And we will be shipping Tony Blair back to the UK.

      All My Best,


    • Charles James profile image

      Charles James 

      7 years ago from Yorkshire, UK


      Nice to be in contact again.

      Isn't it frightening to see the quality (?) of the Republican candidates! When you think of Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan there isn't a current candidate who is not simply an embarrassment to a great party in a great country.

      Although I would normally prefer a Democrat and I quite like Obamas it is important for a country to have a choice between quality candidates.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Hi Charles James,

      It has been a while. It is nice to hear from you. The USA and UK are such good friends we care about each other so much. Alot of UK people live here in Florida par of the year and then the rest of the time in the UK. They have dual citizenships.

      Ron Paul does make a lot of sense. And he has some wisdom but here is the catch anyone who has gotten us into this finacial mess is what is known as an etablishment candidate. As for Ron Paul's view he is for more flat regressive consumption taxes and less government spending. This is hardly a platform to run on sicne the majority of people who are employed int his country are employed by government. So less spending would fire the majority of government whihcbhe wishes to privatize and make into corporations so government would be even more expensive.

      I think he lost me when he said that a student without insurance who get's into an automotive accident should just be allowed to die because there were consequences to being poor excluding the government's responsibility to have a healthy enoungh economy in which to employ people. He also has had some anger issues and a history of dividing the Republican vote. He also didn't stand up for the gay soldier serving in the military who was booed at one of the Republican debates. Less government if you really believed in that would also mean less intrusiveness into everyone's lives including homosexuals. Ron Paul was quiet when that happened and to me that meant he was not serious about less government.

      The problem with every last single candidate is that Americans really no longer cares what they say. It is what they have done. And every last one of these candidates is apart of the problem and they haven't owned up to that. No one has a plan. They want the power and the glory but not the responsibility.

      America will have to go into a protectist and Isolationism mode. It is inevitable now as we are just getting killed in these trade agreements. And the ones that are profitting from it are too few and they scream "No More Taxes".

      It was like this before World War II. And then we went back to war to turn a profit. But the American people are hungry for change. Washington will have to completely scrap itself of doing business the same way and completely change the way it preforms its duties in order to even be relevant in this country any longer.

      It really isn't class war fare. It is people inside the beltway ripping off people outside of the beltway so badly that the people are saying, "No more abuse.".

      Inside the beltway is the term used for Washington DC.

      Ron Paul is and has been a DC insider for a very long time. He is an establishment candidate which makes him not viable. Where Herman Cain is too inexperienced and is suggesting flat regressive taxes on the poor and the middle class he has ruined his own bid for the nomination.

      We no longer believe in the leadership of this country. So no matter what is said we don't believe them. Establishment candidates and that is everyone running in both parties have completely lost their credibility.

      Words are cheap. Even Obama made many many promises he did not keep when he ran for office. We want action and decisiveness. We would actually like to have all new congressmen and women and a cap on executive powers to limit wars.

      Thoughtful isn't going to cover it for this election. We need solutions and government officials that are most interested in serving the people then lining thier own pockets. And that is no one running. And where one hears that America is constantly having bad times it will be nothing if this government doesn't abandon corruption and start working for the people. And it doesn't look their is a candidate that is capable of doing that.

      I hope I answered your question. Thanks for reading, showing interest and commenting. The Emperor has no clothes in America.



    • Charles James profile image

      Charles James 

      7 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

      An interesting hub which I have voted up. As a UK citizen I do not have a vote, but like many other people it does matter to me who is American President. Can you tell us more about your views on Ron Pal - he seems to be the only thoughtful candidate in the Republican contest.


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