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GOP: You Can Put Lipstick On Paul Ryan, But He Is Still Paul Ryan

Updated on July 21, 2021

Paul Ryan Needs More Than Lipstick To Cover His Dishonesty

Congressman Paul Ryan, the GOP nominee for Vice-President, has always been so concerned about the welfare of this country that on the evening of Barack Obama's Inauguration in 2009, he was meeting with about 15 other equally patriotic leaders of the Republican party, strategizing about just how they could best work with the new President to save the economy and the people of this country from the worst recession the U.S. had seen since The Great Depression.

Over 700,000 Americans were losing their jobs every month, thousands of others were losing their homes, health care and retirement accounts. The country was in crisis and these men were doing the only thing that true patriots could do. Their candidate had lost the election, but they were determined, for the good of the country, to put aside their disappointment and act like the statesmen that the people had elected them to be. For the good of the country...

Truth be told, Paul Ryan and his patriotic buddies were doing just the opposite. They were plotting to destroy this new President even if it meant jeopardizing the country and every single man, woman and child in it. The struggles of the American people took a back seat to their insatiable need to regain power. These honorable men concluded, during their meeting, that they would do everything in their power to block all efforts to strengthen the economy. If anything, they wanted to make the economy worse and then blame it on the President. Anything that Obama proposed, they would oppose. The entire Republican caucus was briefed and they were in lock step. It became, as GOP Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, so succinctly put it, "Our primary goal is to make Barack Obama a one-term President."

Paul Ryan Minus Lipstick

Anyone who wears makeup knows that makeup hides flaws and blemishes. Blemishes can be covered, but when the makeup comes off, the blemishes and flaws are still there. It is much the same with Paul Ryan. After that meeting with his fellow Republican patriots, Ryan went to work. He authored, proposed and passed a "GOP fix-it" budget called "The Path to Prosperity", which gutted Medicare, Medicaid, school lunches for children, food stamps, education and every other social program that was serving to help the millions of economically devastated victims of the recession.

It should be noted that when Paul Ryan was writing his budget, he had been engaging in a years-long love affair with the Russian atheist Ayn Rand, who most notably believed that anyone who was poor, disabled, or not contributing to society by working (laid-off workers and seniors) were parasites and leeches who merited no assistance. Indeed, Rand's philosophy was that any country that helps the poor is foolish and she was able, many say, to seduce Congressman Ryan into adopting and promoting those beliefs.

While Ryan's budget had no compassion for anyone that was suffering, it showed much compassion for people in this country who were doing well. In fact, while Ryan abolished any safety net of substance for ordinary Americans, "The Path to Prosperity" created a much needed safety net for the rich. By gutting social programs that help millions of Americans, Ryan decided that that this country could afford to give an additional (on top of the Bush Tax cuts) $4.6 TRILLION dollars in tax cuts to businesses and the wealthy.

Rape Amnesia and Paul Ryan

In May of 2011, prior to his use of lipstick, Paul Ryan co-sponsored and voted for a bill that was designed, not to help the American people during economic crisis, but to redefine rape. In the bill (HR3), there were different degrees of rape. "Forcible rape" became, in essence, the only "legitimate rape". According to the bill Ryan co-sponsored, women who said no, but didn't physically fight the rapist were not victims of forcible rape, women who were drugged and raped were not victims of forcible rape, women who were verbally threatened and then raped were not forcibly raped and minors impregnated by adult men were not to be considered rape victims, either. Perhaps Ryan and his patriotic friends believed that the only victims of forcible or legitimate rape were dead rape victims.Even the stories of dead women could be questioned because it might have just been rough sex gone bad.

During the GOP convention, when Ryan was questioned about Todd Akin and his comment about "legitimate rape", Ryan was apparently suffering from rape amnesia because he repeatedly said, "Rape is rape." He must have forgotten that Todd Akin is not an aberration, but HR3 is clear evidence that Todd Akin IS the Republican philosophy, and "Rape is Not rape", unless you are trying to appeal to women voters as a vice-presidential candidate.

Just in case you believe that Paul Ryan might be unfriendly to women, let me assure you that you are incorrect. It just depends on whether he is wearing lipstick or not. If you ask the question "Do you believe that women should be paid an equal wage for doing the same job as a man?", the Paul without lipstick will vote against The Fair Pay Act because he did. The Paul with lipstick will tell you that the government under Obama is trying to regulate private business.

Paul Ryan loves his mom and not too many men who love their moms can be considered unfriendly to women. Ryan loves her so much that he brought her with him to Florida on a recent campaign stop. He promised the seniors in that community that he would never consider turning his own mom's Medicare into that wonderful voucher system he proposes in his budget. In addition, anyone 55 or older (even men) won't have their Medicare stripped either. Ryan says that his great plan for voucherizing Medicare is only for moms(and dads) younger than 55, say 54...

If you believe for one minute that Paul Ryan will protect anyone 55 or older from losing their Medicare, you just haven't made him vice-president yet. Take a chance with Paul Ryan as vice-president and Mitt Romney (who applauds Ryan's budget) as President and you deserve to lose everything they take from you.

Paul Ryan has voted against every jobs bill that would help all Americans including women, to get jobs and he also loves women so much that he voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. Loving women...

The GOP Introduction of Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan has been touted as the conservative's conservative. He will be the driving force behind any Mitt Romney presidency and he has excited the Republican base.

Think Progress, on August 17, 2012, ran an illuminating column that, among other things, talked about Paul Ryan and his fiscal conservatism. In part, it said: " A Center for American Progress Action Fund analysis shows that Ryan voted to add a grand total of $6.8 Trillion to the federal debt during his time in Congress, voting for at least 65 bills that either reduced revenue or increased spending."

Of course, those additions to the deficit came at the behest of a Republican president. Ryan voted for the two wars, the Bush tax cuts and Medicare Part D. Those things were NOT paid for, but Ryan had no problem putting them on the national debt clock that figured so prominently at the GOP Convention. There was no mention of that at the Convention.

The night Ryan gave his acceptance speech, the Republican faithful went wild. The day after, however, nearly every reputable news source in this country, including Republican-leaning newspapers pointed out the many lies and distortions that were contained in the speech.

When confronted regarding those lies and distortions, Neil Newhouse, the Romney campaign pollster said, "We're not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers."

Of course not, it is much easier to put lipstick on Paul Ryan...


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