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Getting through the night

Updated on June 15, 2010

As I lay in the middle of the night, yet another relationship breaks up, and another heart breaks. Someone else has let you down and there’s that empty feeling that you know so well. The feeling will eventually go away but it still hurts.
Yet another night, a child is abused and or molested. It’s amazing that in the safety of your own family, a child can get abused; it could be a brother, sister, father, mother, and yes even a grandparent.It robs a child of their innocence, their dignity and their pride, and most of all to trust that no one else will hurt them. It is only later when they are adults that they realize just how much they have been hurt and traumatized

 Yet another child is being shaken to death or beaten or even burned. Babies die everyday because of people who have problems of their own, or are just too ignorant and don’t know any better. So who is crying for these babies?

 Yet another night a person is addicted to drugs and searching for their fix. Leaving their babies so they go can into the night searching for drugs in some crack house, not knowing that at home their house is in flames and only the oldest sister gets out but the 2 and 4 year olds have perished. Scared and not knowing where her mom could be and if she will ever see her again, feeling abandoned and crying for her siblings not knowing what the future holds for her. Who will cry for her?

 Yet another night someone feels so hopeless and empty because there is nothing to fill the void of losing a child, the most devastating feeling in the world. Feeling powerless when her son looked up to her to save him and not being able to but just able to hold his hand and praying that the Lord has mercy on him. Lord it hurts her so much as she feels him take his last breath. This is too much for a mother to bear, I cry for him.

 Yet another night someone is being shot, brothers, sisters, fathers, every night lay dying on the streets. Mothers killing their babies, fathers killing wives, brothers killing their mothers and fathers. Whose crying for them. What happened to the power of love?

 Yet another night a person is so depressed that they cannot even look themselves in the mirror, because they feel so hopeless and cannot function on a day to day basis; thinking that they will never feel better again. Always feeling so much anger and always hating everyone, being so unhappy and wondering why they were born in the first place, just too hard to go on anymore letting their loved ones down time and time again. Dreading even to wake up in the morning, so much pain that they commit suicide

 Yet another night a woman decides to get an abortion of an unwanted child again, the Dr. desensitized to the whole process. Abortion is never a good form of birth control and all the babies cry out.

 Yet another night a mother lays crying for her son that she lost in the war, while defending our country. She is proud but the overwhelming loss and pain will stay with her for the rest of her life.

 Yet another night a baby is born addicted to crack, fighting for his life, trying to live despite of what his mother has done to him. So the babies cry out.

 Yet another night a grandmother cries because she has foreseen that her grandbaby would not live long after holding him in her arms after his birth. Never telling anyone her fears but knowing deep down that something would happen and yes the baby was diagnosed with meningitis and died. The tragic feeling had come true, there is nothing as painful as losing a child, the feeling never goes away and your heart is broken for as long as it beats.

 Yet another night an alcoholic is trying not to take a drink, because he knows if he does, he will not be able to stop and he will pass out again. The urge is too great as he holds the bottle in his hands and he thinks about the times his children begged him not to drink anymore, or how his parents cried the last time he hurt himself after a drinking binge. How his wife pulled him out of a car full of fumes because he was too passed out to notice that he had crashed his motorcycle; breaking his bones, but still able to raise his hands again to take another drink.
And yet there’s another night.


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