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When Political Parties Come Into Power.

Updated on May 2, 2016

Why we must accept the change

It is funny how we react when a new political party,which we have elected, goes into power and tries to sort out a huge deficit debt. We as voters moan, granted,we let a few months pass, three to four months, then the knives come out sharpened and shined ready for the kill.

Truthfully, we are all guilty for our country's situation,yet we all have opinions on how the country should be run and the debt addressed. It is very easy to pass judgement on many of the policies being made, looking from afar it is very easy to comment on this and that the mistakes being made.We have all played a very small part in borrowing money which we couldn't afford, and going with our heads buried in the sand and not being prepared for the consequences.

What do we expect the current government to do?we have to be prepared for major cuts and probably more cuts to come. How amusing, that back in1997 when Labour got into power everyone was full of enthusiasm and excited about the future.Tony Blair was our saviour and the whole country was rejoicing,feeling good and energized and rearing to go.Yet 10 years down the road Tony Blair handed the reigns to Gordon Brown, who knew we were seriously in debt and all hell broke loose.Gordon Brown became the most hated man in the country,but why? The huge debts were already there,granted he was chancellor at the time,but Tony Blair walked away without a blemish and no blame or guilt on his shoulders why?Everyone went in for the kill and Gordon Brown was in the line of fire, and there was no way for him to survive the onslaught.Sadly we are burdened with a huge debt and it needs sorting as the debt is costing, Just to pay the interest alone is one hundred and twenty million per day, this is not per week ,not even per month, but per day! Now that is frightening how could we have been so careless ,mindless and burying our heads in the sand.

When Labour went into power in 1997 they inherited a strong economy,not a wealthy one,just a strong and solid one with no major borrowing,with public services running reasonably sweet again.And now 10-11 years down the line and our country is nearly bankrupt,with huge debts and ever mounting problems in every sector,from health to the police,to local councils.So why are we moaning with the new government?

I am not saying that I am a conservative far from it,to be honest I don't like David Cameron that much,but why not give them a chance,lets see 4 years from now then we can pass judgement if they have done a good job or not.For now why not support the coalition,not saying that a labour follower should vote differently,but for now give them a chance.The coalition will work if given a chance,we have nothing to lose and all to gain,and that is what the Liberal Democrats stand for.Taking good ideas from various sources and turning them into one brilliant idea.So why not give them a chance,if we want our economy to grow,and get back to prosperity we have to give them the opportunity to see how it goes.Because that is all we can do now,and hope that they can bring our country back to where it should be.


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