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Global Police State

Updated on January 22, 2019

Mostly Bad

The Police State is already here; there is no sense in denying it. The police are becoming more aggressive and brutal all the time, and you can't tell the difference between them and the military anymore. People who defend the police say that there are not that many bad ones, "Most of them are good," they tell us. OK, well, when are the "good ones" going to start arresting the "bad ones"? If there are so few bad ones, why do we have such a large number of horrific videos? Where are the videos of the "good ones"? If most of the police are good, we should have some videos showing that ... shouldn't we? We should also have some people talking about how good their experiences have been with the police; where are those stories? If the police were mostly good we would have some evidence of it, but they aren't "mostly good" -- which is why we don't have any evidence of it.

The truth: they are mostly bad -- which is why we mostly have videos and stories of them being bad. These cops will kill you -- they will kill kids, babies, dogs, and pregnant women too! The people in these uniforms are crazy! They will kill anyone they don't like ... and they almost never get in trouble for it! People don't wanna believe that we live in a Police State, but you can be taken off the street with no due process and held for the rest of your life with no trial, no lawyer, no phone calls, no rights, no nothing -- for the rest of your life! And they don't even have to notify your family if they don't feel like it. You don't believe that? Well, according to the NDAA they can.

Personality Types

You've got to have a certain type of mentality to be part of a police department, not just to be an officer, but to be in administrative offices as well; you must obey completely -- like an unfeeling emotionless computer terminal that is completely void of empathy. Put that with an "order-follower" and we are all in real trouble. "Kill them all!" "Yes, sir! Right away, sir!" But what did we do? You didn't even ask; you just did what you were told ... that makes you a hero?

This all has to do with the Agenda 21 and 2030 plans to merge military and police into a worldwide force to enforce the will of the World Government. They are systematically recruiting into police departments on the basis of the personality types that fit what they are supposed to eventually be doing; we are already starting to get a pretty good glimpse of it -- just wait. If nothing changes the path we are on, this is going to get a lot worse -- unimaginably worse. This is why there really aren't any good cops; people think there are, but there are not. The so-called "good cops" are being phased out, and we will continue to see less of them until there really are none left.

Good Cops

In reality, there actually cannot be any such thing as a "good cop". A good cop might be fair, moral, abide by the law, and uphold their oath; they might even be kind, pleasant, caring, and helpful while "protecting and serving" the people and all that kind of stuff -- but -- they are still the enforcement arm of the Control System. Laws are based on politicians' own personal opinions about what is right and wrong, moral and immoral; then they use force, the law en-force-ment arm of the government, to make sure we obey and comply with whatever they have decided -- with their opinion. So, there can, in all actuality, be no such thing as a "good cop"; police represent force -- force is always immoral and unlawful. Voluntary actions and relationships between consensual adult people are the only moral and lawful interactions there can be. If someone is not harming another person but you threaten them, or force them in any way, that is immoral and unlawful; therefore, there can be no such thing as a good cop.

None of this means that people who have legitimately wanted to help others and who are otherwise kind, decent, and loving people have not become police officers, of course they have, but those are on their way out and the psychopathic "Police State" kind of police officers are on their way in, and that is becoming more blatantly obvious as we go ... just look at it. And they face no consequences for their actions; they will take you to death if it suits them. They don't care if you are mentally challenged, blind, paralyzed, deaf, or anything else; you better do what they tell you, and exactly as they say it too -- if you don't want to get hurt ... or killed! And no matter what they do, even when they injure and kill children, they never face any real consequences and their fellow officers never turn them in.

What are you doing?

While Obama was President, the 1033 Program started; it allows for surplus military weaponry, equipment, and technology to be given to police departments, which can then be used to "police" innocent civilians who are not part of any war. This all has to do with the facilitation and transformation of America, the "Land of the Free", to the Police State of the One World Order.

All of these people in uniform should stop though, and realize something: you will also be living in the Police State, that you yourselves have helped to build -- and your families will live in it too. What are you people doing? Why are you helping to build the prison that your children and grandchildren will have to live in? Eventually, a private security firm will take your job and put you in the same Police State as everyone else -- the one you helped build! That is what is going to happen! What are you doing? What are you thinking? It is time to make a choice: do what is right and moral, or just keep on doing what you are told to do -- that is the choice. For all of our sakes, please, make the right one! We may never be able to come back from what you are helping to impose on the world. What are ya doin'? The most horrific atrocities this planet has ever seen is because people were "just following orders". YES SIR!


None of us will be very happy when we are all living under the constant surveillance of artificially intelligent drones that are equipped and authorized to kill the noncompliant. You think that's a joke? Better do some research -- better go look into it! The surveillance is already insanity; they can already use your phone and other electronic devices, along with camera networks and surveillance equipment all over the world -- all equipped with biometric face, body, movement, etc... recognition software -- that can track and identify you no matter where you go. Just wait until they release tiny little flying insect-like drones equipped with spying technology! Oh, you thought that was a cockroach did ya? Better have a closer look -- this kind of stuff already exists! They plan to eventually have us, from cradle to grave, 24/7-365, under constant surveillance and always being recorded -- no matter what we do or where we are doing it.

For instance: Bill Gates has a plan worth 5 billion dollars to put cameras in every classroom in the country -- someone please get ahold of George Orwell! But it gets worse; the plan includes a "mood bracelet" (uh-huh, sure) for every student, to determine if they are "bored" or not. In the event that a student is determined to be bored by the artificially intelligent facial recognition camera and mood bracelet, the AI System will then be able to make a determination concerning the psychological condition of the student in question. This will be done so that the AI System can determine, in advance of any behavior issues, whether or not the student will potentially create problems or disruptions in the class! Must be a brilliant system! It can predict the future! Later they will use it to convict people of crimes before they have committed any. People will then, since they were conditioned to accept it from the childhood indoctrination centers that they were forcibly made to attend, accept imprisonment based simply on the AI System's determination that they would commit a crime before they had done so. We will accept this because we will have been conditioned since childhood to accept it, just as we now eagerly accept that which we have been conditioned since childhood to accept.

Simply Intolerable

If you can see what they are doing, you must help us to change the direction of what is happening -- there is no choice; the whole future of the human race is counting on us -- they are depending on us to change this -- we cannot allow this to be the future of life on planet Earth ... it is simply intolerable. Think of the future that is being built -- what are you doing not trying to do something about it? They can already track everywhere you go in your car, and it won't be long before your car has technology that knows if you are potentially experiencing "road rage" -- and it will shut your car down. "Enhance your calm, John Spartan." - Demolition Man. Surely the AI System that controls everything will be very understanding that you are already running late, and therefore anxious about getting to your destination as quickly as possible -- when it shuts down your vehicle for "flipping off" the driver in the next lane who cut you off in traffic. Surely, the AI System will take that into account and consideration, as it has your car shut off along the side of a busy highway during heavy traffic. Surely, turning off the air conditioning, along with your car, while it is over 100 degrees on a hot summer day will put you in a much better mood than you were before -- especially now that you will spend the rest of the day covered in sweat from "enhancing your calm" long enough for your car to come back on!

This is insane, but it's gonna be us if we don't change it; we have to change the future, and we do that by changing the present. If we aren't careful, we are going to be entering George Orwell's world of "thought-crime" -- oh look, there is already an entry for "thought-crime" in the dictionary: "thought·crime - ˈTHôtkrīm - noun - an instance of unorthodox or controversial thinking, considered as a criminal offense or as socially unacceptable." Alright then, that includes everybody with a brain ... moving on.


They tell us that the reason for all of this stuff is because of "terrorism" -- the "War on Terror", but it is really a "Ware on Freedom". All this is going on -- because of terror? Terrorism? What? Why? By far less than one percent of the population of the world are terrorists! Why should everyone else have to live like this because of such a tiny, tiny fraction of the population? Talk about one person ruining things for everyone! We didn't do anything; why must we live so strictly? Because, this isn't about stopping terrorists; it is about controlling everyone -- that's what it's all for. They don't want to stop terrorism; they want to exploit and manipulate terrorism into becoming a global concentration camp for everyone. They aren't going to stop terrorism; they are the terrorists! And they are going to keep using the terrorism version of Problem Reaction Solution until they get what they want, which is the completion of the One World System; that is what they are doing, and denying it is utterly ignorant. We are experiencing the unfolding of the Global Police State that is part of the agenda to enslave humanity, where less than one percent of the population imposes control on the rest; we are watching it happen and doing nothing to stop it. They have been moving toward this for a long time; it is time we realize what is going on ... and finally put a stop to it.

Sometimes people get confused by all this stuff and don't understand what is happening. Don't misunderstand: all of these seemingly different "conspiracy theories" are not individual conspiracies -- there is One Conspiracy -- which has so many aspects that people often believe they will never be able to get it all worked out. But that is not the case; there is just One Conspiracy, that has many aspects and expressions.


The Global Police State mandates that The State will raise all children and completely take control of all human reproduction as well. Eventually, parents will just be considered "unfit" to raise a child -- only the Control System can do that. Just like "only hospitals can deliver a baby" (mmhmm); whatever happened to natural childbirth at home? Nope, we don't do that anymore -- it's not safe, right? Yeah, that's right -- sleepy, sleepy -- one day it will not be "safe" for parents to raise children either; the Control System will be the only "safe" way to raise a child.

Eventually, they will sterilize much of the population and only certain segments of society will be allowed to produce children, and those parents will not be allowed to have anything to do with the process of raising those children. After that, there will be no more parents at all; the only "parent" will be The State (the Control System), who has raised all of the children since test tube inception -- someone please make contact with Aldous Huxley!

We are heading into a situation where everything is predetermined, a system where it is decided where people will be in the social and economic systems of the Control System before they are ever born -- with no chance of ever changing it ... and the militarized police of the One World Global Police State will brutally, heartlessly, and relentlessly impose it onto us. This is coming if we don't stop it!

Big Brother is Already Here

"Political correctness" is just a clever way of silencing people who would oppose any of this stuff. Have you noticed freedom of speech under attack worldwide? Yes? If you have been paying attention, you must have noticed; if you've really been paying attention, you know that speech is only silenced when that speech opposes The Agenda -- those who go along with The Agenda, and promote it in their speech, are not silenced. "Big Brother" is no longer coming -- he is already here, now! How "Big" are we gonna let him get? Will we have no freedom?

Will the children of the future be asking what you were doing during the creation of the Global Police/Prison State? And if they do, how will you reply? "I did everything I could to prevent it" or "I helped them build it"? What will you say? ... And how will you feel about what you have done? What are you doing to help create a better world for the people of tomorrow? Anything? If we do not contribute to a better world, then what the heck are we doing? Contributing to a worse world? Or one that stays the way it is? How could you? How could anyone?

© 2019 Jason Horne


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