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Going green... used to mean something else

Updated on February 18, 2015

Great Green Gobbldegooks

So, We all know what it means to "Go Green"... Right? Well, when I was growing up going green was a little different. Sitting in the classroom, riding a roller coaster, eating peas, well, when all of the sudden, Oh my, they are going green. Which meant that their face showed what was about to happen to their stomachs. Yep. vomit. Puke. Throw up. Hurl. Blow chunks, etc.

Are you going green yet?

There were other things about green. In the mid 90's if someone asked if you had the green they were talking about cold hard cash. Cheese. Mula, Money.

We all want to go green like that don't we?

Then if you were a smaller child, you could always think of green in the light of

"it ain't easy being green." AKA Kermit the frogs catchy phrase.

There are green cards, but american citizens don't need those.

Anyone remember the commercial... The green one's make me hit a home run.
Green M&M's have been my favorite ever since.

Ok Ok, enough with the silly stuff. We all know "Going green in 2k15 means energy conservation and caring about the planet. We have spent the last century polluting our planet in many creative ways. All you have to do is look on the side of the road to see the attitude about our planet. Coke cans, empty cigarette packages,old scratched off lottery tickets, just to name a few examples. People just throw it out the window, expecting someone else will pick it up. What if they don't? It rots, but not quickly, it takes a long long time.

What if they do? Well, we have landfills all over. Do you know how much pollution the methane gas from landfills put in the atmosphere? And we still haven't gone to clean emissions cars?

The problem with "going green" is that no one is reallly all that serious about it. Even though it's trendy to recycle a couple of tin cans, it's basically like spitting in the atlantic. In the grand scheme, we aren't doing enough.

Unless there is a huge change, the earth is in for serious problems. It's actually already there, but it will only get worse.

The sheer population increase over the last 20 years is enough to tell us that this thing is not going away. More people, more pollution. More energy needed. More trash space needed. More water needed.

So what do we do?

That's a tough question, but shouldn't it really be a bigger issue than just a side note on some random bill that gets thrown out in congress?

Get serious about "Going Green" Or wind up going gray. That's what our lungs will look like from the stuff in the air. Forget smoking, all we need to do is inhale air in the future and get black lung disease. Not a pretty picture.

I'm not doing enough.

Are You?


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