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The Goodwill Store - Low Prices, No Waste, All Good

Updated on December 18, 2009

Every year I get rid of things that I really do not use and give the things to good will. To me, it is a bunch of junk. To others, it means having a job. It means they can buy cloths. It means recycling? Of course!

Green Ideology

Even though Goodwill is meant to provide low income and mentally challenged people with work and training that may help them get a better job someday, the real premise is to recycle everything. Bring it in. We will take it.

My wife is a very thrifty shopper and loves to shop at thrift stores because she likes name brand clothing but she doesn't want to spend $80 on a pair of jeans. So she goes to the thrift store and buys the same pair she wanted for $10. That is a huge savings and not only is she happy, but I am too because we now have money left over for dinner and a movie! However, when my wife takes cloths to a thrift store, they go through it, and give back what they don't want which is usually about half of what you bring in. That is why Goodwill continues to be the most popular thrift store in the country. Take the products people don't want. Throw aways the crap no one wants.

The Message Everyone Should Pick Up On

It is important to start making small shifts toward efficiency and sustainability. Goodwill has been doing it for years, maybe not for this purpose, but it certainly helps their cause.  Support all 2nd hand stores and start to save money, time, and space in a landfill.


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