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Grant Shapps: Lessening the Two Metre Distance.

Updated on June 16, 2020

Since the upsurge of the Coronavirus in March, social distancing has been in place. To prevent the virus from spreading, in other words, the more closer you are to someone, greater, is the risk, of infection

Certainly, with the populace, gathering on beaches and the recent pro and anti, BLM protests taking place, there could again, be a second wave or even a small spike, in some areas. Unless these people are absolutely stupid, they knew full well, about the social distancing rules, but they chose to defy this, so if COVID-19 does spike, Im sorry, but it will be, largely, their fault.

With those on the beach, it was the sun, that brought these, people out, where they gathered on the beach, enjoying the warm weather, but, by and large, not social distancing, that is a red flag. It is understandable, that the warm weather, would get these people out and mingling, as many would have been cooped up, due to lockdown, however, they may now, have caused a spike in the COVID crisis. I'm sure some, sensible, people, did social distance.

Same goes for the BLM pro and anti protests, again, some did take precautions, however, many didn't. The death of George Floyd made many of the black community and their supporters, come out en mass, to vent their frustrations, some peaceful, some violent. But seeing as black people, are one of the key groups COVID effects, did they give no thought to this? If any of them die or are ill because of being infected, their black lives will not matter, at least not to the Coronavirus. Of course, there were the counter BLM riots and protests at the weekend, again I'm sure some did precautions, but, many didn't, again, these are the people, I hold responsible, for any spike or new wave.

With shops opening up this week, and then pubs, restaurants and cafes following in July, many businesses want the 2-metre distancing relaxed. Some businesses have said, it is just not worth them opening, as 2-metres, cannot work, for them.

They and some Conservative MPs have been putting pressure on the government, to lessen the 2-metre distance, to just 1. Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps (pictured), has said the government is considering this and the decision, will not take long, in Mr Shapps, words.

Mr Shapps, who seems to be going with the got out of bed look, (like Boris, due to restrictions on hairdressers and barbers) told businesses to be on alert, to lift the 2-metre distancing (if the government decide this).

Of course, we all want to see the economy up and running again. We want to see people back at work, however, is this the right thing to do? It was Dominic Raab, who said, "We can't stay in lockdown forever"!. In some respects, he has a point, but, how much of a threat is the COVID disease, to workers, even with protective equipment, sanitisers, etc? When Tory MPs (for it is largely, they) and business owners wanting the economy working again, how many, are putting (to quote my wife) wealth before health?

Even Mr Shapps has admitted there are so many approaches to social distancing in the world, it can get confusing. The World Health Organisation has recommended that 1-metre distancing should now be allowed. Of course, WHO is a much respected, worldwide, medical organisation, but, you will get other medical bodies and scientists, not agreeing with, WHO, over lessening social distancing.

Those who have been advising the government over COVID, SAGE, seem to have fallen foul of the government. In the beginning, the government and SAGE, were in step, on agreeing how to fight and control, COVID. At the daily 5 pm, COVID, press briefings, you would always get a government minister, flanked by medical and scientific experts, in those days, of agreement. Now many scientists including Professor Van Tam, have broken ranks in disagreement, over lifting the lockdown, lessening social distancing etc. This is obvious, as often now, government ministers appearing at the podium, for the press briefing, are mostly, appearing on their own, without said, medical/science experts.

The government knew in December last year, that this terrible disease, was coming our way. They had plenty of warning, to prepare, but left it until, 23 March. Now thanks to that, we have nearly 50,000 dead, in this country. This is a total disgrace and a stain on the redundant, lame-duck government. Compare that to New Zealand, under Prime Minister Arden, (though, of course, New Zealand, doesn't have the population, we have, where large populations, can help spread the disease) like the UK, an island nation, they completely locked down their borders, to prevent, outsiders and New Zealanders returning home carrying COVID. Due to this policy (some may see this as extreme) New Zealand had very few deaths or infections. The country declared itself free and triumphant over Coronavirus over the weekend.

On the other hand, Beijing, a spike in the COVID level has flared up in parts of the city, due to wet markets, so the Chinese authorities have imposed lockdown, in those areas. So whether it be, out side markets, areas where the public gather together (not respecting social distancing) or whatever, COVID, can flare up again, which should be a warning, to us all.


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