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Gun Control Or Taking Your Guns?

Updated on July 10, 2016

The Classic Power Flower To The Gun.

Does The Government Want To Take Your Guns?

What is the government saying when they talk about gun control? Much of the old-timers think they want to just swoop in and take all your guns away. I don't think that is exactly what they are aiming for to say. Let me first say there would probably be another civil war on our hands if the government tried to take Americans guns away, It's something we are proud of, and will most definitely fight about.

Let's think for a moment most gun owners have on average 3 to 5 guns. Others own many more than that, in fact I have family that has upwards to fifteen to 20 guns in their collection. Most of them you would have to take their guns out of their cold dead hands before they would give them up. I'm not saying that the people who have this many guns are violent, because they are not, they are very peaceful people and are proud of their second amendment rights.

In saying that, be warned at the same time because they won't give them up without a fight. So what does the government really want for gun control? I don't pretend to know what the governments agenda is, but I don't think that they just want to take your guns away. Mostly what I have herd on tv or radio is they want a reform, not just to take away guns, but more like more like much sticker background checks, but also banning certain types of guns, and limited ammo clips.

Lets face it there is a undeniable rise in mass shooting, even though hand gun type crimes are much higher, mass shootings with high power rifles with large capacity ammo magazines are a very big problem in the wrong hands. I personally do not think that anybody needs a high power or assault rifle, but that's just my opinion. The government should ban, or at least make people register them so we know who has these dangerous weapons.

The Second Amendment.

About The Second Amendment.

The second amendment states we have the right to keep and bear arms. This is a fact written into our constitutional rights. Having said that when it was written, we didn't quit have that type of weapons we do today, not to mention that this right was written for people to protect their homes and property during trying times.

With all he automatic weapons, high power rifles, and large capacity ammo clips there does seem to be the need for reform to the amendment on these weapons. If and when weapons like these are sold there should be serious regulations on purchasing them, like deep background checks, make the person register in a federal database with purchase, and limit ammo, and only small capacity clips.

Most people who own gun are for hunting purposes, and if the government would try too take these weapons if would infringe on our rights. Most of the rest of people have guns for personal protection or home and property protection. This is not a reason for reform. People who are doing these things usually only have to worry about falling out of a tree stand. Also they are not the norm for gun related violence.

Hand gun are more of a problem than any other gun. More people are killed each year by accidents or drive byes each year than mass shootings. Also these guns in a lot of states are very easy to buy and don't have to register. There is a real problem there. When I bought my .45 it only took 30 minutes to purchase it and walk out the door. In my opinion that was too easy.

When they do background checks they should check from everything from domestic violence to mental illness and have regulations on what would prevent a person from buying guns. If we are not doing our part in looking into people's past, how can we expect to prevent a future event from happening?


Should We Tighten Gun Laws To Try To Prevent Future Shootings?

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At The Firing Range

Where Do The People Stand?

For the most part, people are very clear on where they stand on gun laws, and control. They do not want the government to break our right to bear and keep arms. In fact most citizens are out raged by the subject alone, and don't even want to talk about it. They believe in how America was made and the laws that govern it. They don't like the fact that the politicians are trying to change laws without even so much as having a vote from the people on where they stand on the subject.

I myself, think some things need to change, but I am but one voice, and this is a country for the people by the people. The people should have a say so on the politics surrounding this issue plaguing our country. We for sure will not stand by idly while the government changes things for us. Think about it, why do you think there are so much protest about the issue? Whether it is a peaceful protest for gun rights, or hateful protest, it is both the same because the government it trying to change our rights without our vote. People will not stand for that.

So between peace, politics, and violence we need to come together and find a solution for this problem. This is not just an issue that will go away, there will always be gun violence, but how much of that could be prevented needs to be considered. I feel like the government has forgotten who has elected them into office, and they forget that we have opinions about the horrors happening around us, and we want to be herd on these issues. Why should they have the final decision when they have their bodyguards, while we have to walk down the street, or go to clubs, or theaters, or even send our children to school without having to worry about something happening? We should have a say so in things as well, because we are living it, all while the government just watches it on TV.

Media Outlets

Government Monitoring Social Media

Is it invasion of privacy when you are on a public network, and big brother looks in and finds something that stops a disaster? Personally I don't think so. I think if I was going to go to a club, and that night someone tweets or Facebooks something threatening where I was going, I would hope some one out there is looking out for my personal safety. This is also a heated subject because people feel like they are being spied on. I understand that nobody wants to be watched on what they are doing, but if your not doing or saying anything wrong what do you have to worry about?

I understand nobody want to be spied on, but what if your friend, co-worker, neighbor, or even a well respected person you know got caught because of what they were saying on the internet? Wouldn't you want them stopped before you or your kids got caught in the crossfire? People seem to think the internet is a safe private network, and nobody can see what they are typing or planning. Reality check more people get robbed now more than ever because they are going on #vacation.

Everyone spills out everything from what they eat for dinner, to that angry cat on YouTube. No one thinks about if your being monitored. I myself put a post it on my camera in case of someone tries remote accessing my webcam. There are a lot of hackers out there, and a lot of them work for the government. Like I said before if your not doing anything wrong what are you so worried about? FBI is not going to knock down your door because your ate a tuna salad sandwich. Big brother is keeping us safe by doing this. Privacy is a privilege not a right on the internet.

Feel Like Someone Watching?

Remember Letters?

Look folks if you don't want your messages read or your pictures seen send them in the mail like we did in the stone age.

The mail can also deliver messages and pictures, not just sent you bills, unless you have those e-mailed also.

Fact is nothing is private on the internet, always keep that in mind.

Remember To Cover Up!

Do You Feel The Eyes Spying?

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