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Gun Violence or Misuse - People Who Kill Other People

Updated on December 18, 2015

Gun Control

The first reaction when reading headlines about one killing, two killings or mass shootings is the fact that they used guns to complete their act. Many people react to the news with the comment that they should take away the guns.

Wait! The problem is NOT with the gun itself. The problem lies in the person who is using the gun. The person who uses the gun is the problem. The person holding the gun who uses his or her finger to press on the trigger of the gun. The PERSON.

The first recorded intentional death was not by use of firearm.

In the Bible, there were two brothers. Cain and Abel. Cain killed his brother in a fit of anger. He didn't use a gun. I believe he used a rock.

Cain was not a hero. He was a bad person.

There are many people who identify with Cain and think that killing people is cool. It is not cool to kill another human being. It is wrong.

Probably in those days, there were a lot of people who used rocks as a weapon. There were probably people who rallied to have rock control. The rocks were not the problem. The people who threw the rocks were. I think most people have thrown a rock or two in their lifetime - get someone near a lake with a flat, round rock and they'll try skipping stones across the surface of the water.

It is a Trust Issue

Yes. It is a trust issue. There are literally millions of people who possess guns and use them for sports and recreation and hunting wild game.

It really boils down to a trust issue. A person is issued a rifle. A person is issued ammunition for that particular gun. Then, the rest of the population puts full trust in that individual that they are not mentally impaired and are in good judgement in regards to what they plan to use as their target.

The issue of whether someone will shoot another human being is the issue.


Clearly, intent is the problem.

Obviously, the people who kill other people had the inclination to shoot other people before they purchased the weapon.

The problem and solution do not lie in limiting the guns that are available. The problem and solution lie in identification of people who are purchasing the guns for the wrong reasons.

Perhaps, a person should be required to purchase a new vehicle, perhaps a large pickup with their gun purchase. A person who intends to deer hunt, should be required to purchase orange colored clothing. Perhaps a good pair of boots. Socks. Gloves. Oh, yes, let's not forget the trailer and four-wheeled motorcycle plus a piece of rope for dragging their animal out of the woods to the truck. That should deter any crazy person from getting a gun. The total investment to purchase said gun would include a large amount for the additional items.

A person who is told to fulfill the additional requirements, should be monitored for their reaction. If they express any sentiments of disgust that they don't need any of those items, then, there should be an epiphany of distrust towards the purchaser.

It should be an 'Ahahhh moment".

How About YOU

Do you think there should be tighter restrictions on purchasing guns?

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Guns in the News

Bad news is bad news. People getting shot by people who carry guns. What kind of a person carries a gun and shoots other people?

A bad person.

Baaaad. Very bad.

Guns in the News

It was pointed out that there are 800,000 hunters in Wisconsin, alone.

800,000 people who probably own a truck, four wheeler, a few guns, some ammunition and walk into the woods, hopeful that they'll shoot a four legged animal that they can butcher and put into the freezer.

They are not walking around looking for someone human to shoot. NO! They are looking for either a deer, or a bear or a pheasant or a turkey to shoot.

People That Don't Misuse Guns

Here's My Take on the List Above

If I analyze the Intentional Death list, I notice the list is divided into three categories: There's the homicide list, the suicide list and the intentional death list.

Serbia and Montenegro is the place with the least homicides, but it has had almost twenty intentional deaths.

Where Can You Live That People Do Not Misuse Firearms

Keeping in mind that we are still talking about gun violence and misuse of firearms. There are countries that have records of people killing other people. Whether the death occurred from a gun or from another weapon or even a vehicle, the list is a captured list.

Certain countries seem to be more violent than others, based on actual killing rates recorded. There are people who wish to move to certain countries to be refugees. They seem to wish to move to a safer environment.

Although the United States seems like a safe environment to move to, it is not the safest place in the world to move to. According to the list, the worst place to live with the highest number of intentional deaths is Greenland. The place with the least number of intentional deaths is Egypt. Although it is true that they are listed with 3.4 homicides, it is by far the safest place to be.

Reducing Intentional Death

As they say, you can only have one intentional death per person.

Not unlike any other score, you cannot undo a death. Death is final. Game over. The incidence of intentional death, when measured in a rolling twelve month scale, should be reduced.

It's sad that there are people who do not understand that intentionally killing another human being is bad. It is sad that there have been so many intentional deaths lately.

Gun Powder Came Before Guns

The first record of gun powder was in 142 A.D. and was discovered by Wei Boyang. It is to be noted that it was a hindsight type of thing to label gun powder as such, since when the gun powder was discovered, there were no guns, yet.


The sleek, decorative objects that we call rifles and guns were invented after the discovery of the powder that was to be eventually used to make ammunition.

Potato Guns

It's Not About the Gun

Since you can build a gun out of practically anything and almost any object can be used to create a bullet, the real issue comes back to one point:

The person holding the gun is the problem. It doesn't matter whether it is a small gun, a large gun, or even a pretend gun. The point is:

Gun violence is caused by a person. It doesn't matter whether that person is black, white, green or orange. It doesn't matter whether that person is Christian, Muslim or even atheist. It doesn't matter if they are male or female, adult or child.

Using a gun, improperly, to wound or kill another person, is the problem.

Gun Safety


Gun violence and misuse could be avoided if people had the intent to not shoot another person, and until this real issue is understood, we will continue to have people who choose to kill other people.

Toothpick Gun

Nope - It's Not About Reducing Guns

It's about trust. It's about intent. It's about being a decent human being.

If you are not a decent human being and intend to misuse a gun to kill another human being with a gun, then you should not be allowed to purchase a gun. Simple as that.


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    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 

      3 years ago from Hamilton, New Zealand

      This was really interesting. Though I've never owned a gun myself (apart from air pistols) Dad had two when I was growing up (both antiques but both in working order, one was an air rifle and one was a 'walking stick gun' used by gamekeepers in the 1750s)

      In the Army we learned to respect the firearm, sadly its that lack if respect for the machine it is that causes many accidents!

      I agree about doing more 'due diligence' for someone purchasing a firearm, over here in NZ you can own them but only with a license that costs about $700 and has quite a number of stringent criteria including psychological testing and the Police checking the security of your gun cabinet!

      We still get gun crime and accidents with firearms and after each one questiins are asked to see if things can be made safer, this keeps everyone happy here as they know the 'hoops' the gun owner has had to jump through!

      Great hub


    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Though I am pro gun ownership, more gun regulations are definitely in order.


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