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H.O.W. in the hell are we to change the world paradigm for the better?

Updated on June 17, 2013

Of late I have been reading articles, listening to lectures and watching films and documentaries from a broad range of different sources and disciplines. As a direct result of this passive engagement with the thoughts of others, a growing awareness has come upon me that the world is changing. There are a multitude of changes in fact. Some of them good and some of them bad – and they are struggling for ascendency. I thought for a while that the negative changes had the upper hand – but the more I see the more positive I feel, because it seems that at last the tide is turning.

I am writing this hub (which I hope shall be the first of many in a new series on positive change) because I believe that the only way to truly achieve the global ambition of a peaceful and compassionate world society... is for everyone to know what marvellous changes are happening, and what they can do to get involved. The more people hear of the good in the world, the more that good spreads. All ideas and behaviours can be spread like viruses in this digital age, and that means the good and the bad. The more we share positive ideas and behaviours, the more they catch on and spread and infect further people with their positive life changing effects.

On the flip side it is important to realise that bad memes spread in this way too. If you come into contact with negative information or ideas only pass them on if you do so with an attached positive-action antibody. No positive change can be wrought by swamping the consciousness of the world with negative thoughts and self-doubt.

Too much focus on the bad things that people do never leads to positive change. If we report terrible happenings we have a responsibility to inform those we share the news with of what positive actions are being taken to balance the books. Yes it is terrible that people are starving in Africa... but what organisation exists that we can be involved with that will cause real improvements to the lives of those suffering? Yes the lack of engagement of the uneducated poor youths in modern society is appalling... what organisations exist that are going into deprived neighbourhoods and engaging with them? I think you get the idea.

In this series of hubs I am going to look at a different organisation, group or even individual in each article and highlight what amazing works they are doing to improve the global society for us all. I will discuss how you can get involved personally, and provide links to organisations who can help you make a difference both locally and on a global scale.

This world we live in needs to change, and we can each individually make an impact. We are coming to a paradigm shift in the way the human race sees itself and interacts with itself, the world, and even the universe beyond it. The rate of change is accelerating and I am so excited to be getting involved at this most important and delicate stage. I hope you can see what I see, and please... feel free to jump on board and join the ride. It’s gonna be a hell of a lot of fun!!

Lend With Care T.V. advert

Lend With Care

For this, my first hub on positive social change I have chosen to look at a charitable organization that is making real differences to people in poverty stricken regions of the world. This organization is part of the new 'microfinance' boom that is sweeping the world at the moment. For those who aren't aware - microfinance is: ' the provision of financial services to micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses, which lack access to banking and related services due to the high transaction costs associated with serving these client categories' (wikipedia).

In other words - people who are extremely poor who cannot get access to credit through the usual channels are able, via these schemes, to borrow small amounts of money in order to start businesses or take their businesses to the next level. An example of this might be someone borrowing the small sum necessary to buy a cow. The borrower then has the capacity to earn money through making cheese or just selling milk outright. With the money they make, they can pay back the initial micro-loan over the period of a year or more and soon have enough to buy another animal, and so on.

Lend With Care offers a wonderful Christmas gift option for those wishing to get involved. I heard about this on the radio and just had to share it with you all. One can buy a voucher and give it as a gift to somebody. The recipient of the gift then goes online and reads profiles of people wanting to borrow to improve their lot. That person then chooses who their money goes to. The money that has been lent is paid back over a number of months, and at the end of this period the voucher owner can choose to cash out the money, or lend again as many times as they wish, each time retaining control over who the money goes to. This gives the giver a real sense of making a difference and the more people who get involved with this kind of small-scale high-impact giving the better.

I'm not going to waffle on about this any more - I think I've covered the basics. It's up to you now to check out their website (link provided) I will be using this gift service for a number of friends this year. I'd love it if some of you get involved as a result of reading this. Please tell me if you do. Spread the word! Christmas is all about giving, and I think it's time that we in the western world stopped being so self-indulgent and start giving to people who really bloody need a gift or two to help them get on their feet.

Help people to help themselves. That is always the best way. 'Nuff said.


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