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Has American Capitalism Run Amuck?

Updated on August 5, 2009

I have always believed in capitalism. I grew up in a conservative family full of hard core republicans, but then with a few twists of fate, I began to view the ideology of capitalism from a different angle.

In general, most conservatives view capitalism as all the support and moneys should go to the wealthy because they are the job creators, and that essentially based on the theory of trickle down economics, all money will trickle down to middle and lower classes, and everyone will be just happy as a peach.

Well there may have been a time in American history where this actually worked. I believe that based on recent events with our banking system has shown us that this idea will not work in today’s environment. Our democracy and idea of capitalism was created to work only in a God fearing christian society. We no longer live in a God fearing christian society. The men of wealth and power today essentially have turned from the barriers that are set by a strong conscious, and a fear of god, so among the most powerful and wealthiest leaders in America, greed is for the most part not even a thought.

The upper class has grown way too greedy for this to work anymore. In america you have people going broke, families breaking up, American citizens living homeless in the street, and suffering from some very real pain, and at the same time, you have CEO's, bank executives, and hedge fund managers making and hording to themselves millions and billions of dollars a year.

If this does not wake Americans up, I don't know what will. I believe that president Obama does have a socialist ideology, and agenda. I think that it is time that America began to really think about some of the benefits of leaning towards a mildly socialistic society with a hint of some form of wealth distribution.

I know that all the conservatives use the terms socialism, and wealth distribution as bad words, and they always refer to how some countries with extreme instances of socialism and wealth distribution don't work well, but what they don't understand, is that America can make many things work that other countries would never have the ability to work well, and that for example, their are many countries that could and will never be able to make democracy work well, but America has and can.

I mean really lets think about this, does a CEO really need to earn 80 million dollars a year, and keep over a billion dollars in his bank account, own multi million dollar homes all over the world that they have never visited, while other Americans whos parents and grand parents have fought for an American life, and paid dearly into a system that promises life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for themselves as well as their kids grandkids, and great grandkids, and that perhaps thier kids, grandkids, or great grandkids fallen on hard times with bad health, poverty, no health insurance and or perhaps living in the streets, and theres no money in the system to help lift them up.

think about it...

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    • Things Considered profile image

      Things Considered 

      9 years ago from North Georgia Foothills

      Good hub, mrbrent, good thoughts..


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