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Has Terrorism Allowed Organized Crime to Proliferate in the United States of America?

Updated on October 8, 2011

Openly Criminal Behavior


Has Terrorism Allowed Organized Crime to Proliferate in the United States of America?

It would seem that the USA has become so over focused on Terrorism that organized crime has run rampant. And as a consequence of organized crime, white collar crime has become a socially normative behavior and almost just. Law enforcement use to be able to handle the everyday crime and then there was the FBI to handle organized crime but now everyone is looking for the next terrorist cell or dirty bomb and missing the big picture of massive criminal activity within the borders of the USA.

This includes but is not limited to illegal immigration. And this is a tough subject for me because I am only a second generation America on my Father’s side and I live in Florida. We have a rather large population of really well organized illegal immigrants who often grow tired of working those low wage jobs and seek a life of crime. Odd the media never seems to report that side of the story.

Exponentially crime in the USA has grown. There are more violent crimes now then ever. I refer you to the Uniform Crime Report. And even knowing this is also to know that the crime reported in the Uniform Crime Report is only a fraction of the actually crime that is taking place on our streets everyday. America has never had more criminals and been more dangerous from crimes within.

The drug trade in the USA is completely out of control. It is worse then in the 1980(s).

For Americans to be worried about the next terrorist plot when massive organized criminal operations are going on around them is to worry about a needle in a haystack.

Terrorism has given organized criminals free reign without consequences. And it starts with the illegal crossing the boarder working his way up in the drug trade. Most of the illegals don’t want back break work either and if they can fast track through the criminal networks they do especially since they have already broken American laws. And this is an over generalization of course but for those who wish to work their way up legitimate careers they can freely apply for citizenship in the USA. They can openly serve in the military. We take foreigners in our military.

But terrorism can no longer be the top priority of law enforcement anymore. There must be a return to breaking up criminal operations especially since they have run rampant in the USA since 9/11. As a matter of fact terrorism is the best way to paralyze a society and allow organized crime to operate and proliferate unchecked.

How to End Organized Crime in the USA

First you must be aware of it occurring everyday.

Second, you have to stop being paralyzed by fear of the unknown.

Third, petition your representatives and gather with your friends and lobby all of your representatives to change the focus from terrorism to organized crime in the USA. We need the USA to be safe inside.

Fourth, gain perspective. The dirty bomb is far less likely to get you then a random shooting.

Fifth, the USA has finite resources and they must go towards making the inside of the USA safe and it isn’t with organized crime running feudal empires in country paralyzed by fear of terrorism which allows organized crime to run rampant.


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