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Homosexual right in Nigeria: How Nigerians see it.

Updated on November 24, 2012

I recently wrote a hub on a similar subject which was a message to President Obama and other world leaders ( I also have a work on human right in Nigeria which has received serious attention since I published it online on hub pages. The issue of same sex marriages, like I said before, is what I don’t understand why people will think of getting married to their sex. However, I explained some things on the above link which may be reasons same sex came to be. I also explained why leaders and others should try to understand that it may be wrong for us to deny others their source of joy and happiness just for the simple fact that we do not understand why they need it or why we do not agree with them even when they have not denied us our own right.

The same sex issue is a human right issue that came up as man was given greater freedom and right, same right which any Government should protect for all her citizens not minding religion or culture especially in a secular state. The Nigerian Government may not be the only Government that has failed to allow her citizens enjoy their full right and be protected by the law. The main problem is that those in power that voted against same sex right in the Nigerian Government were so religious to allow such a thing in their culture. After all it should be unheard-of especially in a religious Nation like Nigeria were people have become so religious, in term of Western religion, than those that brought the religion to them. Little wonder churches are built almost in every corner in the cities and villages yet no change in the society while the Muslims under Boko Haram, on the other hand, continue their killings in the North.

It is clear that religious belief is the main problem towards the acceptance of same sex right in Nigeria. This is because such right is wrong under most religious laws may be including the African traditional religion. However, it is also known that some religious sects have approved such right. The problem with the Nigerian politicians may be that they are still young to understand that their decision should not be influenced by their personal beliefs for as long as no citizen’s right is threaten by such decision. The debate on same sex issue is like insisting everyone must belief in God. Then someone can come up with a religion that preaches same sex marriages like the link so it means such a man will not be given the right to practice his religion just because it does not agree with the religious views of the leaders. It will be a different case if such religious belief is based on killing others in which case it denies others their right to life just as the Boko Haram case yet the Government is not seriously solving the problem.

The issue of same sex marriages should be a family issue and not a state issue because the duty of the state is equal right for all. There will be no homosexuals in the society if all the families did their homework well. This shows that people always want to save others when they have not saved themselves first. The failure to approve homosexual right does not mean that people will not engaging in the act. Therefore such people are already doomed if it is a sin in the sight of God. Then again, we know that God will judge, like it is claimed, us individually and not as a nation so everyone will answer for his or her actions on earth. This is the age of personal responsibility and everyone must be held responsible for his or her action. Therefore, if God decided not to impose any religion on us, why should we impose our belief on others?

It is on the news that the UN has called on the Nigerian Government to understand the need of human right in the current age ( but the Government is so religious to answer the call. Now a pastor is running because he asked for equity while those that kill innocent citizens are not punished. The Government and those in power, if there are really so religious should start by ending corruption, insecurity, poverty, serving the Nigerian citizens and not themselves, and above all, an end to the killings going on in some Northern states. The Nigerian Government can not deceive the world by rejecting same sex laws because the world already have an idea about the Nigerian Government and the best way to changes the image already created is by putting the nation in order by ending corruption and putting the interests and security of the Nigerian citizens first and, above all, end the religious killings if truly they want to have a united Nigeria. That is the best means of convincing the world and not by denying people their right even when such right does not take your own rights.


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