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The position of Leaders on Same-sex marriage and right: A message for Obama

Updated on November 6, 2012

I have read many articles in recent weeks following the American’s president, Barack Obama, public declaration of his stand on same sex marriage. Some people claim that his stand may affect his chances of being re-elected while others think otherwise. I was personally forced to respond and contribute because of a forum question on the internet ( that claimed that the president’s position is against Christianity and that he wants to destroy Christianity. This claim may be linked to those that claim he is the said, “Anti-Christ.”

Based on religious views, it may be easy to understand why the Christians and maybe other religions think same sex-marriage is wrong but the truth is that we forgot something.

I have wondered if it would be right for me or anyone to impose his/her faith on others even when they definitely do not agree with such faith. It is same problem and the idea of trying to impose a religious belief on people that led to persecutions, killings, and sufferings in human history but we have not learnt much from it because our faith always seems right and superior to that of others. The idea of trying to use God or religion to judge sex-same marriage is like saying everyone must belief in God or religion and such would be a denial of personal liberty and the freedom of opinion and religion which we are all calling for to enable us live together in peace despite our different religious views. Man started making such calls in recent time in his history because he learnt from the mistakes of his past yet it seems man still oppose such calls when it is not in his favor even if it does no harm to him.

It is a fact that the world has various religions and religious views and it would not be a surprise if same-sex marriage develops into a religious movement of its own. Maybe, then, religion will no longer be an issue as it would become a doctrine. After all, I recent saw a biblical modification or whatever on the internet that claimed same sex may have started in the Garden of Eden.

Some people claim that same-sex marriage is wrong because it goes against the laws of nature and they seem right because man and woman were created to repopulate the earth and such cannot be achieved via same-sex marriages. A man and a woman should live together and form a family. Then again, one may wonder what happens in such unions were a man and a woman decides to get married and enjoy sex without having children. There are many cases of divorce and other problems and some people choose to be single parents so the joy and happiness of a family may not always be granted in marriages. This shows that even those that advocates for marriage between a man and a woman have done little to make such a union enviable and people now seek other ways to be happy and such ways includes divorce, to liberate them from the union, single parenting among others.

Under the natural laws of physics (and maybe in nature) like does not attract like. That is why I personally wonder what will attract a man to his fellow man or a woman to her fellow woman. Then I realize that I may not understand it because only those that had experienced such would tell how it works or what actually gets them attracted. However, I know that for like to attract like means that something may have changed somehow. Some of those that are currently gay or lesbian may have opposite sex partners and that seems to complicate the issue for me and make it more difficult for me to understand why they have the ability to enjoy sex on both sides. It is a fact that they were children of opposite sex parents and they may have been influenced into same-sex practice by others as they grew. Yet, I still do not understand why like will attract like.

Then that took me to the genetic level of things.

Some people may be genetically female or male but their phenotype will be otherwise. These may be due to partial or complete sex reversal or as a result of other reasons. These conditions include:

1) Abnormalities in Chromosomal sex: where we can have XXY (Klinefelter syndrome), XXX, Turner syndrome among others.

2) Abnormalities of gonad sex: where we can have XX true hermaphrodites, and XX male syndrome

3) Abnormalities of phenotypic sex: where we can have female pseudo hermaphrodites, and male pseudo hermaphrodites.

If we consider the above cases and if the law of attraction is found on the genetic level, then it is completely possible that an XX male syndrome individual may find a man attractive. Then we can not really say a union between an XX male syndrome and an XY male is not same as a man getting married to a woman. Moreover, we do not have to blame such individuals for being created that way when we know that it was not their making and as such we should not deny them same happiness we desire for ourselves. The point is that same-sex partners may be genetically normal individuals or not but whatever is the case, I do not think I am justified to condemn them just because I fail to understand why like attracts like, in their case. Consequently, I shall not deny them their freedom to joy, love and, happiness if they insist it must be via same-sex partnership.

In this current world of ours where men of different backgrounds have come together to live as people and nation under one leader, it will no longer be easily welcomed for any leader to impose his or her belief on the people like it was done in the past. Let us remember that many nations is made up of people of various religions and non-religious except in few countries or settings where one religion exists but even in such a country there are various sects that may conflict each other. Therefore, it will be unfair for any leader to impose anything on this people based on his personal religious views especially in a secular nation where the state is truly separated from the church. It is not all leaders that will have the courage to openly say their stand on such issues not because they are actually against it but because they do not want to loss supporters, especially when their stand is in support of a few.

President Obama should not mind what happens even if he losses some of his supporters simply because he chose not to stand against the freedom and right of others to make their choice in a free nation like United States of America. I shall do same if I am in his position not because I support the idea but because I do not think I am justified to stand against them and their right simply because my religion or faith or belief is against it. No! This is because I would not want someone else to stand against my freedom when our religious views or ideas conflict on such freedom principles. I shall give men the same freedom that I want them to give to me even when they fail to understand why I need such freedom for as long as I do not take their own rights and freedom from them. It is for these reason that when I asked my younger brother, “what do you think a man like me would do if he was a king or leader that lived in those ages when Christians and others were persecuted and killed for religious seek.” He answered, “God already knows that you would not kill them or persecute them so that was why he did not bring in men like you in the events of that time.”

This is because some people do not even want Christians or other religions except theirs to exist because they do not understand it but they have to allow it now because they have the freedom to practice that which they choose. Like wise, those that call for same-sex marriage has not denied us our right to get married to opposite sex partners so we have the right to maintain a marriage that would be between a man and a woman and let them do that which they claim is their own source of happiness.

As for those that claim that Obama wants to destroy Christianity. They should think again and remember that Christians were already involved in it. That is it is same Christians that started same sex-marriage that now blame someone else for what they started in the church. Maybe those that started it in the Christian circle did so because they did not see anything wrong with it so why blame others for joining the party.

God himself did not impose anything on man but, it is said, he gave man freewill to make his choices and get destroyed by such choices or benefit from it depending on the choice taken. If we claim that God gave man such liberty and freewill then who is man to take it away from his fellow man when the creator failed to do so.

This development shows that the age of personal responsibility is fast approaching and man, not his society or his neighbors, will be responsible for his actions.

You have the right to keep to your opposite sex partner and give birth and build your family to follow your ways, if they want to, that is your first duty and maybe the society would not have gone this way if we all did our first duty perfectly well but we are often more concern in saving others while we fail to save our family or even ourselves first.

Lastly, who knows, maybe, someday in human history a same-sex advocate may become a leader with much power that he would try to abolish opposite sex marriage then we shall insist on our right and liberty. Above all we shall remind such a leader the events of today when people gave them their liberty even when we do not agree with them.


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