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Honest Abe Lincoln was shot 150 years ago today!

Updated on April 15, 2015

The face of greatness, courage, and strength!


His history.

Of course we all know that many politicians who are wealthy go to a diner or fast food joint for a hamburger or a waffle. They want to look like one of the people, but most really aren't.

Abe Lincoln was one of the people and did have humble beginnings! He went on to accomplish a lot, of course and had a very hard life. The death of his son Willie in 1862 sent his wife Mary, over the edge. She was extremely emotional and sat by herself the night he was murdered in cold blood.

Abe was a kind and loving man who was quicker to forgive than he has been credited for. In fact, Dale Carnegy, an inspirational writer, wrote about Lincoln as his inspiration. He used to take out a five dollar bill, and ask himself what would Abe do?

What happened that night.

We all know the story of the Ford Theater production. The President came in late and the play stopped. Applause rang out and the tall, giant of a leader just bowed to his fans. the war was over, and slavery was over! He had kept his promises and times were seen as good. His popularity was immense and Americans loved this man!

President Lincoln was shot once behind the left ear once and the bullet pieced his skull. Dr. Leo, a 24 year old was in the audience and he responded immediately. He lowered Abe to the floor to stop him from choking on his blood. He started C.P.R., which kept our President alive a bit longer than he would have been.

After giving the President some brandy, the young Dr. placed his finger in the bullet hole and knew immediately that Lincoln was not going to survive this. Several of the soldiers present, carried the President out in a panic, under the Dr.'s direction. Many were screaming to get him to the White House, but Dr. Leo knew the the trip would kill him. They pounded on the door of a house right across the street from The Ford Theater, and no one answered. Suddenly some one from The Peterson Boarding House yelled out to them, "bring him over here". The did and that is where they cared for this great, and humble man.

Though the Surgeon General, and Lincoln's own physician arrived shortly, Dr. Leo never left our President's side. While the other two Dr.s worked away until 7:00am, Dr. Leo held Abe's hand. He got Lincoln through the night, but nothing was getting him through the day.

What Booth did and said.

Sic Semper Tyrannis is Latin for "Thus always tyrants". It was his way of getting revenge for the South. He of course, leaped down from the balcony for all to see him. Several witnesses heard his say "I have done it!".

Before he leaped, Booth stabbed Lincoln's friend, Henry Rathbone.

Earlier that day, booth got into the theater and nailed a board near the door. That delayed all military personal in aiding the President and stopping Booth.

The aftermath.

Dr. Mudd ruined his career by treating Booth's broken leg. The Dr. was shunned and that is where the saying "his name is Mudd" came from. It states that some one is useless and obsolete from there on out.

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