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Making a Difference- The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Updated on August 11, 2012

My Local Effort Webpage

Nichole's Facebook Site
Nichole's Facebook Site

Too Much To Handle

At this point, oil is still bleeding into the Gulf, endangering local life, people's livelihoods, and the balance of our world's ecology. I'm no expert in the how and why of it, you can Google to find out what made this happen. I'm also not interested in pointing fingers- there are plenty of official and unofficial fingers being pointed. As far as preventing it ever happening again, that's being studied by people far smarter than I am. I'm certainly not associated with any government. Ditto the large businesses. The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill is huge, out of control, and could become the largest oil spill in history. Comprehending the total damage done is beyond me. It's too big.

Can I Really Make A Difference?

I want to do something, but feel overwhelmed.  I'm only one person- how can I change anything?  I have no vast resources to bring.  I see the pictures of oil-caked birds, suffocated fish, animals that didn't make this situation, can't comprehend it, but still have to live with it.  Can anything I do really make a difference?  This makes me feel small and helpless. 

Nichole's TV Interview

Broken Record... or Taking Action?

I got stuck playing that broken record... while someone I know took steps to make a difference. My niece, Nichole. She tried to help, and found it difficult. There are numerous organizations online asking for help, but they're not... organized. Her approach was to filter out the wasted pages. Wade through all the excess material, and collect just the good stuff. Collate links to the actual sign-up pages for volunteering in diverse ways. Living in Jacksonville, Nichole focused on local programs. Using Facebook, she created a website called "My Local Effort".

Watch the video above - She explains it better than I can :^)

Still-frame from interview
Still-frame from interview

My Local Effort

I can't begin to say how proud we all are of Nichole.  She's smart, energetic, easy to talk with, and fun to be around.  Committed, dedicated, and inspirational.  While I was stuck in the 'agitate' cycle, she researched, analyzed, and found a solution.  This hub is my tribute to her effort, and an attempt to help more people find her site.  Not selling anything, just trying to emulate somebody I admire.  Turns out, one person can make a difference after all.  Thanks, Nichole!

Now I can help.  You can help.  We can all do something...  My Local Effort makes it much easier to find out how. 

Not Local? Links for You, Too!

Not so local? No worries, below are some non-local links. You can find plenty of ways to help if you do a bit of searching, but these are good starting points (for those of us who don't live so close to the situation):

Local Salon helps with Hair!

And because we still need a sense of humor:

P.S. -

If you've read my other hubs, you know this isn't my usual style. This is short and direct.

I tried to totally turn off the advertising, but Hubpages won't publish the article unless I confirm that it meets Adsense standards. So I turned off my part of the ads and made this a non-commercial site. Hopefully there won't be any ads.

Nichole set the standard, I'm just trying to live up to it.

Regarding Comments:

I'm not looking to rile people up, or start arguments. If you leave a comment, please make it helpful, not hurtful. Let's try to do some good.

I'd love to hear more suggestions, and see how other people are making a difference!


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    • Crewman6 profile image

      Crewman6 7 years ago

      I'm glad they were working so hard, but frustrated at the corners that were cut which helped the accident to happen.

    • profile image

      Thrift 7 years ago

      I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the oil spill. I seemed to focus more on the amazing way they were working to fix it.

    • Crewman6 profile image

      Crewman6 7 years ago

      Thanks, Audrey! I'm on my way to read yours - The more of us that work together, the better!

    • akirchner profile image

      Audrey Kirchner 7 years ago from Washington

      Super job Crewman6! I feel the same way - I was going to do a funny hub yesterday but I couldn't do it after watching yet more on the oil spill - so I did mine too on what you can do to help locally/or do SOMETHING. I will link this one to mine as well since I did not catch it yesterday I don't think. Great to have more people on board! It's better than being paralyzed and doing nothing.

    • Crewman6 profile image

      Crewman6 7 years ago

      Thank you WryLilt - Gotta admit, I try to see the best in everyone. No good comes of casting blame. I appreciate the comment!

    • WryLilt profile image

      Susannah Birch 7 years ago from Toowoomba, Australia

      Great hub! I see so many people talk about how terrible it is but avoid getting their hands dirty.