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British Politicians? No Wonder Darwin Preferred Worms!

Updated on April 19, 2016

Charles Darwin found peace studying earthworms

Charles Darwin was the first to see us as we really are.
Charles Darwin was the first to see us as we really are.

No Wonder Darwin Preferred Worms.

We British are nothing if not serial masochists

No Wonder Darwin Preferred Worms.

It is so amusing to watch shows like Question Time on BBC. No one on the panel can ever be described as poor, most are MP’s along with a few editors, past and present, and the odd writer or historian to add a bit of useless, but eccentric colour. I wonder what is really behind this nonsense where the public is allowed to question these people and vent their spleen for a few minutes. Perhaps the BBC and the mainly self-interested guests think it takes our minds off Jonathan Ross’s obscene salary of £80,000 a week, or the latest government skulduggery to hang on to power.

To me, life in the Third Millennium, just gets more and more like a “them and us” situation and I see this establishment as it has been for hundred of years: bankers and other pirates steal huge amounts, the public screams, they are pacified by our “elected” officials for a few days; imprisoned or shot, depending on the epoch, and back they go to stealing all they can again. The politicians get caught with their hands in the cookie-jar: lo and behold, the next moment they consider hiking their wages by 20% to cover the “shortfall” in what they are not allowed to steal by various trickery on the expense accounts.
The monarchy, a sad, outdated group of misfits if ever I saw one. They always have their hands out for more “expense” money although they are rich beyond the dreams of Avarice. The queen’s jewellery and art collection could wipe out most of the national debt, never mind the thousands of acres of prime land and all the castles and mansions she owns. But they won’t sell a bean of it, because this is their estate that must be passed on to other members of the dynasty… for the good of the nation. Ha! What good does the queen’s riches do any of us? Absolutely zip. How can you maintain that all this is for the good of the many if no individual benefits from it?
Meanwhile the poor, and our millions of state pensioners are scraping and scrimping, trying to keep their heads above water, paying extortionate utility bills to companies, mostly foreign, who are enriching themselves as fast as they can. Or trying to keep up with high-interest mortgages to the same banks who have a license to steal; the ones who are repossessing homes from those who have fallen by the wayside, thanks to loosing their jobs in the broken economy. The mess that has been largely caused by the lenders themselves. Same with the petroleum companies, rigging prices with the government turning a blind eye to it all as they accept donations, directorships, favours and the other crumbs thrown to them from the big players in the establishment’s commercial sector, and the huge slice of revenue from the inflated tax per gallon.
The disenfranchised “travellers” run around the country in caravans desperate to find a place to park, while millions of acres form the huge estates of the wealthy could be used. When they do find some piece of waste land to stop running for a minute, the local villages are up in arms, backed by “landed gentry” who own homes in the area, until the local government hounds move them on again. And the government does nothing to help, being more concerned with how they can feather their own nests until the election next year.
Look at the slime who really seem to have their hands on power. Peter Meddlesome, a man who I wouldn’t trust to clean my toilet, is said to be manipulating the prime minister. And who do we vote for? I wonder what would happen if no one voted at all. That would send a message, wouldn’t it? Maybe that fop, Charles, would actually have to really get a job instead of waffling on about bloody architecture and signing his wife’s clothing accounts. And it’s what should happen, but never will, of course. The British are “Ragged Trouser Philanthropists” for sure.
Why is it always us who are the worst when the world receives a setback? This time, we have the worst economy in Europe; the economic forecasts by other leaders and think-tanks, etc., are saying we might sink altogether; become a failed state. Oooo! We moan, hugging our groins in pseudo-sexual excitement, like a kid who says he hates daddy. We British are nothing if we’re not serial masochists.
Perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad thing in some ways; nothing left for the swine to steal. Of course, they would all have gathered up their families and their assets and be living somewhere else by then; just as perhaps you can’t keep a good man down, you can’t suppress the rotters either.
All this has been said before a million times; a million different ways by the world’s most brilliant social commentators and it never does any lasting good except when a revolution is born and that will never happen here, we‘re too well controlled.

It’s mankind that is the problem, not the individuals within the species. And I suppose we are genetically programmed to scramble over the backs of others in the name of survival of the fittest. Charles Darwin must have lost a lot of sleep when he finally saw life for what it is.
He infinitely preferred worms, so I am sure he would have loved Peter Meddlesome.


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    • profile image

      diogenes 11 months ago

      Hi Misty: They are all tarred with the same brush. We have a real mess here at the moment. Leaving Europe (Brexit) has backfired on the government and the PM - an agony aunt by the name of Theresa May - has lost a gamble to get a landslide vote; has a hung parliament (all the male MP's must have at least 8 inches!). Every day there's another terrorist incident and we all fear the worst (God throws a huge rock at us). Woe is moi!

      Night night dear

      R x

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 11 months ago from North Texas

      Absolutely love this article! Definitely one of your best. You should consider writing politics. If I didn't know better, and except for the odd word (MP, queen, etc.) I'd think you were skewering our politicians here in the states. Seems like most of this would fit them quite well with few alterations.

      Hope all is well with you Bobby. Take care . . . xox

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 8 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Jeez, Amanda, I hope not! R x

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 8 years ago from UK

      Bob, you're such a good writer you deserve a whole legion of fans. I'm only trail-blazing. Eventually there'll be a vast throng beating a path to your door.

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 8 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Hi again Amanda: You're my only true fan! I think it's space that is our main problem: we should have kept Canada and Australia and turned this dump into a monument to folly or something. When we had the empire (Ha!) we could send all out misfits out to "The Colonies," now they are all at home; the Oxbridge nincompoops, all helping each other out of the pit. Who to vote for? I never do...why?? Bob x

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 8 years ago from UK

      Scorching! Bob, this is quite a rant. Economically and politically we're certainly livinhg through interesting times, but these days the under-dogs are too busy watching tv and playing on their game stations to start a revolution. Sad really, because there's nothing like a bit of civil insurrection to get the higher echelons leaping up and down. I enjoyed the recent party conferences. Some of the plot-lines are better than a soap opera. The Tories are all set to become the party of the poor, and the Labour party have been caught out feathering their own nests, and returning the rich/poor divide to Victorian levels. Who ever would have thought it? It's time we had some change, but will we get it?


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