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How To Have A Pacifists Potest Against Eco Disasters The Recipe

Updated on October 6, 2010


A simple accident in a shopping complex. No damage but the irritation factor is there. Caused by two Parking attendants both directing a car each, not watching the other one!.
A simple accident in a shopping complex. No damage but the irritation factor is there. Caused by two Parking attendants both directing a car each, not watching the other one!.

Definition - What is a Man Made Eco Disaster

Before we can adopt measures to end an existing Eco disaster, we need to define what is a man made Eco disaster!

From my viewpoint lets start of by defining a disaster

Definition of an Accident or Disaster.

Or using that sweet, sugar coated syrupy word, Accident.

It is a result of sequence of events that start off a chain reaction that leads to damage to property or life.

Definition of Made Made

This is quite simple, really, it is nearly always pilot error.

Not so stupid a statement as it seems:-

"Well if the driver of the 18 wheeler had refused to carry the overloaded rig with known defective brakes, it would not have caused the accident!" True, but he would have lose his job, someone else would have then taken off on that route and it might or might not have happened".

So to sun it all up man-made is really.'

The Corporations, Governments and finally the individuals.

Definition of Eco

That is simple, it is our world and our resources, it is what we are supposed to be husbanding to leave for our children. Who we hope will,  in turn, leave something for their children.

Now for .............

As I fairly forcefully stated in a previously posted Hub Dont-Kill-The-World 
This really highlights the impact on our planet, it sits in the back of my mouth, a foul taste that will not go away.
The politicos make capital and a lot of legislation is passed, to what purpose, for this to happen again and again.
The fines, a mere slap on the wrist, when you consider what the true costs really were!
What do I mean by that?
If any of you have seen an Iceberg or an ice cube in a glass of water
What you see is 1/10 of the total mass, the rest is hidden

  • So the 1/10th is the direct and visible costs of
  • cleanups,recoveries and payouts for loss of lives, based on some formula that the various Actuaries have developed.
  • The other 90% is hidden, this is what is what we seem to forget.
  • That the impact  on our Eco Systems is not counted in.
  • How long will our resources last?
  • How much damage is done to Ozone?

For those of you that have played Empire Earth, the resources are actually finite.

  • If you grow all the time and build to maximum, you run out of wood and stone
  • If your army is built up fully, you run out of ore and other resources
  • Your fishing boats return empty
  • You have run out of land to grow crops

You cease to exist, so you attack your neighbour, and another and another  till all resources are gone.

That is the hidden costs to all the Eco Disasters

The Story goes on and on.
Greenpeace, with all there noble and valiant efforts unfortunately not changed too much by violent aggression, a lot of publicity and on there side a lot of casualties.
Things have not really changed that much.

A tribute to all of the rescue workers, relief workers, the man in the street who has gone to help clean up the beaches and sea birds, seals and other oil damaged creatures.

Do not worry, you will be able to come to their aid again and again in the future, although unfortunately to a dwindling number.

You are making a difference and the EARTH MOTHER is appreciative for your kindness, yet she weeps at the futility of it all.

How to End It

  1. Google the Company to find out about all the Subsiduries and all there holding companies.
  • You may come across snippets about the Company, compliments from Wikipedia:-

In the United States, BP or its subsidiaries have been convicted of environmental crimes on three occasions, one of which resulted from the Texas City Refinery Disaster where BP was fined $50,000,000 and given 3 years probation. Separate to that conviction, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration issued its largest fine of $87,000,000 to BP for 270 safety violations. BP is appealing the fine.[41]

Doyon Drilling, a BP contractor working in North Slope Alaska in 2000, pleaded guilty to dumping hazardous materials down oil well shafts. BP was fined $500,000 for failing to report the dumping when it became aware of it. In addition to the fine, BP was placed on probation and ordered to create a nationwide environmental management program

So with all that information,

  1. Petition your Government to cease trade agreements with them, pointless, as we all need oil right.
  2. Rally all your friends on all of the social sites available to boycott all purchases from the main Company
  3. Encourage friends and families to boycott all purchases from the subsidiary Companies
  4. Even if you can avoid purchasing goods from the Country where they have their Head Offices
  5. Petition the Government of that Company to impose, stronger monitoring of the offending Companies and install permanent observers in each and every aspect oft the offending Company's operation, at that Company's expense. This position is paid by the Company but is employed by the relative Safety, ISO or equivalent Standards Authority accountable and answerable to Parliament/Government, or a United Nations.

Maybe that would in a total and peaceful manner bring about a reduction in these tragic and Eco harming disasters.

As To Who Paid Those Fines

The answer to that is simple dear reader.....................

YOU every time you make a purchase at the pump, add oil, or any of the other products that is produced by them directly or one of its subsiduaries.

Bear in mind that is the 10 percent or one tenth.

The hidden 90 percent or 9/10th's is being paid by you your grandchildren and there grandchildren, in the quality of this earths resources.

  • The dwindling plant life
  • The species of animal life that are reaching distinction
  • The marine life that is in dire straights
  • The Shrinkage of the Polar ice
  • Deforestation
  • Quality of air
  • Quality of water


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    • Just_Rodney profile imageAUTHOR

      Rodney Fagan 

      8 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City


      I agree, but what makes it worse, is that it will be fixed, and then happen again and again.

      We are custodians of the planet, it is not ours to abuse!

      However, we will continue to RAPE our poor planet!

      Thanks for voicing your concern.

    • Karen Ellis profile image

      Karen Ellis 

      8 years ago from Central Oregon

      The recent, and on-going, BP oil disaster is a concern for the whole world. The pictures we watch on the tv, nightly, are just sickening. It makes us feel so helpless. Thanks for addressing this issue, Rodney.

    • Just_Rodney profile imageAUTHOR

      Rodney Fagan 

      8 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City

      Rick Thanks for the comment and suggestion on the Gulf stream spills.

      I may do that still.

    • rickzimmerman profile image


      8 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Just_Rodney: Great hub on a great topic! (Are you going to tackle the Gulf oil spill?) As an update, I'm now up to 246 hubs, and you might appreciate the many I have written on sustainability: sprawl, density, population, water, etc. Regards, RickZ

    • Just_Rodney profile imageAUTHOR

      Rodney Fagan 

      8 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City

      Candie, I hear what you are saying.

      Unemployment is a major worldwide specter, we cannot add to that, as we do not have the power to change it.

      I am realistic but there does come a time something drastic needs to be done to achieve TOTAL ACCOUNTABILITY so that these and all other companies, adhere to all safety procedures, control each and every aspect of their operations and be totally liable for their actions.

      As I have said that punitive fines do nothing, as in the end, we the man in the street have to pay those fines for them. So that they still pay there dividends to share holders and still make profit.

      So that they live to fight another day, and continue to destroy, rape and pillage our environment.

      They get away with it, do not even get a bloody nose from the fight, they walk away, heads up. The victim, cast aside, left lying bloody and beaten, in the gutters, who i there to speak for them.

      We need to help!!!!!!!

      Scoreboard at present


      BP : 4

      Who is celebrating? Who is having the victory feast?

      The down side is that there are those innocent people that are also the casualties (part of the hidden costs) losing their employment because that one of the company major field of their operation is forced to close down.

      (An Idea).

      That the punitive fine, instead of finding itself into government coffers, should then be divided (Calculated to 10 years salary inflation linked and payed into a trust that pays then pays that out monthly to the to those employers that have found themselves laid off).

      Besides that they have enough subsidiaries and other companies that are still trading to be able to absorb quite a number of the employees (again Government monitored).

      Somewhere in the scheme of things, we need to STOP these disasters from happening, and make the perpetrators pay the restition, not the 10% but all those hidden costs of there action.

      So maybe petitions should be made to who?

      If it is near election time politicians are to scared to take on sensitive issues and cross big business, there campaign supporters, so then it will be tabled when?

    • Candie V profile image

      Candie V 

      8 years ago from Whereever there's wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We need an adventure!

      Hey Rodney! I agree with your boycott to a point.. that would hurt innocent employees and their families and jobs would be lost. If there were a way to get our disappointment across to just the 'powers' then that's what I'd be up to do.. keep me posted!!

    • Just_Rodney profile imageAUTHOR

      Rodney Fagan 

      8 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City

      Go for it Green Lotus, good luck with your products in the meantime we need to boycott and lobby for all we are worth.

      Thanks for your support.

    • Green Lotus profile image


      8 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Welcome back Rodney! This is an important and well presented hub. Rated "up". I agree with you that like good medicine, prevention is the key. Slapping BP's wrists does little to prevent future disasters. Look at Exxon. We're still cleaning up the Valdez mess. The spill in the Gulf, tragic as it is, at least re-confirms our need for cleaner energy and diffuses some of the power once held by the oil cartels and business oil mongers. I am vested in clean energy products and have hope that they will move into the commercialization stage faster than in the past.

    • Just_Rodney profile imageAUTHOR

      Rodney Fagan 

      8 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City

      Yes ocbill, i agree with you, after all if the are give a penalty of $1 Billion, tell me that you are willing to subsidies this penalty.

      I for one am not I will not put BP in my car, nor purchase any BP product.

      Thanks for the comment.

    • ocbill profile image


      8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      very sad that a probation seems to only be said for public but not effective. A penalty should be given to them of $1billion or more to the govt.

    • Just_Rodney profile imageAUTHOR

      Rodney Fagan 

      8 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City

      Feline, yes it has been a while it dawned on me to come and complete 100 hubs.

      Yes we all do little about it all, and I suppose we will continue to do little.

      Hopefully the pen will triumph and somewhere someone will read this and then establish point 5 in my suggested solutions.

      Keep well.

    • Just_Rodney profile imageAUTHOR

      Rodney Fagan 

      8 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City

      Research, it is tragic that these things happen and how brain washed we are and numbedto the fact that there is a cost to pay.

      Thanks for the interest shown.

    • profile image

      Feline Prophet 

      8 years ago

      Good to see you writing here after a long gap, Rodney! The sad thing is that while most of us are aware of how criminally we treat the planet, few of us actually do much about it.

    • Research Analyst profile image

      Research Analyst 

      8 years ago

      interesting topic for discussion thanks for the reminders


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