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How to Donate Your Long Hair to Cancer Patients

Updated on October 18, 2011

If you have long hair and are getting it cut, consider donating it. Many people lose their hair with cancer treatments and other medical conditions. Although wigs are often made from artificial hair, real human hair is a much better substance and very much in need. There are a number of places that want donated hair, here is what to do if you wish to donate your hair.

Choose an organization to which you will donate your hair. There are three that I found easily Locks of love, Wigs for kids and Beautiful Lengths –the last one is the only organization I could find that makes wigs for adults, wigs for kids and locks of love make wigs for children.

Choose your hairdresser. Many hairdressers will cut your hair for free if it is being donated.

Your hair must not be permed, dyed, bleached or been curled with a curling iron or heated rollers. Sometimes they won’t take hair if it is mostly grey.

Make sure your hair is over 8-12 inches long. The minimum for Beautiful Lengths is 8 inches, the minimum for Locks of Love is 10 inches and the minimum for Wigs for Kids is 12 inches.

Wash your hair and use conditioner. Make sure it is fully dry. Don’t use any other hair care products such as hairspray.

Put your hair in one or two bunches, tied with hair elastic at the top. Cut the hair in one go just above the elastic.  Add 2 or 3 more elastics down the length of the pony tail. Don’t let your hair fall on the floor and then pick it up or it won’t be acceptable to use. Do not wash or style the hair after it has been cut.

Put the pony tail in a ziplock bag. Add your name and address and mail it to the organization of your choice.

Consider re-growing your hair and donating again in another 2-3 years’ time.

Although your hair takes a while to grow, donating hair is easy to do and really doesn’t cost you anything, yet the benefits to someone else are huge.

Sometimes your hair may be sold and the benefits go to the cost of making the wigs. Understand if this happens your beautiful locks are still helping others.


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    • profile image

      Lauriella 8 years ago

      Interesting. I didn't know that Locks of Love only made wigs for children. A very deserving cause, of coruse, but I should imagine that there are even more adults who are in need of wigs after chemotherapy.