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How to Help Neighbors Recycle

Updated on July 17, 2010
Recycling helps keep our environment green.
Recycling helps keep our environment green.

Would you like to help the environment? You can by helping those around you, such as your neighbors. You can encourage those neighbors to recycle therefore helping the environment in the process.

Remember that not every neighborhood is going to have strict rules for recycling. My apartment building didn't have strict rules about recycling until recently when they started getting ticketed so often. Thus, this is more reason why you should encourage your neighbors to recycle.

First start by setting an example for your neighbors because believe me it will become a contagious thing. When they see you do it, they'll do it too. Explain to your neighbors what recycling is all about and how it helps our environment.

Recycling cardboard
Recycling cardboard
Battery Recycling
Battery Recycling
Recycling Plastic
Recycling Plastic
Computer Recycling
Computer Recycling

Show them how they can recycle cardboard and recycle batteries, just as much as they can recycle plastic and computers. Recycling is important and your neighbors need to understand that so that they can start doing it too. They need to know that the recycled goods help keep our environment clean.

Your neighbors might not understand the importance of computer recycling or metal recycling or even where to place some of this stuff and how to recycle it properly. This is why it's crucial for them to learn because once they understand the concept; they'll be encouraged to do it more often and on a regular basis.

Finally, remember to praise your neighbors when you notice them recycling. Believe me, no matter how old or young they are, praise will work like a charm. This praise will give them a sense of accomplishment, which will cause them to repeat their action.

Remember in encouraging your neighbors to recycle you are helping our environment become GREENER.

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What Steps Do You Take to Help the Environment?

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