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How to Help the Homeless People and Yourself

Updated on February 3, 2024
Eileen Hughes profile image

Anyone can help the honeless by donating clothes and blankets in the winter.

Why are there so many homeless people living in poor conditions on the streets or doorways? Is it because there are not enough homes? No, even if there were more housing facilities available some of these people would still live on the streets, it has become a way of life to them. Many people do not realize that these homeless people are not there because they are lazy drug addicts or alcoholics. It is far more serious than that.

From my own personal research into this subject I found that many are there because of domestic violence situations or teenagers and younger children running away from home Homelessness affects millions of people all over the world, and they are not all old, many of these are teenagers and even children as young as eight or nine years of age. Which makes me ask again why is this happening especially to so many children? Why can’t the powers to be do something to reduce this problem?

Many celebrities have donated millions of dollars to a variety of homeless organizations and yet it is like a speck on the ocean. There are so many homeless people all over the world that it will take more than money alone.

The majority of people are so wrapped up in their own daily schedules, that they do not appreciate how lucky they are. And completely ignore that homeless people exist, or choose deny the knowledge of their existence. Yes they may offer a donation when prompted, but would never consider to do something themselves to help these needy people.

Wealthy or less fortunate

Why does the less fortunate person give more of themselves and their possessions than a very wealthy person? And why does a wealthy person always tell you how much they paid for something, especially if it is cost in the thousands. Whereas a lesser wage earner would just show someone what they had bought. This has always fascinated me.

Donate unwanted items

First go through our homes and sort through our clothes and cupboards for things that we no longer wear or use. Go through the kid’s rooms and look for items of clothing that the children have outgrown or toys they no long play with. You might even find some food in the cupboards that you bought a heap when on special and found you didn’t like it.

You can bundle these up and take them down to the homeless shelters. You can be sure that these things will be appreciated.

How to help the homeless and yourself

I am sure that everyone could spend an hour or so every week or month helping others less fortunate than themselves. Or walk in and help whenever you have any spare time. Not only will it help the homeless people and lessen the load on other volunteers it will help yourself more than you realize.

You learn that voluntary work will make you feel so much better as a person, simply because you can make a personal difference to someone else’s life with a little effort on your part by offering your time.

Work at a shelter- Anyone can volunteer to help feed the homeless or work in soup kitchens

Sorting clothes for the Salvation Army- Donations are appreciated, although someone still has to sort out the suitable goods from the rubbish.

Make use of your talents- If you are an office worker, offer to answer the phones, help with any paper work and accounts.

Professional people- can offer their time and professional services free. This could be doctors, teachers, or dental services

Spread the word- Tell other people about the work you are doing and encourage them to help out too.

We cannot help everyone, although every little bit that you can do will make a difference. Not only to the homeless person to the person inside you as well. Once you have helped people less fortunate than you, you will appreciate your own life and realize how lucky you really are and never take things for granted again.

Crafters- why not make baby clothes and novelties in your spare time and donate them to charity or the homeless. Winter is coming and they say it will be cold.

Remember, above all show respect to these people as you never know, if your circumstances change and go downhill, you could end up being just like them.

Helping the Homeless True Story

© 2010 Eileen hughes


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