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If Torture Does Not Work - Why Do Some of Our CIA Operatives Allegedly Carry Cyanide....

Updated on January 3, 2015

If Torture Does Not Work - Why Do Some of Our CIA Operatives Allegedly Carry Cyanide....

It is not only the one sided report, and, at a cost of some 40 million, that bemoans the supposed torture of terrorists... the Democrats would have us believe that said report was borne out of love for Human Rights than conspicuous, political partisanship. Democrats know that they took a shellacking in the mid-terms elections and they are still smarting over the whooping and they would have taken a more severe beating had this biased report come out during the elections; so to get back at the country, Democrats are willing to throw and have thrown our CIA under the bus to appease the loons of the Far-Left. But take a gander at the beneficiaries of the Democrats' largesse at the expense of our CIA/country... men and women who are willing to employ children to carry out the murder of innocents under the banner of Jihad. Lest we forget, Democrats are willing to murder children too because they have signed their respective John and Jane Hancocks to laws that authorize the murder of children by way of Abortion. Of course, I, along with the CIA operatives, are deemed the monsters for supposedly sanctioning the torture to protect Americans and our security... protection for even many, who, in my humble opinion, are among the traitors in the Democratic Party.

We are going to hear ad nauseam that Republican Senator John McCain, who himself was tortured during his stint in Vietnam, says that, unequivocally that, torture is not effective to elicit Intel - but John Mc Cain's view on torture is not dispositive on the issue... for how is it that this is the only subject matter (torture) that warrants our speaking in absolutes? Why is it that we can say with confidence, when debating other issues, that we cannot speak in absolutes, but can do so on the subject matter of so called torture? Moreover, there are those who would say that all Black men are prone to violence or that all Muslims support jihad/terrorism or that Whites are prone to molest their children, yet the advocates of those who believe that torture never works to elicit Intel would castigate others for speaking in the absolutes mentioned above concerning certain religious positions and behaviors. Incidentally, the only absolute that I know is that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God!

For the Senator McCains and those who believe that torture is not effective to glean Intelligence from terrorists - then why do we have some CIA operatives carrying cyanide on their respective persons, so as to 'off' themselves... if they are caught spying? Why is it that I can say that torture would work on me, if I were employed in the 'cloak and dagger' field? How is it that many a crime are solved because the perpetrators were threatened with extra-evidential means, which secured the culpable evidence? The irony is that I will admit that it is not all the time that torture will get us what we are seeking - but pain or the threat thereof, mental or otherwise, is an effective inducer of truth in the past, now, and for the foreseeable future in the mostly sordid affairs of human-kind. I say with no wavering... meaning that I will not be taking directions from the prevailing breeze - that if this country is being threatened... that I, and hope the CIA operatives employed on behalf of this great country, would do what we have to do to secure our safety!

I read where the United Nations is calling for the prosecution of those CIA operatives mentioned in the Democratic Party torture report... perhaps, the mostly craven , paper tigers down at the United Nations could come and effect the arrests of our CIA operatives themselves. On a more salient, apropos point, many who make up the United Nations and many in the Democratic Party were giddy and elated to show the images of torture from Abu Ghraib, but I wonder if they would also be willing to show the sickening images of the babies that were murdered today alone in America by way of Abortion? I suppose not - but I say with assurance that many of us in the Democratic Party and the United Nations are morally implicated every single day for our support of the murders of innocent babies, notwithstanding that many of us see ourselves as morally superior to the CIA operatives accused of torture... and if you noticed that for some convenient reason, the killing of babies is not seen as a Human Right violation by the Democrats or the moral arbiters at the United Nations.

Permit me to dove-tail back to the topic at hand, whereby, I can say objectively that no one has been more effective and lethal in prosecuting the just killing of terrorists via drones than President Obama, a Democrat; do you suppose that the terrorists who were killed in our internecine war with Muslim jihadists would have preferred to have been Water-boarded than the certain finality of death from our Drones?


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