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Immigration into the UK: are we targeting the wrong migrants?

Updated on February 23, 2016
Polish people settled in the UK since many Poles and eastern Europeans were allowed to come here since 2004 onwards.
Polish people settled in the UK since many Poles and eastern Europeans were allowed to come here since 2004 onwards. | Source
Pakistanis have come to live in the UK because of being in the Commonwealth.
Pakistanis have come to live in the UK because of being in the Commonwealth. | Source
Asia where many people come from because they part of the British Commonwealth.
Asia where many people come from because they part of the British Commonwealth. | Source
Europe where many people have come from since the UK jointed the European Union.
Europe where many people have come from since the UK jointed the European Union. | Source
Queen Elizabeth II:  Head of the Commonwealth.
Queen Elizabeth II: Head of the Commonwealth. | Source

Who, what, when, where?

Listening to David Cameron's words in the last few days before and after he flew back to the UK from his marathon meeting in Europe with other EU leaders the subject of migration from Europe comes up again and again.

David Cameron managed to get an agreement from the other 28 EU nations that people coming here from Europe would not be able to have access to benefits for seven years which was watered down from the thirteen Cameron wanted.

Right now 800,000 Poles have made the UK their home as have other eastern Europeans and some western Europeans too as many Britons have made different parts of Europe their home too - in other words free movement of people in each EU nation is guaranteed. However I feel Cameron is scapegoating European migrants when it comes to receiving British benefits because Polish people have a record of being hard workers and hardly according to reports sign on for benefits.

Now the UK still retains its Commonwealth which is a hangover from Empire days and many non - European people for example from India and Pakistan have come to this country and changed certain aspects of our society in inner cities forever. Many of them are non - Christian so along with the communities that settle here up go their places of worship like mosques, Sikh and Hindu temples. Now amongst the Asians especially the Indians they have a reputation for hard work but statistics prove that it is mainly the Pakistanis who are largely dependant on benefits.

What I am suggesting is if we are clamping down on European migrants than we should also clamp down on non - EU migrants even more severely or indeed stop it all together. As I have said many of the immigrants and their descendants have settled in places like Birmingham for example and in come their come nearest and dearest to settle too changing once English places into places our ancestors would not even recognise. This is not racism or Islamophobia or any other politically correct term you would care to use - its fact.

Polish people for example maybe foreign and alien to our shores but we have more in common with them than say Pakistanis. For one thing Poles blend in and are largely Christian by faith and again I stress here what I am writing is not anti - Muslim or Pakistani but I believe although there is resentment to all foreigners from a lot of British people no matter where they come from for the sake of community cohesion between the host community and the foreign community in the UK I believe Poles blend in better with the over all culture within the UK.

I think the argument could be made if there are those amongst us who think we should leave the EU and be 'little Britain' on our own then there is the argument we should leave or disband the Commonwealth. After all what good does the Commonwealth do the ordinary person in the UK, to me its just a talking shop that the Queen visits and has her picture taken with the other heads of state - thats it period - just a hangover from Empire. It allows all unsundry to enter our country just because they have a British passport whether they be Canadian or Jamaicans.

The UK is amazing how militarily and economically we still punch above our weight but scrapping the Commonwealth to me is a good idea so we and the nations that our Empire exploited can move on whether that be India or Australia or any other Commonwealth nation.

As for the EU well British people will be able to decide once and for all whether we are in or out and all the affects that will have on us as a nation on June 23.


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    • Nick Bishop profile imageAUTHOR

      Nick Bishop 

      2 years ago from Blackpool


    • emge profile image


      2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      Frankly UK is too small a nation and I suppose any migrant will only add to the woes


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