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In the Mind of a Murderer Part III: The Community Response

Updated on July 4, 2017
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JT Walters has a Master's of Science in Behavoralism from Florida State University. She is a researcher in many professions in Florida.

Angel Ann Halstead


In the Mind of a Murderer Part III: The Community Response

As previously stated in earlier articles there are three victims to a murder. The first victim is the deceased, the second victim is the family and the third victim is the community. In this three part series I have share the unpleasant history of a local kidnapping, rape and murder of, Angel Ann Halstead a four year old girl, by Brooks Bellay. After he kidnapped Angel and brutally raped and murdered her he subsequently led the authorities on a thirty six hour manhunt for his victim, Angel Ann Halstead, in the opposite direction of where he left her mangled bludgeoned body. Bellay confessed to the murder and plead out to second degree murder. I have also shared the story of Angel’s sister, Staci Halstead, who is vigilantly campaigning to petition the parole board to deny Bellay parole back into society. Staci has courageously spoken to the media in an attempt to gather more signatures for her family’s petitions and sadly her sister’s murderer, in yet another attention seeking media ploy, has broken his silence after 34 years and spoken to the media as well. But Staci has not let her sister’s murderer sway her in her petitions to the Florida Parole Commission. If anything, Staci has reached out to her community and asked for help and they have responded positively. Therefore this article is dedicated to the community leaders who shares in the Halsteads' grief and conviction that Brooks should not be paroled. They are the vigilant guardians of our community protecting our children, the infirm and elderly from predators each and every day. I will only highlight a few of the extraordinary individuals who have helped Staci Halstead and her family but I would also like to make it clear that each and every one of you have the same opportunity to help her by simply clicking the link below and signing the petition. Each and every one of the petitions will be presented to the Florida Parole Commission in Tallahassee. Everyone who signs the petitions to deny Bellay parole stands in solidarity and support of the Halstead Family and against a child murderer.

Remembering Angel Ann Halstead

Joe Flescher (R-Chairman of the County Commission)

Joe is a former sheriff, paramedic and now politician who is adamant about wanting his community safe for all children. Joe has been personally working all hours of the night on the phones and leaning on his political contacts to obtain signatures for the petitions to stop the release of Bellay. Joe leads by example and would be the last person to stand up and take credit for his civic work so I will share it with you. It was exceptionally critical to obtain Chairman Flescher’s assistance as Staci Halstead was only recently given notice about the hearing this limiting her ability to obtain petition signatures. Joe was key to working with all the other local officials.

Sheriff Deryl Loar

The response from the Sheriff was immediate. Within hours of Halsteads call, Loar had the petition up on the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office website. The Sheriff also has agreed to meet with Halstead and Representative Mayfield on the day of the Parole hearing. The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office could not have been clearer they do not want Bellay out of prison let alone in Indian River County. Loar’s leadership and response was strikingly exacting and efficient.

Representative Debbie Mayfield

Relatively speaking Representative Mayfield is new to the area in that she was not here 34 years ago when this tragedy occurred. Still yet the Representative has agreed to meet with her constituent, Ms. Staci Halstead, to discuss legislation which would prevent heinous murders like Bellay from receiving early release. I have great hopes for the legislation Ms. Mayfield will lobby for in Tallahassee to reform the criminal justice system so that murders who commit heinous crimes serve their life sentences.

Superintendent Fran Adams

Superintendent. Adams is a long time resident of Indian River County and was here when Angel Ann Halstead was first missing. She remembers the case clearly and has agreed to share the link to the petition with everyone in the school district. Ms. Adams did so immediately in order to protect the children of Indian River County.

Others Not Mentioned

There are many individuals who have worked silently on this case for the past 34 years to keep Bellay imprisoned.

One such individual is Bruce Colton, State Attorney, who has not missed one of the 18 parole hearings. He has travelled to Tallahassee every single time and spoken very articulately that Bellay can not be reformed. Colton does not ever taken credit but simply does his job.

Another individual is a sheriff who shall remain nameless in this article because I do not have his consent to publish it. He also travels to every single parole hearing to Tallahassee to share the horrific details of Angel Ann Halstead’s death.

In Conclusion

While the community is the third victim in any murder it is also incumbent upon them to unite as they are in the best position to start the healing process. Community is the counter-balance to socio-pathic anti-social predatorily behavior. There has always been community support for the Halstead family but it is not always apparent until the parole hearings come up. Then leadership works quietly behind the scenes, without receiving any accolades, to make certain that our community stays safe from the parole of Bellay. And as hard as our community has worked it is important that the parole commission receives as many signed petitions as possible so please read, sign and share in every social media you have available. In 1979, when Angel was taken, there was not social networking but now social networking can be harnessed to keep child killers off the street. Social networking offers yet another community for the Halsteads, our esteemed leaders, and our community to expedite the healing process. So once again if you could please read, sign and share the petitions listed below.


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