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The Serial Killers I Have Known.

Updated on October 8, 2018
JT Walters profile image

JT Walters has a Master's of Science in Behavoralism from Florida State University. A former Campaign Manager in a Senate Race.


Whom I Have Known

Odd most children fear the monster under the bed or the one in the closet, but in my childhood I had serial killers living in plain sight all around me. They were a novel breed and easy to recognize once you got close enough to them. They have deep-seated sexual demons which drive them to some of the most unimaginable things; things literally beyond comprehension. Yet, as a child I had to be able to survive amongst them and never letting them know I wasn’t one of them. That is the key. One serial killer will not kill another serial killer or an aspiring serial killer. As long as they think you consent and aspire to be one of them, then you will never be in danger. Or at least that has been my experience. I will review two serial murders/ rapists from my past and then a friend who was victimized by one serial killer. But our greatest monsters do not dwell under children’s beds or in their closets but in the dark recesses of those who are organized, have highly intelligent minds, and live among us. Yes, monsters like serial killers are born of sexual dysfunction that starts out very young and then grows into terrors of unconscionable deeds in their communities.

Brooks Bellay


Brooks Bellay

Brooks Bellay was an awkward child who grew up in my hometown. His sense of humor was sadistic from a very young age, yet he would reign in his sadism and try to fit in. He played sports and was on a football team. He was very visible in the community. His family was average and his Mom was even a school teacher but there was something very different about Brooks. He would watch the cheerleaders at a young age when most boys preferred to play with boys. Only a few knew he was abusive to animals. Everyone who knew were told he would outgrow this phase. But, time did not heal Brooks of his phase. It made him more ostracized by the people who knew his true nature. At one point, I literally told my parents I would not be around him anymore. They thought I was exaggerated but I knew Brooks. I had no doubt he was descending into the depths of his own personal hell. It did not occur to me he was taking all of us with him. I didn’t realize is how isolation had affected Brooks and just how rapid that descent was for Brooks. Nor did I realize he would unleash his sexual demons on another child let alone our entire community.

In August of 1979 Brooks Bellay, ambitious 14 year old hero, lead a search for a 4 year old missing girl for over thirty-six hours in Vero Beach. Ultimately he led the police to lifeless body of 4 year old Angel Ann Halstead. She was found submerged in water covered by vegetation in the Florida August heat.. He confessed to both raping and beating Angel Ann Halstead to death but since the corner could not prove the 4 year had been raped because of decompensation and because Bellay recanted his confession.. Brooks was only charged with second degree murder and was not convicted of a sexual offense. It should be noted Brooks had shown interest in younger girls in the community before and was often seen carrying one around with him or riding his bike with a little girl seated between the handle bars, . It was 1979 and no one thought much about this except those of is who knew Brooks. Brooks showed every sign of what I now consider the pathology of a serial killer. But given he was caught at such a young age by his ambition to be the “hero” finding Angel Ann Halstead’s body he was less organized than other serial killers who have spawned from this area. Even though Brooks confessed to brutally raping and beating Angel Ann Halstead to death but he was charged with lesser crimes and is now seeking work release and parole which our community dreads every year. He murdered a four year old girl and confessed to raping her. We don’t want Brooks Bellay back. At 14 we really didn’t want him in the community because of his pathology. There is nothing since the murder of Angel Ann Halstead which has changed that for anyone here especially her parents. Through time the only thing I am certain of is that Brooks has become more sophisticated and organized which means if he gets out and murders another child authorities will have a much harder time catching him.

I am asking everyone who reads this to sign a petition to the parole board to deny Brooks Bellay parole.

Bellay's Parole

Do You Believe Brooks Bellay Should Ever Be Paroled?

See results

Bellay a Danger to Society?

Do You Believe Brooks Bellay Will Be a Danger to Society if Ever Paroled?

See results

Bellay continued

He never got me, never touched me, and I always knew he was dangerous. He was always one of the monsters walking around in daylight in my community. There were others who were hunting and walking around in plain sight, too.

Brooks Bellay had been in my home several times when I was a child. I never slept the nights he visited.

Mr. George Halstead Shares about Angel

Brooks Bellay's Re-sentencing Hearing

For the Halstead family and the community, Brooks Bellay never seems to go away. Due to a Supreme Court decision any one tried as an adult when a minor was entitled to a re-sentencing hearing, So that is exactly what Brooks was up for. Secretly, I had hoped they would add an additional concurrent life sentence but would have just be happy if he died in that jail.

Amazing he hasn't. Given how pedophiles and child murders are treated in prison, it is amazing he is still a live.

Since writing this article I have met with the Halstead Family. I have witnessed the struggles they face every time Brooks come up for parole. I have seen the impact he has had on their lives, and the strength they have to continually unite for their departed: Angel Ann Halstead. After four decades they remain as committed as ever to Angel Ann Halstead memory seeking continual justice. Angel's Dad, George, lives and walks with this pain everyday of his life and it becomes more severely acute every four(4) years when Brooks is up for parole

Most of the people who live in this town now were not here in 1979. How could they've been? Vero Beach was not on maps back then, and we were a close knit community of under 10,000 people who did not lock our doors at night.. Now I believe we are closer to 150,000 people, and we always lock our doors.

While I found Brooks to be a monster as a child, he was pathetic. A fourteen years old raping and murdering a four year old is a person who knows they are weak, impotent and insignificant. No one who knew Brooks, wanted to be around him. That included Brooks. It was not strength that brought him to murder but being destitute of morals and ethics. A boy so hungry for attention he would murder a child only to get his name in the paper. He sought attention when all of his peers had withdrawn due to Brook‘s severe deviant behavior. No one even cared enough, including his own family, to recognize he was in trouble and help him. He is a sad pathetic creature who only knows how to receive attention and sexual gratification through heinous acts perpetrated on younger children.

Mr. George Halstead has followed all the parole hearings for almost four decades. He rarely speaks in public. except when parole hearings come up. Then he only asks for your support to keep Angel's killer safely in prison so no other parent has to endure the hardship of having their child murdered. George Halstead is the sole hero in this story. I have never talked to Angel's mother.. However, each and every four years Mr. Halstead asks for signatures. Often at his own personal expense, he attends the parole hearings. This is a dedicated parent who did not deserve to lose his child and has honored her memory everyday since her life was taken. It is very sad that anyone would even reconsider re-sentencing Brooks Bellay. Mr. George Halstead would be the first to follow the laws of the land while still making us all remember what Brooks did. Angel can never be paroled. She is gone forever. It is a scar this family has carried for almost forty years. The community, who was here, knows and will never forget.

Please sign the petition above. There are several accounts including a gofundme to aid with the costs associated with Mr. Halstead attending these hearings and, if you can, please contribute. Brooks Bellay took Angel Ann Halstead life but we are all responsible for keeping him behind bars for life so he does not he strike again.

David Alan Gore


David Alan Gore

At that same time David Alan Gore was another resident of Vero Beach, who worked at the Sherriff’s department. He was popular, intelligent, athletic, and highly organized. He was also another serial killer hunting in Vero Beach. Although admittedly less visible, and hiding in the cloak of the Sherriff’s Department. He was a person of authority but still killing women along the Treasure Coast.

A friend with whom I grew up, Lynn Elliot, and another friend were kidnapped, raped, mutilated and ultimately Lynn was murdered by Gore. While David Allen Gore had Lynn Elliot and an underage minor (approximately 13 years old at the time) kicked in a house. David Allen Gore and Fred Waterfield repeatedly raped the teenagers. Lynn Elliot, heroically broke free. Running out of the house, nude in the middle of the day, she was gunned down in the driveway. Gore’s accomplish, was his cousin, Waterfield also had a long history of raping girls. I have a neighbor whose cousin was raped by Waterfield who relives that a nightmare everyday of her life.

Thankfully I did not know Gore or Waterfield. They were just monsters I had to live with in our community as well.

David Allen Gore has been executed. One can only hope justice will be served on Waterfield as well.


Patrick McIntyre

This one also was in my home quite a bit. Pat was at best a very troubled child. His father was killed by a drunk driver and his Mother lived an alternative lifestyle. Pat loathed his Mother’s sexuality and hated his Mother deeply. Pat also had a brother whose name was Todd. As I grew up, I often counseled Pat on trying to let go of all of his anger towards his Mother. He was isolated and lonely but also filled with rage. Time also ate at him, and his rage only grew. Finally, I was informed, he had been taking girls out into the groves raping them and cutting them. He would leave them there tied up. I didn’t want to believe it as I truly felt sorry for Pat and knew he was filled with the demons of his Mother. Once I saw the scars from the cuts on the girls, we cut all contact with Pat. We were for better or worse the family which abandoned Pat. Pat’s Mother, Molly, had worked for the Vero Beach Police Department which seems to be a common thread of law enforcement officers in this area doubling or having children as serial killers. It was suspected she had been covering up all of Pat’s transgressions before he entered the Marines.

I believe it was in the early 1990(s) Pat finally joined the Marines. We all thought this was a good idea as Pat would finally learn some discipline over his feelings and instincts. When Pat returned from basic he had a flat affect. It was clear basic training had embolden Pat’s rage and his lust for dominance. I recall telling a family member he looked as if he had a psychotic break. Of course, I was ignored and Pat was well received in the United States Marines. He attended a party sometime in the 1990(s) and raped an intellectually challenged young girl. I had a family member who had to testify. We spent the better part of the next several years with death threats from the McIntyres. I have never personally received an apology, but one of my family members has. I don’t actually believe the McIntryes regret any of there actions. Finally my family member testified, and Pat was convicted of rape. He was a convicted sex offender. He did time in Stark and then was released back into our community. Pat’s behavior had not changed and if anything prison had made him worse.

It is funny when I hear the CBS news show tell the story and then to have lived through it. A girl was raped murdered and her apartment was set on fire above Todd McIntyre’s apartment. Upon hearing this first thing I thought of was, it must be Pat. Todd and Pat were exceptionally close. Actually the entire family was always exceptionally close. Of course the victim’s family put up an award for anyone who could provide information about their daughter’s killer. So Molly McIntyre turns her son Pat in, and demandEd the award and actually got it. Then she uses the money for her son’s defense attorney??

I don’t believe Molly to have ever been torn but to do have be just like her son Pat. She was completely free of consequences of her behavior.

It should be noted weeks earlier Pat broke into his Aunt and Uncle’s home and tried to rape his Aunt.

McIntyre continued

If Molly hadn’t paid for her son’s defense with the reward money for turning him in. I think he would have been put on death row. I am certain that comforts the victim’s family every single night before they go to bed. The fact they paid for their daughters murderer to be kept off death row Is completely unjust.

Molly McIntyre still resides in Vero Beach, Florida and Pat is serving a life sentence with no chance of parole.

Commonalities of the Serial Killers & Rapists I Have Known.

There are common themes in this community of serial killers/ rapists. 2/3 of them have law enforcement ties and 2/3 of them have a long history of abuses that were covered up. 2/3 were isolated by their own behavior. They are all attracted to power, attention and establishing dominance. I will argue to the ends of the world that Pat McIntyre was in fact a serial killer and that there were bodies no one ever found. But both Pat and Brooks were truly lost and alone. It should be pointed out that while Gore was an alcoholic McIntyre and Bellay were not. The aforementioned never sought mental health treatment prior to becoming serial killers. Re-entering or regaining their fame seems to be an underlying necessity in the serial killers mind all while gratifying their sexual dysfunction. If anything killing becomes their sexual release.

Please support the Mr. George Halstead and his family because their loss is our loss. Angel will always be apart of us.

In Conclusion

Geography and sexual dysfunction seem to be the determining factors as well as anti-social behavior in this analysis. These families overtly seemed normal but internally were complete social disasters. This is not an all inclusive list of the serial killers I have known. Sadly there are more. The further our society deviants from normative behavior the more apt we are to see the occurrences of this type of killer. It is the freedom from society which spawns these killers amongst us.

I don’t know how many serial killers and rapists I have to have in my life before I become an expert but I feel like I have had more than my fair share. It is not the monster which we dread as children under the bed but the monsters our children become because of the collapse of our civilization.

While I would never surrender my personal power over to any of these individuals and I have spent a great deal of time with 2 of the 3 mentioned here. I was well aware of who and what they were. There was never a doubt in my mind even when I didn’t wish to believe. My guard was never down and will never be. I can walk amongst them unafraid because I know what motivates them and why they are serial killers. You would have to know them to understand them and I do and may others like them walking the streets each and everyday.

And the further society deviates from normative behavior the more serial killers we will have amongst us. They are almost a natural phenomena of a collapsed civilization in which they clean opportunistically those they consider without any power inorder to feel powerful.

Todd McIntyre

i have blocked comments because I have heard from Todd McIntyre. Funny, he calls me names. To this day, he has never apologized for the threats made to my family. He is a person without remorse, much like his mother.

What Can We Do?

I signed the petition to keep Brooks Bellay in jail. I am with George Galstead and his family. I encourage all of you to be with them as well. I pray for their strength, healing and resolve.

I pray for the victims and their families every night. I will never forget. I pray for my community to heal from these wounds but I also pray these killers find the Lord and accept the justice served to them. There are many injustices in the world. These men serving the rest of their lives in jail is not one of them.

© 2012 JT Walters


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      3 years ago from Florida

      I did not see Pat with his Mom but him heard him recount his version of their relationship that sounded far from loving. As a matter of fact, Pat had very intense strong feelings of anger and hatred towards his Mother.

      You knew one of the four people this article was written about and made no mention of Angel Halstead who was brutally murdered at the age of four years old.

      This article is not a reflection of Vero Beach but could be any small town in America. Lynn was killed outside the city limits. Vero Beach is a community that pulls together. I know because I live there and have the majority of my life.

      As for Molly McIntyre and her family they have lived quite large off of Pat's crimes. She was law enforcement and had an obligation, if she knew and there is a great deal of evidence she knew Pat raped and murdered that girl, to turn him in and not collect the reward. I have seen absolutely no evidence that Molly did not use that money to keep her own son off death row. He was already a convicted rapist of a developmentally disabled girl before the second girl he raped and murdered not to mention the poor dog. Funny, I remember my family being threatened by the McIntyres in the first rape case not to testify and no one banding together with us but us standing up to the McIntyres alone.

      I appreciate your recollection but I have been around three more individuals which this article is based on. While your opinions are appreciate they do not sustaintatively prove Molly McIntyre failed her community, her child and her ethical if not legal duties as a law enforcement officer. Thank God we have much better serving today.

      The point of the article since you missed it was there is a relationship between law enforcement and heinous criminals. One never seems too far from the other.

      As for Pat having it far worse living without hope of parole? His victim no longer lives as with the other murder victims I wrote about. I have sat with the families and help one prepare for a parole hearing. Maybe you should sit with Pat's victim's family and see the devastating social impact murder has on family members. The family members of the murder victim get a life sentence also. How can you be empathetic to a murderer but not to the murder victim's family. They get a life sentence without hope either and they did absolutely nothing to deserve it. That was the point of the article and while Vero Beach does pull together, it also has an exceptionally long memory. We never forget here especially the victims of murder and their families. That includes law enforcement.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I have read your story and i am sorry at the loss of your friend Lynn, You talk about Patrick and all of his rage and hate. I also knew Patrick and his family. Patrick needed counseling from a young age but his mom told me he was just being a teenage boy, i remember that i said "young boys don't break into girls room and watch them sleep". Patricks issues were deep but unlike you i saw the love he had for his mom. I also saw things that she did not. I asked him one time if he would like to get a pet he said "why things you love always die". You see my dog had died a few weeks before and he saw the hurt i had. Patrick had good qualities but the mindset he was following was that of a person with deeper issues. His mom did not always see what was going on with him. Yes like any parent she would do what us needed to protect her son. In the end she asked him to tell the truth and he did. The reward money went to two charities. One of the stipulations on the reward money was that she could not use it for his defense. The jury heard her pleas to spare her sons life and the judge agreed. What is worse the death penalty knowing you will one day not have to be locked up anymore or knowing you will never leave those walls for the rest of your living life.. so here we have two families torn apart. One by death and one by the person who committed that crime. No matter the forgiveness given ,those families will always be changed. Yes,Vero Beach has had its share of heinous crimes committed , but it is a city that pulls together to protect and serve and that is by it's law enforcement.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      5 years ago from Florida

      Hi Mylifeofcrime,

      I do not think you are being petty. I am just from here and these individuals are suspect of more than one murder but they were not convicted of them. If you are working on a crime blog and are doing research then you will be very interested in these individuals connections to law enforcement.

      What I think we can both concede is that while some of these individuals do not meet the FBI(s) definition of serial killers they did not wake up one day and just start raping and murdering. There is a high correlation between law enforcement and these three individuals and that these individuals all come from the same area of Florida as does Kaitlyn Hunt who is also accused of predatorial sexual behavior.

      Too sad about John Douglas. I love his work. I have studied it in college in my graduate criminal justice cases.

      I respect your point but this was written for the general public.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.


    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Actually I do not assume that. I have been doing crime research for over 20 years now. I run a crime blog myself and have covered David Gore and Fred Waterfield and was working on a post about Patrick McIntyre. Yes, I know who John Douglas was (he passed away recently) and I do agree with his work. I did not realize that you were using your own description of serial killers for this. For the FBI, to be categorized openly as a serial killer, there needs to be at least 3 murders, and they need to be 'known', not just assumed. Not trying to be petty at all. Sometimes I am too rigid (I am not sure that is the word I am looking for) in categorizing killer. No offense intended at all.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      5 years ago from Florida

      Hi Mylifeofcrime,

      John Douglas, an FBI profiler, has argued that rapists and serial rapists are immature Seriak Killers. I agree. Actually, Brooks Bellay is a pedophile, rapist and confessed murderer. Pat McIntyre is also a serial rapist and murder.

      They are all killers/murders who committed are either pedophiles or rapists before they murdered. You are assuming the first time they were caught is the first time they have murdered. I am not making that assumption.

      I hope that clarification is beneficial.

      Thank you for your comment.


    • profile image


      5 years ago

      This article, while informative, is a bit confusing. The title is: The Serial Killers I Have Known, however, only one set are serial killers - David Gore & Fred Waterfield. The others are rapists and killers, but not serial killers.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Thandi,

      Great insight but the problem is when they have been released for lesser crimes and "supposedly rehabilitated" they go out and commit more horrific crimes. So it is very difficult to rehab them in society.

    • ubanichijioke profile image

      Alexander Thandi Ubani 

      6 years ago from Lagos

      A most sorry story †Φ read especially for the affected families. It seems like most of them suffer from isolation, rage, depression, broken homes, abuse and the likes. But confining them in prison aint the better option. They need †Φ be rehabilitated and †Φ be useful.

      It is just another sad story!

      Great article and well written too.


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Gypsy Willow,

      We never really know anyone until they reveal their darkness to us. I have learned that lesson the hard way. You should always have the deck stack in your favor and always have an out with everyone but you have lived so many places you must know this. Economic status also does not seem to be a buffer to all of this. Unfortunately, in my life the more money I have had the more people have wanted to reveal their darkness to me. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • Gypsy Willow profile image

      Gypsy Willow 

      6 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

      What a chilling tale! Monsters under the bed have nothing on this. Makes me wonder about the seemingly normal people one meets in one's community. Thanks for putting up my guard.


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