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Invisible Injustice

Updated on January 5, 2019
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As I sit in the basement of a Safe House I ponder how did this happen. I have sat in silence in fear. No longer will I stand down.

Invisible Injustice

Targeted individuals. Women and Children, social and racial injustice. Where do we begin? At the beach in my mind, this is where I come to gather myself or find the person I lost.To find peace with my six year old son. We pretend we are at the beach and project sounds of the waves until he is calm enough to fall asleep at night. "Crash...Shhhhhh...Crash" he says over and over again. Once he is asleep I begin to ask myself how was I so naive? How did we get here? So deeply rooted and instilled in me as a child that we lived in a place where if something was wrong or people were in danger there was help. There is no help. Not even from the authorities. How do I protect him? How do I teach him Freedom when it seems like a ghost lost on its way to Heaven. Freedom has been robbed behind closed doors by the 2% of the population who say they have Divine Authority.

I have sat in silence because of fear. I begged, pleaded, cried, asked nicely; All of the above. I mean that is the best answer on a exam when you don't have any idea what is correct. Right there, there it is. I have endured so much trauma within this last year it puzzling to know where to start. I just want our have my life back I whisper and kiss his cheek, sweet dreams my sweet boy. That is all I ever wanted is to give him the life he deserves, the life all deserve. Then I realized there is no longer going back. I am here. It is just not in me, to sit back and stand down while this country is utterly in full blown corruption. Innocent people are being murdered, but it's the children. The innocent children, that is the hardest part, it eats at my soul every moment of ever day. A smart man, a very cruel powerful man, once told me"Li Li, you are too smart for your own Damn Good, stop digging". The thing is I was wasn't digging I just had my eyes wide open while the rest of this community had theirs closed because they also had fear. Or they did not want their perfect little lives interrupted.

So I have decided to speak. I will speak loud and clear and I will stand for the country that is founded on Freedom and Equality. I will stand for these children, women and discrimination of targeted individuals. I will stand AGAINST the lawlessness that is occurring around this country even if it means I lose everything for the fourth time in a year. I have lost everything anyway. I am tired of running, because they will not stop the chase until I either disappear or am dead. It does not work like that. I am a sheep against many sheeps in wolves clothing. I have lost all the people I loved because I just could not let it go is what they told me. The ones I loved turned away and went down the path of their choosing. These Savages, these locust of men who feed continuously but their bellies are never content. Preying on the innocent at the dusk till dawn with absolutely no consequences. This is what I am here to say. I am shining spotlight at full throttle on this issue of abuse, and no Uncle Sam I am not going to shut up.

The things that I have to say are unbelievable. Yes I have been called every name in the book. Mentally ill the number one most used. Is it mentally ill to be aware of the situations occurring around us? Apparently yes, in the U.S now that is the definition of mentally ill. Yes that is how they are keeping us quiet. Oh you witness something? You know that children are being traffic and how? Oh well your just mentally Ill LiLi Sage. You imagined that. Your'e delusional, your on drugs. Does this sound familiar to anybody else out there?

I have proof!!!!!! Yes you hear that, I finally have proof. And I am ready to share. The purge, the hit list all of that would never happen. Well guess what America! It is all very real and it is all very unfortunate. Very sickening that journalist who want to speak out about this are disappearing. Being imprisoned. Being held because they are fighting for peoples lives! Innocent PEOPLE AND CHILDREN!!!

Nobody can take the light I have inside of me. That is one thing this dark world cannot take. We have a responsibility to stand together and spread the light inside of us. If we hide and we hide this light it will turn into darkness. This is not about religion or Christianity. It is a fight for humanity and Justice for all. It about what is right versus what is wrong!

I am a believer and I stand with others and I would rather lose my life then sit back and let children be harmed or anybody else. I am done being harassed, stalked, and threatened. There is no going back, there is no getting my normalcy back. It is time to rise and speak!!! Freedom for all and all a good night.

God Bless!

To touch the past. Touch a Rock.

To touch the present. Touch a flower.

To touch the future. Touch a Life.

© 2019 LiLi Sage Hunter


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