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Involuntary human drug experiments in the U.S. and abroad

Updated on August 28, 2008

We've all seen the big-ticket pharmaceutical ads on television, enticing the viewing public with tempting offers to cure acid reflux, help you sleep better, and ensure the God-given right of men of any age to get an erection. Pharmaceutical companies are required to notify their potential customers about potential conditions that may result from taking their medications - but they haven't been as forthcoming about the torture and loss of human life involved in bringing their drugs to consumers. What in the world are we buying into here?

Beyond child abuse

In a convent-house-turned-orphanage run by the Archdiocese of New York, children from low-income families have become an unwilling stable for experiments with toxic chemicals for some of the world's largest pharmaceutical comanies. You'll recognize some of the names - Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Genentech, Chiron/Biocine and others. These children come from low-income families, and many of their mothers have died. These toxic chemicals, often given in much higher-than-normal dosages, are forcibly given to children from ages 4 to 22. When children refuse these chemicals they are taken to Columbia Presbyterian hospital where a hole is surgically drilled into their abdomen, so that these toxic substances can be forced directly into their intestines through a plastic tube. These chemicals are known to be toxic - causing genetic mutation, organ failure, bone marrow death, bodily deformations, brain damage and fatal skin disorders - but their guardians and nurses appear to see no problems with forcing them into the children, sometimes killing them. The abdominal tubes themselves often cause their stomachs to swell and distend, and cause other health problems as well. There have been over 200 of these chemical experiments conducted at this orphanage, all part of the process by which name-brand pharmaceuticals pass federal trial requirements so they can be brought to market. This is big business, and ethical standards have dropped so low that they mark a return to human rights standards that were common during the Industrial Revolution.

Making news

Many thanks go out to investigative reporter Liam Scheff, who broke this story in January of 2004. Since then it has been covered by the New York Post and the New York Press. More than four years later, the investigation into this is supposedly ongoing. Antony Barnett also reported this story in the British newspaper the Observer. Unlike coverage in traditional press, breaking the story here on the internet allows people to actively get involved in putting a stop to this abomination. We have sites that will allow us to start online petitions, others that will help organize fundraising, and still more that will allow us to enlist large groups of internet users to take direct action. I wanted to start some of these and include a link, but I'm currently not sure where to go with this. Please leave your ideas in the Comments area. The best I've come up with so far is to petition the state of New York to shut the orphanage down, enlist users in boycotting the pharmaceutical companies involved, and start a fundraising effort for a court case to have their corporate charters yanked for these depravities. If someone is, or knows, an attorney to take the case I'd be happy to start such an effort and link to it here. Together, we can put a stop to this - and show large corporations that they can't get away with this and merely stop when they get caught at it. They'd only try the same thing again, and we may not find out about it until decades later - if ever.

Inhuman aid

The largest drug company in the world, Pfizer, is being sued by authorities in Kano, Nigeria. The suit claims that at least 11 children have died or suffered disabilities from experiments of the drug Trovan Floxacin conducted in April of 1996. Kano had suffered an outbreak of meningitis and other diseases, and Pfizer - along with the World Health Organization - "volunteered" to help with the outbreak. Meningitis killed 15,000 people in Africa that year.

Around 200 Nigerian children with bacterial meningitis were in the study. Besides the 11 who died, others suffered various injuries and long-term disabilities from the treatment administered by Pfizer, ranging from blindness, seizures, deafness, muteness and brain damage to paralysis.

According to the lawsuit, "In the midst of the epidemic, Pfizer devised a scheme under which it misrepresented and failed to disclose its primary motive in seeking to participate in giving care to the victims of the epidemic. ... Pfizer never disclosed that it intended to experiment on vulnerable victims or conduct any clinical trials without the necessary approvals from regulatory agencies in Nigeria but pretended it came to render humanitarian service."

Pfizer claims that they had permission from the Nigerian government to perform the tests. The permission was in the form of a letter purporting to have been written six days before any of the tests began. In fact, they had been written over a year after the tests had ended. The letter of authorization is now known to be fraudulent, too - according to an article in the Washington Post, "Sadiq S. Wali, the hospital's medical director, recently told The Washington Post the document was ‘a lie.' He said the hospital had no ethics committee at the time Pfizer's test was underway and did not organize it-or create the letterhead stationery bearing his name that was used in the approval letter-until months later."

So, we now have drug companies playing the part of a valiant white knight, rushing in to save us from disasters, and using that to disguise involuntary drug experiments on humans. When confronted about it, they will generate fraudulent evidence and knowingly lie to the public about it. Sounds like it's time to pull the plug - dissolve their corporate charters, and send the CEO's to jail.

See the source article, here.

Taking action

There are a lot of abuses like this from the major pharmaceutical companies. I wanted to get this Hub up, and the information out there, so we could discuss what to do in the Comments area. I kind of like the idea of starting an attorney's fund over the internet and working to shut these companies down. Corporate charters are supposed to be yanked when corporations don't act in the public interest, and that's exactly what's happening here. In the meantime, readers can learn what's going on with all this, tell their friends, and boycott these behomoth pharmaceutical corporations. Send a link to your friends. Leave a Comment if you have an idea of how to tackle this. And get involved. We can stop these human rights abuses, and if we don't... we'll be next.


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    • profile image

      acid reflux treatments 

      8 years ago

      This is simply awesome. It is very helpful especially in taking good care of our body. Keep on posting. Thank you so much.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      A lot is said about these assoles trying to supress findings by genuine research guys, in order that they can continue selling their expensive drugs.

    • MD FREE profile image

      MD FREE 

      10 years ago from OC, California where extra is paid for good weather!

      I see where you are coming from, stop them in their tracks. I guess in short I am saying listening to doctors is a choice and any parent can walk out of a doctors office and go somewhere else.

      I myself would like to be a jouranlist until I can open a restaurant and then finish a masters or Ph.D in mechanical engineering.

      That's going to be a while lol!

      I like Hub pages. There is this one blog board that is so halariously retarded!! People are so ignorant and materialistic. I joined because there was a chance to win Bare Essentials make up but I am starting to enjoy the akwardness of it. For a good laugh at the world the corporations are fooling go to LOL

      I am baffled by the ignorance of this one blog called: Is Osama bin laden winning? OMG I don't have words, I don't know what I could say, can I tell them Osama was living in Falls Church Virginia or next to the CIA building in the 911 attacks without seeming to be on crack??

      People are so blind! ???

    • Satori profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from California

      MD_FREE, starting a coalition of healers and alternative medicine people to solve global problems sounds like a wonderful - and very compassionate - idea. I'm not particularly interested in becoming an active participant, though, as it doesn't solve the problem of global megacorporations playing yet another Dennis the Menace in the world - until there's accountability, we'll get all kinds of deformities and mutations cropping up as toxic wastes are dumped - profitably - into our drinking water, food, air... and our minds, by way of our media outlets and propaganda experts working through them. Playing dirty tricks of all kinds on our citizenry will be continue to be profitable for politicians and megacorps for the forseeable future, and the only ready way to keep from being perpetually bamboozled with stuff like this is to make them accountable for their actions. Which is why we have the law.

      To bottom-line this, accountability is necessary, and we also need to be aware of where we're putting our money. What ever happened to good old fashioned boycotts? Where did those go? It would be absurd to try to fix a situation, as a society, while still funding the problems and making them worse. Sort of like politicians - everybody points fingers and places blame, but when the citizens themselves are paying their salaries there's really no room to complain, only complicity and shared guilt instead. As a mechanism, guilt isn't pretty - but like pain, it's there for a reason: to keep the world from being exactly the kind of thing it's increasingly turning into. A dead-end world where nobody's safe, and where nobody has any worthwhile or fulfilling options. One giant, toxic shopping mall and human glue factory.

      If you're looking to form a coalition, though, HubPages is a great way to get the word out about it. You can create a website for it easily, and Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins will give you advanced R&D data extremely quickly and cheaply, allowing you to diagnose pretty much anything light-years ahead of conventional Western technologies.

    • MD FREE profile image

      MD FREE 

      10 years ago from OC, California where extra is paid for good weather!

      Ok, it's not 2:30 am so I think my response will be a lot better than had I commented last night!

      "So, we now have drug companies playing the part of a valiant white knight, rushing in to save us from disasters, and using that to disguise involuntary drug experiments on humans."

      This is a repetitive strategy. I am writing a review of the Zeitgeist movie in case you have not seen it yet and this is a typical greed strategy, I am sure you know already.

      2 things that I think mainstream "folks" (a joke in the AGE of American Unreason book) will use to turn the other cheek is 1) on the ICC site, HIV/AIDS is being"treated", it looks damn near like a psyc ward that is a "wonerful non-profit" and 2) meningitus is similar to AIDS in the way that one could suggest they would have had death or painful suffering anyway.

      Most special about this post was the idea that came to my mind in the first two paragraphs to be followed by your own noble and similar idea: set up a fund. My idea is a little different.

      I was inspired by the fact that, I prefer homeopathic methods of healing. I will go back to personal experience after I get to the point with this, I know there are people out there that have this knowledge and concern for people. I think more non-profit carecenters with a homeopathic approach should be built! I think it would be half way easy to find real healers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I had heard a couple of years ago on an organic news website that legislature was going to pass to experiment on physically and mentally disabled children.

      I am also aware that the FDA drug approval process requires 12 years of testing. As well as the fact that the board of the FDA has shady members with corporate agendas on its board.

      The other thing I wanted to mention is that nurses get paid like $40 an hour so they might somehow convince themselves that even if kids die it is in experimental effort to save the future.

      Lastly, my personal experiences: When I was 16 my wisdom teeth were perpendicular (like a whole 90 degrees) to my other teeth. The advice from the dentist was to have them pulled. I ignored it because I was in no pain and was not seeking pain! I am 28 and both of my teeth turned upright completely. They are still growing and occasionally hurt but I can tell it is the pain of them pushing upward and the pain passes quickly.

      My son gets very congested when he gets a cold or flue. It is like asthma, he is 2 years old. Last time I went to the hospital, they told me he was really bad and he would have to be transfered to CHOC. Usually they just give him steroids and albuterol but this time they wanted to put an IV in him and they said it would be 3 hours before an ambulance could transfer us. Put an IV in a 2-year-old that already really wanted to go home? He seemed better to me but they insisted he could have so many complications if I didn't do this. I was tryin to figure out how I could ride in an ambulance and acquire a ride at the end of this, there really wasn't a way so I suggested I take him myself. They told me I would have to go through the whole ER process again and blah blah blah but i insisted on leaving the hospital without an IV and transfer anyway. I had to sign a "against hospitals suggestion" form or some shit like that so they wouldn't be liable if he got worse.

      Well after a couple of hours in the new ER I saw a new doctor who said, do you know how many kids have this symptoms with flue in here every day? they said he looked fine and they did not feel a prescription for medication was necessary. I had told them I had a nebulizer and been giving him home treatments and tylenol and to my delight, they said "good job mom! That is really all you can do. He may be congested for a couple of weeks, that is just what is going around right now." I was felt so much better that they felt I was doing things right. The other hospital made me feel so bad about asking my son if he wanted to go to the hospital. My son did eventually want to go. I don't let the 2-year-old make all his decisions but people know their own bodies best. I haven't had to go to the ER in quite a while and now feel like I am doing everything right!! Wow, I saved my son some pain and discomfort for hours and I was doing everything correct according to doctors.

      In conclusion, if you wanted to start a coalition of real healers and other chemists researching HIV and other concerns, the backing that these type of educated people have will also contribute to funding. I can't help fund, but my organizing abilities are at your service!!!!!!!

      I can think of a number of people interested in healing youth that are not interested in corporate domination.

    • MD FREE profile image

      MD FREE 

      10 years ago from OC, California where extra is paid for good weather!


      I will have to get back to the what can we do part.

      Good subject but yet another piece of the puzzle of world domination.

      I get back to this...

    • Satori profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from California

      Pretty tough to believe, isn't it CJStone. Yep, it's about as true as any other bit of absurdity that happens on this ball of dirt. This is investigative journalism that doesn't usually make it to the mainstream news - which usually has big pharma companies spending advertising money on them. You'll notice I included links to my sources. People need to get involved on this.

    • CJStone profile image

      Christopher James Stone 

      10 years ago from Whitstable, UK

      Hey Satori, is this true? It's evil. But it kind of shows the breakdown in human values that has been continuing apace for a while now. You've genuinely shocked me with this.

    • Chef Jeff profile image

      Chef Jeff 

      10 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

      I had no idea this was going on! Wow - what a travesty of justice to use children (or adults, for that matter!) ANYWHERE to test drugs! Where is Erin Brockovich?

      My daughter is angry when animals are used for testing - I can only imagine her anger when I tell her about this. She writes to people who can make a difference, and I can see her now getting online and making waves.

      Thanks for this info, even though it is most upsetting.

      I know the army and various agencies of the Federal and State governments have used human beings without consent in tests like these in the past. Just who do we think we are to use the innocent in such a cruel manner? I would hope we think we are better than this and then act upon it! Great hub!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Thank you for bringing this out. Pfizer has a huge plant and research facility in the city where I live, and even though many people depend on them for jobs and the city tends to kill their butt, most of the people who work there think they are rat bastards. You open the topic and they rant for half an hour. They treat their help like crap, and they are constantly in the press for doing the kind of evil BS you outline here.

      Pigs at the trough. That's what we've been seeing for some time now, and I don't see it ending anytime soon. It's disgusting.


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