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Hacking the New World Order: Exploits in a defective system

Updated on May 14, 2008

With an ongoing trend of military influence of our media, 800 concentration camps reported in the States, a collapsing economic infrastructure and a nation - one among many - beholden to the banks, something needs to be done - and it is. While this will contain links to introductory material, this article is not intended as a primer of basic information which is already available elsewhere. Rather than rehash the coroner's report for a demographic of people presumably unfamiliar with this information, it is instead a technical evaluation, assessment, and notice of the security vulnerabilities of the New World Order for those already in the know about the subject - in whatever role.

The Borg, from Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Borg, from Star Trek: The Next Generation

"Allow me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who writes the laws."

- Mayer Amschel Rothschild, 1828

Brief recap

First, a quick recap of the news of the situation. In the U.S., the military has been deploying a presence in newsrooms to influence the direction and content of the news. The U.S. and other countries have economic systems that are failing at various rates, and these countries are indebted to large banking interests. The U.S. uses a fiat system of promissory notes - essentially IOUs - as its money, backed by "the full faith and credit of the American people". This means that rather than being backed by gold, the Federal Reserve Notes are ultimately IOU's secured by the assets of the American people themselves, including their labor and lives. The U.S. is quite literally mortgaged to overseas bankers, and since the New Deal it has been increasing the size of its military, decreasing the amount of guns held by the citizenry, and making access of the citizenry to their rights increasingly less secure, while awaiting an outright foreclosure of the country by the banks - and in the meantime, reshaping the manifest nature of the country to be more friendly to the banking takeover (including building the 800 concentration camps, complete with gas chambers and barbed wire) while borrowing profuse amounts of promissory notes from the bankers at interest, primarily to increase the strength of the military. It has also been a leading global military force, attacking countries and either defeating them and establishing a new regime, or requiring them to borrow large sums of money from the same cartel of bankers to subsidize their own military defense - thus neatly putting those countries in the bankers' pockets as well. Meanwhile, the United Nations (started in the beholden U.S. and run by the banking cartel) is preparing for a global takeover to implement a worldwide government under its auspices, abolishing the militaries of all governments, and privately-held guns of citizenry around the world. According to its plans, the U.N. would retain the only military force in the world, purportedly for "peacekeeping" purposes. It also claims to seek to implement a new world order based on ecological necessity rather than individual liberty, and could therefore use an ecological pretext to do whatever it liked to whomever it liked. According to U.N. documents, it also seeks to make nature worship the state religion of its global State. Apparently, the U.N. seeks to sway the majority of the world population by allowing corporations and governments of the world to get increasingly out of control, and then sweeping in as a benevolent knight in shining armor to save the day triumphantly...with vast death camps already constructed for dissenters.

Gridlock, the manifest state of society.
Gridlock, the manifest state of society.

Each in their own key - a mosaic of evil

And seemingly, nobody can do anything to stop it. The ordinary citizens appear to be totally unknowledgable about the subject. This makes sense, because their media isn't telling them about it. Why isn't their media telling them about it? In chronological order: secrecy, then corporate interest, and now military financing, and possible military muscle. Why is the military doing it? They are instructed to by their political leaders. Why are the politicians giving the orders? Because they represent a government that is now totally in the pockets of the banking interests, and are up to their necks individually and collectively in treason - it's apparently too late to back out now. They must do as the banks require them to do, making the world right for a one-world order of government.

"He ought not to be heard who advances a proposition contrary to the rules of law."

- Bouvier's Maxims of Law

Why are the bankers ordering all this? That's an interesting question. Presumably, greed. The idea has been suggested that they are simply well-meaning and short-sighted or naive, but after reverse-engineering their extremely highly-developed techniques this is extremely unlikely. The idea of a global takeover is absurd, as there is nothing someone who is so rich that they control entire economies could possibly gain financially from such a takeover. It is also absurd to think that they would want to enslave an entire planet, because - and speaking as someone who finds linear systems extremely boring - reducing the freedom and quality of life of an entire global village into "people farms" would make it extremely uninteresting. And having all their material needs taken care of, it would result in a system so limited and boring that they wouldn't have any inclination to implement it. It would also seek to reduce people to a simple system like components on a circuit board, easily regulated, added, removed - and this would be dehumanizing because that isn't what people truly are. From a standpoint of influence, far better to allow a certain degree of complexity and variety into a system to provide an outlet for dissent and frustration. This literally cannot have escaped their notice, and their agenda would be unbelievable entirely if not for the tangible, manifest evidence. So, according to the material evidence, the bankers are trying for world domination.

Where there is a weak foundation, the work falls.

- Bouvier's Maxims of Law

From citizens all over the world who are in torpor, to a media who keep them that way, to a military and government who demand it, at the behest of clandestine banking masters who are in turn not stopped or educated by citizens everywhere, what we have here is a form of gridlock. It's quite literally a circle-jerk, a closed system causing suffering and a wholly dysfunctional system, with everyone acting in a collaborative Choice for something evil, and each element in the puzzle unable to do anything about it. Overall, it is a global illustration of something inherently unworkable, and it reduces to an argument for the existence of evil which has already been disproven.

It also makes the case that the situation must grow worse and worse until it collapses, an argument that one Choice for evil leads to another, which in turn leads to another. In other words, it is a Choice to manifest existence as some form of Hell - ultimate evil - on the basis that evil was at some point Chosen, and thus entropy in a system can only increase. Like some kind of global egregore, everyone in the world would seem to be bound into a collective Choice which argues in favor the existence of evil.

Equity - adding it up

It is useless seeking to redress grievances in a court of law, as courts are only as reliable and impartial as the governments of which they are a part. U.S. courts have expressed the view that they do not operate under "rule of law", but under the penumbra of necessity. That is, they are engaged in crisis-management and face-saving amidst national emergencies and treason which only exist due to the national bankruptcy. So somehow, neither the citizenry, nor the media, nor the politicians, nor the courts, nor the banks themselves can or will stop this. The whole thing appears to be fueled by a mountain of fairy dust the size of George Bush's luck - despite the fact that nobody truly wants it.

What we have here with the gridlock is a situation like a Mexican stand-off in which everyone keeps everyone else in check, and yet nobody wants it. In another sense, everyone is using each other as human shields, where nobody is free to Choose anything but an evil situation because, somehow, everyone else prevents any alternative. This vampiric clustersuck is an extremely clear example of inflated choices, as I've described previously in the "giving gold" section of one of my articles. This inflated, valueless agenda of Choice is equivalent to paper money - as opposed to gold. It drains equity (value) out of the global quality of life for everyone, like a pulled bathtub stopper. The Choice for a New World Order - and it would seem just about everyone is making it, from complacent tax-payers subsidizing it, on up - is an investment in illusion, just like paper money.

This concept surely cannot have failed to occur to the bankers. Their system of money and value, including equity, corresponds exactly to these high magickal concepts of investments in value or illusion. (This is not as odd as it might at first seem - many of the world's politicians and elite are members of magickal lodges and orders.) In fact, I'd like to take the opportunity to credit them with providing me with a working, structural model of inflation, valueless Choices, and so on in their monetary model, and accept that information for value. It is quite a straightforward and thorough model of Choice, value, and reality. And with the collective Choice people are making for the New World Order, the world is becoming increasingly leveraged. People leveraged to their governments. Governments leveraged to the bankers. And, with the gridlock, a planet leveraged in quite another way as well.

Like owners of totally mortgaged properties, people own, maintain and use the lives they have Chosen - but there is little, if any, equity remaining to them in empty Choices for illusion and evil. The structure is there, it is tangible, it takes up space, but the equity and value has been drained dry from it. In the context of finance, its value has gone somewhere else. In a scenario like this, which attempts to turn the laws of Creation on their ear by so thoroughly arguing a case for the existence of an illusion of evil, it is practically worthless. The Choice is as worthless, has as little purchasing power in Creation, as promissory notes - and perhaps less. In such a collective Choice for illusion, people have created lives with little equity, value, soul left to them. The world has thus become like a mortgaged house... solid, tangible, but a placeholder for value that is no longer there. By their Choice, people exist tangibly at a position in Creation that they aren't really in, like ghost blips on a radar screen.

Equity suffers not a right without a remedy.

- Bouvier's Maxims of Law


If the collective Choice is meaningless, where is all of the equity? We must follow the money, so to speak, to find it. We must evaluate where the value has gone.

What we have is a global Choice that is not in accordance with the True Nature of people as they were Created. They are quite literally not themselves, in their day-to-day lives. This dissonance between what they have Chosen and their True Nature (and the whole order of Creation) has produced a disparity. This disparity results in the illusion that we see people acting within. It reduces society as a whole, at least in this state, to a shadow-world - something acted upon but not wholly real, a sort of masquerade. People are born, they play their roles, and they die, but the Choice around which their entire lives are structured now has little if any relation to their actual Will or True Nature. It's as though they're living their entire lives not in accordance with their own Will. Where is their Will?

Their Will can only but be in accordance with their True State - Loving, graceful, joyous, harmonious... a living affirmation of a Divine order of Creation. The exact opposite of this gridlock situation. This is where all of the equity is - in this Will. It's as though the souls of everyone has gone into this collective Will, and their bodies, property and daily lives are mere placeholders. If there were just one person in the world who existed outside of this scenario, then all of the balance of this Will - and the Divine fundamental Facts of Creation - would rest with this one individual. This must be the case, because no matter how lawless a society becomes, no matter how much it may exist under force of arms rather than its own laws, it is not exempt from a greater law from which all authority derives - from the Divine fundamental laws which underlie all of Creation. While making a Choice for the New World Order, and for many other loveless illusions, people collectively opt into an arrangement that denies them access to the strength of that collective Will.

This Will, this affirmation of the Divine facts of Creation, is accessible to anyone and everyone. They simply have to Choose it. As long as any one person does not, there exists an argument for imperfection and illusion, because their flawed Choice results in something imperfect. That, in itself, is a Choice for illusion. And every illusion must be dispelled, because it never existed.

It's similar to the disparity between a Loving, Perfect, omnipotent Divine Will and the state of Creation that we currently encounter. They are mutually-exclusive, and one must yield to the other. Many religious people make the argument that they both exist, but this is an argument for both Good and Evil. It is a half-Choice for illusion, and so it is a Choice for something imperfect, that never was.

But making a Choice for Divine Will is not done with a snap of the fingers. If our Choice, our ability to affirm Divine Will, is the only thing we can truly control, then it is our greatest and only resource. What we spend it upon in one place, we do not have to spend someplace else. Imagine someone investing 80% of their assets into buying a building. This person now only has 20% of their assets in liquid form, to use to buy other things. They cannot go out and buy the building across the street. In order to do so, they would have to divest of their first purchase, regain their liquidity, and then pour it into the other property. Similarly, we cannot invest in a Choice to affirm Divine Will, and in a Choice for the illusion of evil simultaneously, for the same reason that the Bible states that no man can serve two masters. We must Choose whom we serve - and a Choice to serve anything else instead of Divine Will reduces our available liquidity. It is an investment in illusion, and causes people to live in a sort of bubble. That bubble is collapsing. It's collapsing because it is, and always was, an illusion. The Choice for idolatry - to put other investments ahead of investing in a Choice for what actually exists - has only brought about an illusion. And we cannot live in illusions.

This dissonance between our True Nature and our Choices apparently produces two different people - who we are, and the lies of the lives we lead. But the equity remains, invested in our True Nature and the Divinely-Perfect state of Creation. This equity is accessible to anyone who makes such a Choice, and is increasingly available as ones' Choice becomes more in alignment with Divine Will. Metaphysically speaking, it could literally move mountains. Given the situation, spiritually speaking it must move mountains.

"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Hearts and minds

It is impossible for people to be satisfied with a Choice that does not align with their own True Nature. Even if it were, such a Choice would be blatantly in defiance of the laws of Creation. Ultimately, we will all Choose in accordance with Divine Will. In the apparent interim, we seem to have a situation where things only become increasingly worse and untenable. Couldn't someone, then, Choose a positionality on the tree described in Marbles and Matchsticks, on a different level of prioritization, and tap into that collective Will, changing everything? So it would seem. But regardless of the degree of Love one Chooses to align with, the world continues to deteriorate. This is not optimal.

"The laws sometimes sleep, but never die."

- Bouvier's Maxims of Law

It is also not true. Any argument for suffering, for an imperfect situation, completely defies the nature of Creation and our own True Nature. Consequently, each such Choice represents an illusion of increasing disparity between what we experience, and what Creation actually is. This... rift, this disparity, this ghost radar blip scenario is, itself, an argument for the existence of evil. The Choice for evil would seem to bring about illusions that cause suffering, misery, pain and death, but none of those things are real. The postulate for a Choice for an illusion actually bringing illusion about is itself unreal. The only way to resolve this, then, is to correct the error at a lower branchpoint of the tree. The Choice for illusion never was. It could not have been, because nothing can generate what does not exist. It is the disparity between our True Nature and our apparent Choice for illusion that must be dispelled, and any evidence Causality brings to the table in favor of a Creation that is not wholly Perfect must itself be illusory. Causality is self-evidently not the True Nature of Creation. It provides an internally self-consistent argument that one event causes another, but because it suggests that causes and effects can involve lack of love - because it accepts the equivalent of baseless paper money instead of actual value - it argues an invalid premise. Mystics have long said that Space and Time are illusions - and they must be, because they are arbitrary with regard to Love. As such, they argue against Love being everywhere, and simply make a convincing argument for an imperfect Creation. Their purpose, therefore, is to directly defy Divine Will in a very subtle way, by providing an alternative model. No matter how convincing, such a model is necessarily invalid, and investments in it would be like selling gold, an asset accepted in the world as having real value, in return for paper money.

By aligning with the only agenda that our True Nature could ever have, that of affirming the Perfect Divine Will of Creation, one can align with the collective Will - the equity that has gone elsewhere - and access what financially would be the largest stockpile of gold in the world, leveraging it against a world with next to no equity and value left in it. This person would be truly backed by "the full faith and credit" of everyone, everywhere. They would also be backed by the Divine laws of Creation. They would necessarily have to divest themselves of Choices against Love, but any degree that caused their Choices to transcend the prevalent, collective level of Choice would put them in an advantageous position relative to others. Each divestment of loveless Choices would enhance their degree of "purchasing power" relative to the rest of the world, as well. The prevalent collective Choice made by others would only continue to decrease everyone else's "purchasing power", and particularly Choices in direct opposition to the Divine Will as represented and embraced by that one person.

Eventually, everyone would have to make such a Choice. While the disparity exists, however, anyone who does would find them at an enormous advantage relative to everyone else's "purchasing power". Their spiritual and metaphysical abilities would be phenomenal - much like those depicted in the Japanese film Akira. And due to the Loving agenda that one person had embraced, expressions of Love would be the nature of their "purchases". Their primary goal would probably be to dispel the disparity, to dispel the ghost blips on the radar, and restore people to their True State, like a princess kissing a frog and restoring him to his true state as a prince.

This could dispel the New World Order outright, along with any imperfect state.

Why does this not happen? Causality would seem to suggest that it is because nobody has sufficiently aligned themselves with Divine Will to accomplish this. It would also imply that the situation simply needs to run its course, hitting rock-bottom with the whole world destroying itself before any restoration can occur. But Causality - as has been demonstrated - is a liar. It is nothing more than an illusory argument for evil. Lacking in legitimate authority, it also lacks the ability to form what in judicial terms would be stare decisis or case precedant about Creation - although it must obey stare decisis set forth by someone in greater authority, and lose equity when it does not. So why doesn't everyone restore the situation? Again, the idea that this does not happen is invalid. Its manifestation is only a matter - not of Time, which does not exist - but Love. Our True State never left, we never lost it, there was no Space and Time, no loss of equity - simply the Eternal Perfection of Divine Creation. All else is lies.

In the moment, however, we experience the illusion that the problem remains. This will subside - it can only be dispelled. Though people seem to lack the gumption to make such an investment, it is our only true Choice. To put a slight twist on the old expression, when you have them by the hearts and minds, their balls will follow. In the meantime, resistance is futile. Illusion can only be dispelled, and a Choice to produce an illusion which says otherwise can only increase the disparity in "purchasing power" between one who Chooses Divine Fact more completely than one who does not.

This is a critical weakness of the New World Order. I would love it if someone noticed this flaw, this utter vulnerability, in it, and fixed it. Because the only way to fix it would be to remedy the argument for lovelessness and imperfection within it, and it would be rendered truly benevolent. Until it is, however, it is left with this huge, gaping security vulnerability that anyone can access and exploit... if one can accurately refer to investing in what everyone truly wants as exploitation.


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