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Iran Election Declared Fraudulent By Senior Diplomat in Stunning Revelation

Updated on March 20, 2010

June 2009 Election Rigged

 Most of the West probably knew that President's Ahmadinejad's party lost in the Iranian 2009  election that simulated a democracy.  Since that time, Iran has used its elite forces crushing the opposing party and its real victor, Mousavi, of the Green Party. The Green Party since last summer has basically gone silent and has been severed into many pieces. Life has gone on.

Mohammed Heydari was a trusted and loyal Iranian diplomat long before the 2009 election. He had worked in Iranian embassies. After the election, he was given the task of certifying the election and absentee votes. The final result clearly showed that Hossein Mousavi of the Green Party DID win the national election defeating Ahmadinejad. Heydari worked for the Iranian embassy in Norway where the task was given him. Upon finding this out, he revealed this to numerous news agencies and defected requesting asylum in Oslo, Norway. The Iranian government retaliated by threatening his family members but the news has now spread across the world. Heydari was instructed by his superiors to count any vote for Mousavi as a vote for Ahmadinejad.

Heydari noted that another 27 Iranian diplomats had resigned from the posts in other embassies and in Iran in protest. Norway has granted asylum to his family and in response, Iran sent home Norway's ambassador. In Iran, members of the Basij Militia have raided and questioned all of Heydari's brothers and other relatives.


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