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Iran's Government is the new Hitler

Updated on July 16, 2010

 Some things in life and in history repeat in different forms. The generation that missed it long ago thinks it is new or different, yet the older generation who was around calls it like it is. Happens in fashion and style all the time, in music (mostly with guitar riffs), car design (some of the new cars have a push button transmission, which were around in the 50s), hair styles and, of course, politics and history.

Iran is using pages out of Hitler's book, Mein kampf, with Iranian spin and changes. Its government appears to want to be friendly with aid programs ans such but along with that aid comes Islamic teachings and other propaganda. Right now, their main targets are Iraq, maybe lebanon and Afghanistan. To them, they seem to be easier targets. They provide relief aid and engineers to help while planting anti-West sentiment. Hitler and Mao did the same in 1930s and 40s.

In Iraq, Iranian backed militias pose more of a threat to US military than terrorists. Of course, they are terrorists in western definitions, but to them, they are promoting the Iranian Islamic way, making sure Iraq's new government is more of a friend to them than to any western country and they are pulling it off. Their influence there grows in subtle ways. They use their rocket mortars to bombard US bases. Politically, they are even more successful. The Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki has become very close to Iran. In a sense, once again the US freed a country from a tyrant, installed a hopefully pro-West government, and in the end, the whole mess has backfired. The one thing the US did not want happened. Iranian militia control small enclaves around Baghdad. A cancer that will surely grow as the US leaves leaves.

There is a good chance that Iraq will be under the strong influence of Iran in a year or so. Then, there is the missile and nuclear issue. Its real. Iran, according to western intelligence could have a ICBM capability by 2016. They will surely have a few nuclear warheads by that time. Maybe Israel will have already been hit by one. The question is why? Why does Iran want this? To be able to project a threat to Europe or the east coast of the US. The thing is, Iran is developing this capability quickly to be able to launch from a ship, many of their naval units already fire anti-ship missiles. Threats are political leverage over policies, something in history throughout time. Threats change, but the goal is the same-to influence and create fear.

Iran could even detonate a small nuke over Europe (far easier to do) sending out EMP (electromagnetic pulse) that would destroy the electrical systems and grid of the country or region not to mention deaths creating chaos to take advantage of or to distract with.

Hitler did the same things with lesser weapons of their time and heavily influenced internal policies of other countries. Many then, in mid-1030s, thought Hitler was a nutcase and all they need to do is appease him, be nice and so on, and in time, the threat will decrease. Hitler played their game well, smiling, laughing, appearing harmless while along building an army that became the envy of the world with its "blitzkrieg" doctrine using tanks. When he was ready, he projected his power first taking Austria (he claimed was part of Germany), Czechoslovakia, and the US\France\Britain alliance did nothing but mind their own business and continue to appease Hitler. Oh, they griped about it. Then Hitler took Poland. Then France. You should know the rest of the story.

Ahmadinejad knows history well. The people of Germany were largely unaware of Hitler's true desire, just as the people of Iran are.

Some lessons are tough to learn.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      I think the red flag should be flying, but history seems to be repeating.

    • Kadmiels profile image


      8 years ago from Florida

      Good Point! if people like it or not hitler got to where he was becuase of ingenuity and fantastic leadership skills. It is horriable what he did but he made people follow him.. I agree that Iran might as well just say they are the 5th reich well done !!


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