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Is A Civilized Society A Possibility Or Is It A Fractured Dream?

Updated on May 17, 2016

What prompted me to write this

My youngest son came home from school one day last week in tears. He is a sweet souled individual who wears his heart on his sleeve and has been known to get his feelings hurt by someone whose intention was not to cause harm. But this time, when he explained to me what was bothering him I had to sympathize with him for if I were in the same situation, it would bother me just as much.

It appears that someone stole his lanyard which held his school ID/lunch card when he went to the restroom at his school. He had evidently dropped it while in there and someone found it, ripped the lanyard free from his ID then tossed his ID into the urinal. As it was found in the urinal, his perception was someone thought so little of him that they urinated on his picture, the representation of his very being at school: in effect, they were peeing on him. He was angry, he was hurt and he couldn't understand why someone would do that to him. As I said, he is a very sweet soul, one who wouldn't harm a fly let alone cause undue harm to another person. To him, this was a punch in his gut.

I was angry too, but I also understood something he in his innocence does not yet understand: some people are just born bad. I know, I know: I have heard it said time and again there are no bad kids. And for many years I believed that: I was of the opinion that Environment played a larger part than Heredity in the way a person arrived at their adult persona. Now, I'm not so sure.


Seattle, Washington

April 12, 2016

A 40 year old mother of three went on a date with a man she met online. Not to a private place like a bar or his home but to a Seattle Mariners 2016 home opener baseball game. She never arrived home. Parts of her body were found in a recycle bin the next afternoon by a homeowner. The scary part? The man arrested had no serious charges ever filed on him. He is a 37 year old man whose past includes misdemeanor assault and misdemeanor battery; a guilty of marijuana possession charge which was deferred after he completed a drug program. What caused him to snap and butcher this single mother? This had to be a latent gene lying dormant until activated.

Nature vs. Nurture

Environment or Heredity? Which wills out? Is what we are to become predestined through our genetic makeup; or does some outside force act upon us as we grow to nudge us one way or another, to visit the wrong side of the tracks or stay on the straight and narrow? Will a child born of an alcoholic parent automatically have the gene which will make them become an alcoholic or can they resist this genetic urge through environmental pressure or outside forces which lead them down a different path, one where they do not imbibe too heavily? Will a child of a violent parent, one who became violent at a young age have the same gene within and follow the same path or is it solely exterior factors which cause a break in the person, forcing them to become an anti-societal law breaker? Studies have been done and in fact have shown that both are true: it simply depends upon your point of view. Oftentimes these studies can say whatever a researcher desires them to say.

What do I think? Well, I am a big believer in the gene pool and its influences upon the manner a child grows and matures. And I liken it to a clear stream with a mud bottom: sometimes all it takes is a small impact somewhere upstream and the clear stream becomes muddy. A genetic line of good individuals can be accessed by a different gene pool, one which is less than clear yet not noticeably so. All of a sudden, a joining of the two and a child which is not quite as clear is born, one in which the faults from generations back become all too obvious. External impulses are received and acted upon and a true "bad" person erupts.

What do you think is the predominant item which determines who we are?

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What I'm saying is that this gene may lie dormant within all of us, for generations at a time before manifesting itself due to unforeseen circumstance in a child. I have seen it, first hand. I have been witness to it and wish I had not.

To that end, I have to question our belief that we are civilized. So long as murderers and worse are prevalent in our society, so long as religious persecution exists, so long as ideas persist which lead down paths best left untrod this will continue. And I am sorry to say, but the Political Correctness which pervades our current state of mind is only encouraging bad behavior. The more people remove a check to these bad behaviors, the more these behaviors will manifest. And the more we have unwed mothers having child after child with no family unit to raise the child in a stable environment, the more the inherent behaviors lying dormant will manifest themselves into unacceptable behavior.

We are seeing it in the world today. The more single family households we have the higher the crime rate rises. We see more individuals on some form of assistance due to the job situations deteriorating, poverty becoming more prevalent and crime rising. This may not be everywhere but in some specific areas it most definitely is true. And the longer we go down this path the harder it will become to right the ship and start heading in the right direction once more.

It is easy to point the finger at certain sections of society and say they are the problem. But it is not only those portions of civilization which are experiencing the pain, all of society is. Certain groups or areas of the country may be more prone to have such outbursts but if one looks closely one can see it at all levels: a breakdown in society as we know it. The traditional family unit as we have known it for thousands of years is in danger of becoming the minority rather than the norm. And this is a problem which will not right itself on its own; if we have a growing number of fatherless sons, or motherless daughters how will they learn what it is like to have and to be a parent working in conjunction with another parent to raise a child in this world? How can they possibly learn what is needed to teach a child to not run the streets, to not do drugs, to not go for the easy money of the criminal world when they struggle daily to have food on their table?

We are breeding the next generations today and take a look at who is raising them. Fewer and fewer are getting the chance we had thirty or forty years ago: to grow up safe with a mother and father in the home and whose sole purpose was to provide for us both physically and emotionally. And the more children we have without the best chance at being the best they can be, the more we will see the defects of the gene pool manifested and rising to the surface. Things and feelings long buried as being unhealthy or deviant are rising to the top and creating a scenarios where they are becoming the norm today. And if this continues, what hope does our civilization have?

Dylan Meyer
Dylan Meyer | Source

Springfield, Mo.

February, 2016

Dylan A. Meyer, a 21 year old man who was arrested at the scene of an accident in which a 38 year old woman was killed in October was sentenced to ten years suspended sentence with a five year probation. He was traveling 95 mph at the moment of impact; his BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) was .266 (maximum limit is below.08) and he tested positive for marijuana. His truck literally split her car in half, killing her instantly.

While in jail awaiting trial he wrote to a friend saying "I may get a 120 day treatment program out of it, if I play this off like I'm an alcoholic". He played the system, pure and simple.

And now, he was arrested just yesterday for violating the terms of his probation: he has reportedly failed eleven (that's 11) drug tests since being sentenced just two months ago.

And this is justice? Civilized? Acceptable?

So, what am I saying?

I suppose what I am saying is that not all are ever going to be civilized. Not every person qualifies as a civilized individual. If we approach breeding livestock with an eye towards improving it, why do we fight so hard to not do the same for humanity? I understand Human Rights and all, but where do we draw the line? Does a person who has criminal tendencies truly deserve the same rights as a person who toes the line and lives within the laws of society? Is someone with known mental deficiencies really deserving to be a parent? Should someone who intentionally breaks the law of that society be safe and secure in it, protected by those who believe all human life is sacred? Why? Why should any who flaunt our laws, our beliefs have a place within it?

I am tired of seeing someone like the man who left his child in a car for hours on end, intentionally leaving that child to die in a horrible manner on a hot summer's day, broiled alive be defended as a human being. I am tired of seeing a predator of innocent women and children be smacked on the hand and released because of "their right" to a defense attorney who has twisted the law to create reasonable doubt in the minds of others, thereby escaping the wrath of a wronged society. I am tired of watching our population become something that all too often sides with the criminal instead of the victim.

And I am tired of watching our leaders fight to preserve this manner of life. The New Testament declares we turn the other cheek, and I believe we should: to a degree. But I also believe that if one deliberately breaks society's rules that person has shown us what they believe and we should act accordingly. The Old Testament states how to deal with them and its high time we began to halt this run of being Politically Correct, of being too liberal, of allowing a growing portion of society to live off the spoils of the hard working portion of the country, to sit back and demand their fair share when their fair share has been given to them and then some.

The time has come to do something about it. A murderer is a killer, and we should eliminate this gene from the gene pool. A violent individual who has no regard for others, for human life or the rights of others should have no protectors, no one to speak up for them. We should not have to continue to house them, allow them to breed and create more people like themselves. If we are truly bent on being civilized, we must removed what drags us back to the uncivilized depths of humanity.

Or should we...

Or maybe we should drop the sham of being civilized. Let warriors and warlords rule the world. Bring back Hitler and Ghengis Khan. Allow Idi Amin to kill and maim people without provocation. Saddam Hussein, Ayatola Khomeini, and ISIS should join forces and take over the world. Forget about trying to save the sick and dying, halt feeding the hungry, stop caring about the underprivileged. Let the barbarians win.

Or should we use the system we have in place, to try lawbreakers by the law of the land and hold them accountable. To hell with the pacifist movement, where people believe everyone can be changed into a good person: it's simply not possible. Some people have the genes that will never allow them to become a solid citizen: it's not in their physical or mental makeup. If you are found guilty by a jury of your peers of a heinous crime, you will not get to spend your days in jail, waiting to be released: you go to the grave. You do not get years of waiting for another trial, of having your stay of execution, of continuing to exist. When those you killed, when those you tortured or defiled are raised from the dead then you can walk this earth again. Not a moment sooner.

We use science to make better corn, better food plants. We use science to improve livestock like cows, horses and chickens. We use science to improve our lives in a myriad of ways but we draw the line at using simple laws to improve our humanity. I'm not speaking of brain stem research or gene manipulation or anything which artificially changes who we are: I'm talking about just eliminating the mud from the stream, trying to clear up our line and make humanity better by removing that which causes pain and suffering to others. Why should they be protected by people who never have to live with them? Who will never be affected by them? These criminals have already detailed how they treat others and therefore how they themselves desire to be treated: we should do no less than show them we hear them and are willing to treat them the same.

Eye for an eye.

Until we take control from the minorities (and I am not speaking of the racial minorities, rather the minority groups who side with the criminals) who demand we allow these criminals to remain in our society we will never have a chance; in fact we may be handing the reins over to those we truly do not want to be in control. They are the squeaky wheel and therefore they get the grease but I believe there are many, many more of us who may not be "squeaking" at the moment but believe otherwise. Stand up. Be counted. Say something. If we remain silent we will be the ones who are removed from society and become extinct. Those who are agreeable, kind, not willing to offend. As long as we remain silent, those "bullies" will run their mouths, demand "equal" treatment all the while stepping on those of us who simply desire to live freely; in harmony; treating one another as we desire to be treated: with respect and dignity. The lawyers and judges who are soft on the criminals need to be held just as accountable as the criminal. In the Springfield, Mo. case where the man was given the ridiculous probation for killing a woman and then squandered his probation, maybe the judge needs to see the inside of a cell for a while. The criminal broke the law time and again because the judge sided with him rather than the victim. You chose to be on the criminal's side, so you share the blame. So long as we allow it, this behavior will continue.


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    • Mr Archer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr Archer 

      2 years ago from Missouri

      Mike, Human Beings are fallible but some of this is part of the very makeup of portions of society and as such will continue unless we find a way to eliminate or minimize it. How? I haven't the foggiest. I liken our civilization to something I read years ago having to do with barbarians at the gate I believe. An empire locked its gates waiting for an enemy to attack but the attack never came. Eventually those within became that which they feared most: barbarians. We are becoming just that: uncivilized, barbaric, selfish. What you stated is true: the end of our civilization will come at some point as it has for all others before us. And it will come from within as it has before.

      Take care Mike.

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 

      2 years ago

      We have been in a downhill slide for quite some time now, and that trend is escalating. You brought out some great points in your hub and I really can't think of anything to add.

      A major part of the problem is we are dealing with human beings. Some are receiving nurturing and training and others are not. Take any group of people in any organization and I would be surprised if you find one where they all get along.

      This could include any group from a club, Hoa, PTA, or any other organization where humans gather.

      It has been said that no civilization has yet survived because they self destruct from within. Are we nearing that day now? I hope not.

    • Mr Archer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr Archer 

      2 years ago from Missouri

      Thank you Lions44. This was an interesting hub to research and write and led me to other areas which just might end up in another hub: demographics being what they are... Take care and have a great day.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      2 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Great hub. I'm sharing.

      I have always felt it's about 60-40 in favor of nature. It might vary based on economic strata, but that's my best guess. I've seen too many "bad seeds" to think it's all nature. Especially in light of this grisly crime that just occurred out here on Sunday. You see things like that and there's no way anyone nurtured him to do that.

      I get the other side too. ISIS is a good example. They were nurtured in violence.


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