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Is Feminism Insignificant Today?

Updated on October 5, 2017

Feminist movement has evolved and changed over the years. At first, it advocated equal rights for women who were less privileged than men such as had no right to vote. Call for change led to various achievements but not all inequalities have been resolved, such as wage inequality.

Feminism is about changing perceptions about women, but primarily to ensure that women have equal rights. The movement involves ideologies that encourage social change to achieve equality on a professional as well as educational level.

Feminism changed today facing accusations that it is hateful, spiteful or money orientated, such as relying on donations. Feminists also meet equally hateful responses from their opponents. Due to some success feminists may find it harder to argue that dealing with inequality is still important. Despite all the achievements, various problems still persist in other ways and on an equally important scale.

Some issues such as for example human trafficking that is primarily women trafficking make advocating for equal rights still important. Violence against women persists, perpetrated not just during peace but readily during wars or conflicts used purposefully as one of the war tactics.

Proponents of feminism think that women deserve the same rights as well as opportunities to develop their talents and contribute to society.

Opponents argue that women differ in their disposition as they are weaker physically and differ psychologically, so they should only be responsible for rearing children. In this way, they can perform tasks that are not as demanding. There are also various biases towards women such as that they are not very good drivers, different in the way they think or considered less logical than men. They are more vulnerable because they are less capable of defending themselves from physical attacks by stronger men.

Can feminism work?

Men may prefer women to be more feminine and fighting for equal rights can deprive them of femininity as it requires strength and resilience. They question if women can be tough enough and compete with them on an equal basis.

The contradiction of having to prove that equality means being tough and strong while making them less attractive, as perceived by men can be hard to resolve. Opponents claim that feminism made the life for women more difficult because it added too many responsibilities that women may find difficult to handle, having to work as well as raise families. In the past though, some cultures advocated matriarchy that functioned until patriarchy became predominant.

Some present cultures allow women fewer rights where they develop the view that their family is their main and only priority. In extreme cases, women can be exchanged for money or sold, where other abusive situations also occur.

Feminism is responsible for changes in society such as decreased rates of domestic violence. Feminism also changed society in other ways. Although feminism is diminished, its ideals remain.


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