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An Israeli and Palestinian Peace Movement

Updated on May 9, 2013

One Million Voices to End the Conflict

"Relentless is a powerful one-hour documentary showing the current crisis facing the Jewish people in Israel. The movie uses primary source clips to examine the history of the Mideast conflict and to explain how the Peace process unraveled in a surge of violence.

"An Film

"'Searing insights into the origins and ongoing nature of the problem. Expect to be unsettled..." -- Daniel Pipes, Director, Middle East Forum

"'I strongly recommend the film 'Relentless' to all those concerned with peace in the Middle East, as it provides a comprehensive understanding of the critical issues facing Israel and the Western World today. It is a must-see for anyone who cares about a better future for both the Palestinians and Israelis." -- Natan Sharansky, Former Minister for Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs in Israel

"'Stunning new film...chilling...4 stars for the must-see documentary 'Relentless!'" -- Michael Medved, Movie Critic, and Syndicated Radio Host'"


I can visualize ancient coffee houses in the winding markets of Baghdad, Damascus, Alexandria and Andalucía, where old men in caftans shared ideas, whether they were Muslim or Jewish marked by their headpieces and amulets. Arabs and Jews for centuries lived as friends.

The late 15th century, a time which encompasses the marriage of Queen Isabel of Castille to Ferdinand of Aragón forming modern-day Spain, and Christopher Columbus's voyage West instead of East, bowed to the "Holy Inquisition" and led to the conversion, execution or exile of tens of thousands of Jews from Spain and Portugal. A significant number of those who were able to leave were invited to resettle in the Ottoman Empire - now Turkey, sections of Greece, Bulgaria, and Macedonia - where they founded communities, got along with their neighbors and thrived until the early 20th Century.

The Holocaust, referred to by Adolph Hitler's regime as "The Final Solution," stretched over the late 1930's into the mid- 1940's, and resulted in the extermination of approximately 12 million people, 6 million of them Jewish. Anti-Jewish sentiment, known as anti-Semitism, marked the politics of much of 20th century Europe and the Middle East. The term (anti-Semitism) does not typically refer to anti-Arabic prejudice even though many Arabic and Jewish people share Semitic origins.

Concurrently, Jewish communities that had existed in the Middle East for millenia ceased to be, reduced from many thousands of families to a few dozen elderly people... This did not take place because Arabs and Jews didn't get along as individuals. It occurred because the politics in the world arena fanned the flames of anti-Jewish (aka anti-Semitic) sentiment - a destabilizing, demagoguic force.

In the years that followed the Holocaust and World War II, responding to an intense longing for a return to the Holy Land, the state of Israel was founded by the United Nations with the help of Great Britain, which was relinquishing governance over the territory. It is common knowledge that the partition of lands that took place as a result of this historical event, and the wars that followed, didn't exactly enhance the relationship between Arabic and Jewish peoples.

The Israeli population is divided on how to solve the multitude of problems that the country faces in regard to diverging views. Nevertheless, many Israelis are committed to achieving peace and feel that the way to begin is to participate in organizations which promote dialogue among the groups.

Religiously, Muslims and Jews both believe in God as the One Almighty. Both have many names for that One. Both religions feature dietary laws that reject the consumption of pork. Both restrict the depiction of images. Both pay homage to great prophets without worshipping them...

The idea that we have affinities shines brightly in the hope for peace.

We All Love Falafel

If we all love the same wheat,

the same water,

and like the touch of a mother's love,

there is enough

for every daughter and son,

Why should we fight?

If we all love

the same mint tea,

the same mashed chickpeas with sesame paste,

the same olives,

the same dates,

the same halvah,

Why shouldn't we all eat at the same table?


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