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The Shrinking Republican Party.The Big Tent Party No Longer

Updated on September 14, 2016

Romney panders to the birthers

Too far to the right to triangulate.Pandering to birthers and tea party.
Too far to the right to triangulate.Pandering to birthers and tea party.

Pseudo Conservatives damage the brand.

I'm a liberal , as liberal as they come and to the left of that,but I respect moderates, and conservatives because they are what makes for political balance,which is indispensable for democracy, and I also happen to agree with conservatives on many issues . Also, some of the people I loved the most in my life and were the best persons I have known such as my grandparents, my late uncle and many friends with whom I am close to this day are staunch conservatives . I'm originally from Uruguay, where a daily political discussion is a must every day almost since you are able to speak,and where normally the percentage of the population that votes in any given election is around 90%.Now about your hub;I hope for your sake and that of all the true conservatives in the country that the Republican candidate wins this upcoming 2012 presidential election,because if they don't, we probably or almost certainly will not see a Republican president in our lifetime ,if ever.

Mitt Romney lost all credibility .

20 million Ditto Heads

This may seem like hyperbole to you but let me explain.The gap is being reduced to the party of the 20 million or so listeners of the right wing nut talking heads, which is a great starting point if that is your starting base and then you add other voting blocks and build on it,the problem is that this group does not add, it subtracts.I love politics, and most liberal talking heads are so boring they put me to sleep, so I have no choice but to listen to the right wing nuts, and one comment they make repeatedly is how inexplicable it is to them that 90% of black voters vote democrat and not the party of Lincoln. I can't speak on why black voters vote Democrat,but I can surely tell you why some years from now they will wonder why 90% of Hispanics vote Democrat and not the party of Reagan who signed the amnesty that gave millions of Hispanics the opportunity to become permanent residents first and after five years if they kept a pristine record in every way become citizens.

Paul Ryan was not ready for prime time .

The Big Tent party vs. The little sleeping bag.

Let me explain to you, that when the most sympathetic republican position towards Hispanics is that of newt Gingrich that you have to be here for 25 years have descendants who are citizens, go to church every Sunday and fulfill some almost impossible requirements to gain the right to not be deported but not even become a legal permanent resident and that of the loudest and most prominent voices in the party which is put them on a boat and ship them out,the impression we get is that the republican party doesn't like us,so we really are not listening to the explanation why this is so,we are already tuned out, every Hispanic person who votes has either a family member, a close friend, or they themselves as is my case have been illegal and we see this in a totally different perspective than the pundits tell you,because it's true that we want just as everybody else more jobs , a sound economy, and no free riders,but the people the republicans want to hurt with these policies are our loved ones, and that trumps everything no matter how justified these policies are we see them as a direct attack on us so before you see an election where 46 % Latinos vote republican as they did for Bush you will see it trending for a 90% Democrat as is the black vote today.This trend is, for the most part, the same in every minority group . If you add to that that liberal republicans are extinct with no chance of coming back in the near future, moderate republicans are constantly ridiculed and virtually expelled from the party, and they dare not speak too loud or else,and independents although are dissatisfied with The Democrats , what they care about is results and not ideology I'm talking about real independents who are not republican or democrats, not the likes of Lou Dobbs that is really a right wing nut republican that calls himself independent, to them the republican party has not been a great accomplished of late. So like I said if the big tent party is no longer, and the tea party and the talking heads have reduced it to a little sleeping bag, how will they win an election in the future ? Think about it, 90% of the black vote,at least 65% of the Latino vote , most union member votes, a majority of other minorities , all these votes are in the bag even if the rest of the votes are split 60 40 in favor of republicans they still can't win . So if they don't win this election where unemployment will be around eight %,the economy will be growing at about a modest 3 % , get ready for Hillary 2016 after Obama 2012 . And if Obama was able to expand the pool of Democratic voters , Hillary has the capability of expanding it even more.

How do you view the Republican Party?

Has the Republican Party moved too far to the right?

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