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James Holmes, mass murderer at the Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colorado

Updated on June 15, 2013

The Dark Knight Rises massacre

July 20, 2012, will be documented in history as the worst mass killing in our nation up to this date. There are many questions that linger without answers, and many lives that were affected by the tragedy of this crime. Society will remember the premiere of Batman in Aurora, Colorado, but not for the reasons that the movie anticipated. The premiere of the Batman movie will forever be attached to the event that led to the magnitude of violence that was carried to fruition by one individual within a matter of minutes.

Without any regard for human life, James Holmes changed our lives forever and left us with fear and unanswered questions of what caused this tragedy to occur. When James Holmes decided to execute his plan for violence, he succeeded in changing our perception of our safety, and distorting our faith in society when he opened fire in a movie theater filled with families and friends. How did one individual kill so many, so quickly, so swiftly, and so violently without remorse?

When mass killings occur, society wants to know what causes an individual to lead to kill another. This is a look at the tragedy that occurred and why James Holmes, the Batman movie mass murderer, killed innocent victims. Violence has an origin, but it is a matter of knowing what James Holmes did to prepare for this tragedy.


James Holmes plans for the premier night of Batman

In this case, James Holmes had planned for months for the mass killings, strategically preparing to kill an enormous amount of victims. A few months prior to the incident, James Holmes received numerous deliveries to his work and home that included the weapons and materials used on the night of July 20, 2012. He carefully prepared for the attack at the Batman premier, even preparing for the potential of an attack at his apartment.

James Holmes bought a movie ticket to the midnight showing of Batman, waited a few minutes after the movie began, and exited out the rear entrance momentarily until he prepared for his main event. Armed with high-powered weapons, thousands of bullets, dressed in black, and wearing tactical and riot gear, James Holmes re-entered the movie theater.

He began his attack by detonating two gas-emitting gadgets before he began firing into the sold out movie, shooting anyone who tried to leave the theater. Slowly making his way through the theater, he succeeded in killing twelve victims and injuring more than fifty-eight.

Within seven minutes of the first 9-1-1 call, James Holmes was in the custody of law enforcement in the parking lot behind the tragic scene that he created. This is where he admitted to the rest of the preparations he completed at his apartment.

James Holmes admits guilt

James Holmes admitted to booby-trapping his apartment and car with explosives that were intended to kill anyone who came into contact with his property. Law enforcement did not find any explosives in his car, but discovered sophisticated devices throughout his apartment. Roughly thirty explosives and additional jars of liquids were present in the apartment and detonated safely, without harming anyone.

When in custody of law enforcement, James Holmes acknowledged himself as “The Joker”, a character from the movie Batman. The unexpected tragedy that took the lives of a dozen victims left the nation with questions of why James Holmes would resort to the degree of violence that he chose to employ on this night. There are many questions that are unanswered at this point. Hopefully, as the investigation progresses, the nation will get the answers of why James Holmes decided to kill innocent victims.


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    • ptosis profile image

      ptosis 5 years ago from Arizona

      Biggest Mass Murder since Columbine - and not in entire history. Second man opened emergency door, let Holmes in.

      Witnesses said second man:

    • profile image

      chris martell 5 years ago

      here what i seen on this you have a white man go in and kills couple people ok i understand were you going but what about the gangs out there who killed way more people then this guy did and the man who are sitting in a 8x8 cell who did the same type of thing it never makes sense to me to call out whites when we go out and kill but it alright for the black Spanish Mexican and any other gangs out there why is it ok for them to do it???? there should be some kind of line drawn here or is it ok for theme to go out and do a hit or do a drive by or any of that type of killing and just keep breeding fear and hate?

    • A1d profile image

      A1d 5 years ago

      The question is not "what was his reason" because obviously no reason can explain this tragedy, a sick mind needs no reason to do that. This action can't be understood or explained . The question is how somebody can carry so many guns/ bullets/ costume in a theater without being seen or stopped by somebody. We speak about visible big objects...Especially when you enter a crowd...there's no security there somewhere???

    • GamingCowboy profile image

      GamingCowboy 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Well, I for one won't let this punk have any effect on me. I will happily watch as many movies as I want, go to the store in peace, etc.


      Because this incident was perpetrated by an isolated maniac, and the more we acknowledge his actions, the more we legitimize him and the more we become shackled by fear. Live your life and be happy.

    • xanzacow profile image

      Cynthia 5 years ago from North Myrtle Beach, SC

      In other words, what goes around comes around....I agree. Tragic and saddening.

    • profile image

      geral 5 years ago


      23 Sep 2011 @ 13:46, by Geral W. Sosbee

      A nation and its people who deliberately engage in the systematic conquest, subjugation, torture, imprisonment and killing of others must by the laws of physics and divine nature have the same calamities delivered upon themselves.

    • profile image

      lilmama4273 5 years ago

      A great hub. It is such a tragedy. For the last Batman to be remember for such a horrific event instead of the records it should be beat. I don't know what to really say but shame on the Holmes for taking so many lives and changing a lot more.