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John Edwards' Grace

Updated on November 14, 2015

John Edwards


Edward's Grace

I watched the news tonight and it stated John Edwards was indited by the Justice Department. And it was unfathomable. Democratic Party is Hollywood. They are partiers. Who would have expected anything but excess to prime this guy to be the vice president of the United States besides his deceased wife? And we should all view his behavior from the point of a grieving spouse.

So John Edwards was and remains human. Big deal but there is a side of Edwards that doesn't seem to get much press and that is all the philanthropic work the Edwards family has done with the Frank Porter Graham Center. John Edwards sinned, I get it. Andrew Young should be banned from all political events because he wasn't able to keep his mouth shut. Far worse than a million dollars on a mistress goes on in political parties on both sides. Really in the times we are facing this isn't news. Obama isn't a better president because Edwards had an affair. I find it a little incredulous to knock down a former vice presidential candidate especially on who sat on intelligence committees while a current president isn't getting the people's work done.

John Edward's Grace

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John Edwards' Landing

I think Edwards is quite capable of defending himself and i am certain that money did not actually travel through his hands to his mistress. He might have had an idea but I doubt he was directly involved. Politics doesn't work like that especially when it comes to campaign financing. I think Edwards will come out of this stronger than ever and with a possible lead into running for another office if he so chooses. Because all of his press is so negative and so very little is written about the good Edwards has done in his life and Edwards doesn't brag about it but accepts he have a balanced approach to living. I think he will make it through. I think everyone has to look at UNC and the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center before rendering too hard of judgement on Edwards. After all a saint is only a sin with hope. And Edwards seems like he is a possible candidate.

Edward's Martial Affair

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Marriage in general

Going through Cancer with his wife and as in death I believe that grief through martial strife is private and is not for the general public. I doubt seriously John Edwards had any campaign money. The Parties usually have money holders. And John Edwards not only was running for Vice President but was also going through cancer with his wife and the end of their marriage. Really really stressful. I think DOJ is being hard on Edwards and I have to wonder why? Usually when stories pop up like this it means that something else is going that is far more important. Edwards being indited is not really a story and yet it plays on. You have to wonder what the government is hiding from us now.

I bet is Edwards lands on his feet stronger and better than before. And if not, he has done so much good, I think he deserves a second chance.

Final Analysis

As predicted, Juhn Edwards was not charged with any crimes.


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