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Justice system without justice

Updated on June 15, 2015

Domestic Violence

You believe me when I told that my dad still has my belongings in the camper but you don't believe he push me down even with an eye witness testimony. You also don't give me the court order the same time he gets his court order about the decision. I am glad I am out of that corrupt city. They only give a verdict to people who they think can influence more votes for them. It made sense when someone mention that because he serve in the military it would be harder to get a guilty verdict against him.


You believe me when I stated that he tow my car even though he denied towing my vehicle. You allowed me to get a judgment on the car portion of my complaint but not on my stuff even though he admitted to putting my stuff out without writing a notice to me when he admitted to renting the camper to me. Now how does that make sense. You claimed I didn't prove my case but still allowed me to collect for the car instead of the belongings in the car since you can't tell what's in the car. I am glad that I depend on my God to give me justice instead of the justice system. They wonder why so many people are in the jailhouse. You can't get justice through the system unless you have some kind of influence in the community. You have to rich and/or affiliated with the right organizations and/or people. Trust God for your revenge and keep the faith that no matter the time period He will revenge you unless that person truly repents. He can't just stated it and then five days later not mean what he said. God is merciful but He is nobody's fool.

Examples of the Justice System

We have seen many celebrities like Michael Jackson, R.Kelly, and others get away with things that seem to point guilty but because of their lawyers they were found not guilty. I hope these individuals repented if they committed these deeds. It is better to obey than to sacrifice, whether that sacrifice is time, money, and/or reputation. We should all be striving to keep a godly image as Christians because one deed can mess up all the good works that you have performed. In these cases with the celebrities they may have gotten through the justice system but it has imprinted in some people minds a tarnished image.


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