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LAPD Needs Your Help In The Grim Sleeper Investigations

Updated on March 19, 2011
Police Sketch of the Grim Sleeper
Police Sketch of the Grim Sleeper


Grim Sleeper is the nickname for an alleged serial killer in Los Angeles, California, believed to be responsible for at least 10 murders and one attempted murder in Los Angeles since 1985. The attacker was dubbed the "Grim Sleeper" because he supposedly took a 14-year hiatus from his crimes, from 1988 to 2002.

On July 7, 2010, a suspect, Lonnie David Franklin Jr., 57, was arrested. Los Angeles County District Attorney, Steve Cooley, charged him with ten counts of murder, one count of attempted murder, and special circumstance allegations of multiple murders in the case.

The Grim Sleeper in wikipedia

Now the LAPD Needs Your Help In Regards To This Case

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is seeking the public's help in identifying the subjects of hundreds of photographs of women that they have just released to the public.

These photographs were all recovered from the home of Lonnie David Franklin Jr., now being called as the "Grim Sleeper" Serial-Killer Suspect.

The LAPD is asking people to take a look at these photographs in the hope of identifying the subjects in the photographs and helping in the ongoing investigations.

The People In The Photographs Slowly Being Identified

And since these photographs have been released publicly last December 16, 2010, the Police Department had received hundreds of phone calls and millions of hits on their website:

And because of these, several of the persons in the photographs have been identified and the police have been able to obtain much needed information which could be crucial for detectives handling the investigations and the prosecutors handling the case.

Missing Persons

It is especially important for you to take time off to look at these photographs particularly if you have friends and family members who have been missing or who you think could be in these photographs.

Check out the photographs from these links from the LAPD website:



Call, Text, Surf and Click

If you any information to share to the police please call 1 (877) 527-3247 [1-877-LAPD-24-7].

Callers may remain anonymous by phoning Crimestoppers at 1 (800) 222-8477.

Tipsters also may contact Crimestoppers by texting the number 274637 on any cellphone.

All text messages should begin with "LAPD."

Or they may also go to and click the "Webtips" link.


The Grim Sleeper Serial Killer Suspect

Lonnie David Franklin Jr., Grim Sleeper suspect as he appears in an LA Superior Court .
Lonnie David Franklin Jr., Grim Sleeper suspect as he appears in an LA Superior Court .

Grim Sleeper Photographs

Los Angeles Mayor  Villaragoisa and Former LAPD Chief and now Los Angeles Council Member Parks look at the Grim Sleeper Photographs.
Los Angeles Mayor Villaragoisa and Former LAPD Chief and now Los Angeles Council Member Parks look at the Grim Sleeper Photographs.

Interview With A Victim Who Managed To Survive A "Grim Sleeper" Attack

In August of 2008, the LA Weekly had an exclusive interview with a survivor of the Grim Sleeper.

She described the suspect as a black man, early 30s. He looked neat and wore a polo shirt tucked inside his trousers."

She also described him as a thin, neat, polite and well-groomed. He drove an orange Ford Pinto with white racing stripes on the hood.

He offered her a ride. She refused and to this the suspect said "That is what is wrong with you black women. You think you are all that.'" And he went on and on.

After a short conversation, she finally was persuaded to get into the orange Pinto and ride to hell.

They drove off. When she mentioned a party she wanted to go to, he was that good and invited himself. And she said yes, he was welcome to come along.

He then said that he needed to make a stop first at a relative's house. 

The surprisingly polite suspect then pulled over and parked outside a house partly covered by some landscaping and he got out of his car. He walked to and inside the house and came out some 10 minutes later.

They began arguing over something and he pulled a handgun and shot her as they were travelling along residential streets.

The suspected killer apparently "documented" his attacks with a camera. She was out, but come to because of the click and the flash of the suspect's camera.

The man took a picture of her and sexually assaulted her.

She remembers struggling with him and that she pleaded to be helped and taken to a hospital. He refused. Instead he told her he couldn’t take her to a hospital because he did not want to get caught. And he left her to die with the injuries she sustained and in her semi-conscious state.

But she manage to survive and apparently the only one of his victims to do so, to tell her tale. We only know how many other victims were there and who else if ever have survived a similar attack but has not come out just yet.


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