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Gun Laws that Protect Gun Owners

Updated on August 18, 2011

Although the threat will continue, so far we have shown great progress as to advancements in law that protect the rights of citizens to bear arms.

But, anti-gun politicians will always be there trying to spring new laws to restrict the sale of firearms or ammunition. We may see more rationing laws, and more anti-gun bills popping up. We'll see a number or bans try to get passed, but the NRA has seen great steps to help protect gun owners and their constitutional rights.

It's just unfortunate that anti-gun groups will always tro the undermine those rights, but with the support of gun owners, the Second Amendment will be preserved.

For some of the laws that were passed in 2009 that protect gun owners, see below.

  • Protect individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms, which is written in stone in the U.S. Constitution, as well as 44 of the 50 state constitutions. Seems pretty simple that Americans would be able to have and carry firearms, but many politicians don't like the idea. Some state legislatures, such as Kansas, have passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 1611, which proposes to amend the state constitution, making it clear that individuals are allowed to bear arms.
  • Castle Doctrine laws are those that are designed to make sure that you don't get arrested or prosecuted if you're forced to defend yourself or your family. Montana, joined 23 other states this year (2009) that already have this vital NRA- backed protection. Montana's H.B. 228 removes any requirement to retreat and protects armed citizens from prosecution. Tennessee also improved upon its laws by removing the prohibition against using deadly force in protection of property. Arizona, also, clarified its laws on defense display with firearms.
  • More states are revoking previous laws that prohibited the right to carry guns in restaurants that sold alcohol, public parks, on buses, and other public places. Criminals will ignore the laws as standing, so states like Arizona, Tennessee, Idaho, North Dakota, Utah, and Virginia made changes to reform their laws.
  • Protect the privacy of those individuals who are permit holders. Throughout the years, some states, such as Tennessee, Virginia, Arkansas, and Ohio have printed lists of those who have permits for firearms, and in many cases including the home addresses of the individuals. These people claim they're are just defending the public's right to know who has firearms legally (not to mention those who have them without having a permit). But, this year, Alabama, Arkansas, and Virginia passes laws that prohibited the release of permit holders' identities and information; only law enforcement officials have access to the information.

  • Protection from firearm seizure in times of emergency. After Hurricane Katrina, those who were permitted to bear arms and carry concealed weapons were forced to give up their firearms in times in which innocent people probably needed them. Well, this year, Alabama became the 28th state to prohibit seizure of firearms from law-abiding citizens during state emergency. Idaho amended its emergency powers statutes to prohibit restriction on sale, transfer, storage, or use of guns or ammunition during an emergency.
  • Anti-gun officials have always been able to figure out ways to make a confusing maze of laws that potentially put restrictions on firearms, most of which have been rejected by state legislatures. Well Nebraska took action on the preemption front that limits power of individual cities and localities to regulate the ownership, possession, or transportation of firearms. Virginia changed its law to allow courts to award legal fees to people who prevail in lawsuits challenging unauthorized local laws.
  • Hunting and the age in which people are allowed to hunt and bear arms for hunting purposes has always been an argued subject, but hunting is valuable in order to conserve and protect wildlife. If deer aren't hunted each year, we would really be over-run. Same with alligators, turkey, wild boar, etc. Well, New Jersey legalized bow hunting on Sundays on private property and state game lands, which provides new opportunities for hunters; this is another step forward to repeal outdated laws and hunting bans for restrictions on Sunday hunting. North Dakota and Nevada both created programs that let younger people and new hunters try out the sport. North Dakota even reduced the legal age for hunters from 14 to 12 years old. Three other states also took steps to protect hunting. Arkansas and South Carolina put amendments on the 2010 ballets that protect hunting from attacks by HSUS and PETA.
  • Finally, states like Arizona, Utah, and Idaho have created laws to protect workers and the public from storing their firearms in their private cars. Idaho protects the employers from liability if they don't prohibit firearms stored in vehicles. Arizona and Utah took steps directly protect the right to transport and store firearms in private vehicles while parked in publicly accessible parking lots.
  • This year, Idaho passes a new law that will hopefully be a model for other states. The Idaho Sport Shooting Immunities Act now provides protection from reckless lawsuits, both for government entities that manage ranges and for the volunteers and professional who operate them. The new law enables ranges to stay open and should encourage government agencies to build more ranges in the future.


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    • Jack Burton profile image

      Jack Burton 5 years ago from The Midwest

      Indiana revised their laws in 2011 which took the local towns ability to pass firearm laws away. Now we can go from town to town knowing that there is a consistent, statewide law that we have to follow instead of 400 different laws.

    • profile image

      Trevor 6 years ago

      great site to learn, lots of information keep up the good work. We all need to be aware of our rights to carry and to always be responsable in the use of firearms.

      Soon to be a resident of Georgia, sounds like a nice State.

    • Teddletonmr profile image

      Mike Teddleton 6 years ago from Midwest USA

      Gun Laws that Protect Gun Owners contains alot of useful information.

      It reminded me of something a little pear shaped midwest gal once told me, PETA meant, I am sure most gun toten hunters and fisherman have heard before.

      P, people, E, eating, T, tasty, A, animals; people eating tasty animals.

      Remember the most basic gun control, sight alignment, site picture, and trigger control...

      Merry Christmas, happy new year.

      Best wishes to you and yours. Mike

    • Benoitsmidget profile image

      Benoitsmidget 7 years ago from Boston

      Touche! I fully believe that if a person doesn't want to own a gun, that's fine. However, I fully believe that they should at least have the right to choose. When we no longer have the right to defend ourselves and our property, we might as well call ourselves a communist country.

    • OpinionDuck profile image

      OpinionDuck 7 years ago

      The problem with gun control it doesn't apply to the bad guys.

      When the bad guys have to think twice about whether their victims are armed that is a good thing.

    • johnsams profile image

      johnsams 7 years ago

      Thank you for providing information on current gun laws. You know how these things keep changing so its always good to be updated. Cheers!