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Share My Every Word ! {"Not so fast"}

Updated on March 19, 2015

Share Every Little Thang !

My Every Word and Some !

Have I just been asleep at the wheel, or clearly stuck inside a coma of your choosing. Has the world turned without me,forgetting that the similarity to this word was once the major show of your daytime girlfriend and parents? Is there some type of cosmicitric event developing which has affected what we now interpret into our words, blog and story lines? Yes I started to believe that some of you out there have somehow seriously just lost your freaking minds. NO ! I do not want to check off that I will FOLLOW YOU, nor do I seek to want to check “I LIKE” you and want the list of a thousand friends,in which you hold no clue as to who they are, nor will I believe in your words, blog, stocks you buy, words you post to print, or share my everything with you. Did we somewhat live past our intended destiny only to succumb to those who want to instill a change, which literally does nothing better than to propel themselves into the theoretical highlight that the Sharing of everything; content wise is much more of an hippie option in which we now take what is written on the internet residing in Face Book and Twitter or any of those other social media outlets in which your a frequent flyer; of as the God Send TRUTH.

Sticks Will Hurt, But My Words Will get you "Fired" !

Sticks To Your Stones and Words!

It was during our lifetime when we were taught that “Sticks and Stones Would Break Our Bones, But Words Were and Are Not Meant To Harm Us”. Strangely how the meaning of sharing content imposed on us, has now gifted the thoughtful glaring words of “Beware" “My Words Will Be Meant To Harm You”; or Deface you; and Quickly and Decisively be held at face value against you, and be written objectively in bold print shouting “Your Fired”; or even more; Be taken out and stoned or even outright ostracized ! Suddenly the average person has now begun to use the interface of the internet to include Twitter and Face Book to viciously pronounce themselves with the words “I Declare War” On you and everything you stand rightly for; to attack their neighbors, unwanted enemies, loyal friends; and fuel forward the outright nonsense of a boring and distasteful controversy. Has the fire buried deep inside us all burning endlessly at the end of its wick and seeking to be exposed at the very existence of a word(s) placed in an unpeculiar environment giving off a signal for its fuse to be snuffed out. At the very same time; your to be more like an expensive candle creating sparks of total irrational enragement bolstering inside of you creating a spontaneous human combustible element of in you; seeking the exquisiteness or safety of an anger management class. Have we brilliantly and masterfully extinguished the face to face meeting of it all, when your enemies confronted one another and dealt out its UNTRUTHFULNESS at a street corner near you? Never a Gun Blazing, but the beauty of Fist Flying everywhere your body and face can withstand. We are at the crossroads of an epiphany whereby its easier and less costly to kill and maim your enemies by there mere expression of a word.

Whose Opinion Is It Anyways!

Forming An Opinion !

We have all lost the ability to clearly define what presence we bring into the content of an article, a story, a blog, a written piece on a stock, or someone’s rant displayed openly for the masses to organize into the small aspect of their mind. Not wanting to show its findings unglued and taking a hold of it as TRUTHFULNESS, reading its parts and spitting out its raw content as if it was their sacred duty to interpret its words as a defect of beliefs which held no clues inside the framework of one’s own mind to be believable or ascribed and justified as an opinion of their own. Little have we pushed asunder the mere fact of it all, that what is and has been written, whether in its present form or past form holds nothing more than this one thing, The Forming of YOUR OPINION. More and more we are attuned to the words of the shrewd talking heads blaring at us how the whole world is talking about their, wild escapade,article, blog, stock, movie, Face Book post, twitter argument, or the latest You Tube Sex tape made just for your computerized Tv screen as if you had missed out or made apart of something in-which you failed to pay attention too.

The Power of Words !

"Shut ya Dirty Mouth" !

"Your Opinion Don't Mean Jack" ! I say let’s get back to those key words of hope, Exercise Caution as your ears perk up to the fight between getting and maintaining your attention in order for you to minimize and summarize with justification your actions into getting you to act upon a particular story, written word, stock, blog or sorrowful event, for these same episodes are rooted squarely in those same magazines sold in the front row stands of your supermarket. They seem to captivate your mind span too and seek to hold it outside its intended realm of a dream state for what seems like days; that is until you broke free from its ultimate intentions, the way into your pocket book and eventually taking over the control of your mind. No longer should the context of a word used in its divisive colorful intentions by those whose ultimate adventure is to create discourse, inspire you to sell all your shares, sell your home, confront your best friend into creating a formidable foe, move you into buying more and bigger guns, inspire you from being a human and instill in you how OUR LAWD no longer is on your side. We rest in trouble times my friend, growing bleak as the days flow, we must all do our part to just believe in ourselves, and not take for granted those words portrayed giftedly before us, who are they anyway. JUST ANOTHER PERSON’s OPINION MY FRIEND, JUST ANOTHER OPINION.

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