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Let Us Follow President Trump

Updated on May 14, 2020

Let us follow President Donald Trump

Welcome to our article (69) Let us follow President Donald Trump

Dear readers, we have published an article called, Obama problems-my views, which was about the outgoing President of the United States Barack Obama. Where we pointed out, what we thought he has missed fixing, while he was in office.

Today we want to follow the American politics, so, we want to see, what the new President Donald Trump does, after being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. Anyhow, I am not an American citizen and I live in Australia, but even if I live in Australia, what President Donald Trump does can interest me, because it can affect things in Australia. As we know whatever America does, affects the rest of the world, this can be in a positive way or in a negative way, so, everybody must be interested in what President Trump does. After all, in the world there are people that are powerful, they are like Gods; except they do not have spiritual powers, because they are people, but it is worth following them.

In my own personal views, if anyone is interested in following how the world can be run, there are two people that you should constantly follow. We must follow the President of the United State, because he is leading the most powerful nation on earth, and number two, you should follow the pope as he is the most powerful religious person in the world, even though he is head of the smallest state on earth. Anyhow, this is my view, which can be the view of people living in the western world, of course, we must follow the authorities of the country we are living in.

So, let us follow what President Trump will do in the next few days for a start.


The presdent of the Unated State of America Donald Trrump

The president elect Donald Trump, has a vision to make America great again, if he succeeds in doing that, then a lot of benefits would follow in America and perhaps in some other parts of the world.
The president elect Donald Trump, has a vision to make America great again, if he succeeds in doing that, then a lot of benefits would follow in America and perhaps in some other parts of the world.

In the USA happening now

There are a lot of people in the US that like President Trump, but at the same time, there are a lot of people that don’t like him, so, the United State of America are split in half, because of this split, it is going to be interesting to see, what is going to happen during Trump presidency. Right from the first day in office as President, some people are protesting in many US cities and in the world, because they don’t like the policies of President Trump, so, they are doing anything that they can, hoping to stop Trump carrying out his policies. But President Trump does not take notice of what they are doing, so, he carries on and does what he believes he should do. Now, he has already signed many documents, to start changing those things that he believes they need to be changed, he wants to run America in a different direction, and put America first, which he has made it clear to the voters from the start, so, he is going to go ahead and do just that, after all he has been voted in on those policies. But let us look at the different policies, that we can see from what we have learned about President Trump and the outgoing president Obama.

President Trump policies are more nationalistic than the former President Barak Obama, who likes globalization policies, which today are a world trend, but Donald Trump does not like that , because that can make America weak, as they prefer to help the poor individuals that don’t even try to work, instead of the working class that by working and producing goods, they can make America stronger, so, since he has won the presidential elections Trump is going to run it his own way. He might be able to do that by forcing the rich people to invest in America, instead of going outside America to find cheap labour, this can be good for the American people, since they will have more work, and therefore, more money to go around.

If it works out that way and there is more money around, then President Donald Trump has the right policies, so, he is the right man for the job. Because when there is enough money around, even the poor that are left out from Trump’s policies will get the benefit.


The United State of America is mostly business orientated

The United State of America economy, is set in a way where it is free for everyone to try to become rich. There is a lot of competition and sometimes, if there are enough opportunities, people can become rich, while it gives opportunities to others.
The United State of America economy, is set in a way where it is free for everyone to try to become rich. There is a lot of competition and sometimes, if there are enough opportunities, people can become rich, while it gives opportunities to others.

What about the protesters

There have been so many people protesting everywhere, because they don’t want Donald Trump for president, so, we believe it is worth talking about it, just to state our point of views.

Anyhow, who are the protesters? Here we can only guess that the protesters are poor people, which usually don’t have a job, and if they do, they don’t have a well-paid job. So, they want a government that looks after them first. Therefore, they fear any government that has no policies to help them, they start to protest as often as they can, to make sure that everybody knows about what they need and hoping that they do something about it.

We could say that they are protesting, because Donald Trump policies are in favour of the working people and the rich people, since he wants to get the economy working again, but the protester don’t see it this way, they see that he is not wanting to look after them, theretofore, they protest.

I believe that it is too early to say anything about what Trumps wants to do, and how and what he does is going to affect everybody else. Talking about the protesters, they only see the negative part of it, because they are not the centre of attention. But if we look at the greater picture, it may turn out okay for everybody. You see, if Trump’s policy brings lots of work and wealth to America, then because there is a lot more to go around, even the poor people can be better off. What I have written may not happen the way I have said. But what I wanted to say is this; President Trump vision of a rich and powerful America is worth to try.

So, in my personal view, the protesters are making a mistake to protest about Trump policies, because after all it might turn out to be all right for everybody.

Today I am running out of time, but I believe that there is more that we could say, about the protester and the reasons why they are protesting, if we think about it, but for today I believe I have said enough, so, I will come back in a few weeks, to talk about the new President of America, in our next article called, President Donald Trump, my views.

See you soon.



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