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Time to Reset the System...

Updated on December 28, 2017

What are it's objectives

Good point, glad we started here!

To establish a political party that was dedicated to making the best choices for the citizens they represented, without fear or favour, by applying logic, debate, research, computer modelling and plain common sense, until we agreed on a policy.

Then implementing that policy without delay, just like we were in a wartime situation.

Mistakes cost less to fix than prevarication.

Who can join?

Any individual can join, no political viewpoint would be rejected, and as the whole objective would be to bring ordinary people into power, it will more likely attract people who have rejected traditional politics, and no matter what party they supported, have probably arrived at the conclusion that they are all the same, just dressed differently...

The objective of the main parties is just to stay in power, their policies have not been directed by the UK people since 1974, so they have all been eroded down to EU puppets, with few exceptions.

We need to hit the reset button and start again.


The sad fact is....

While we were all sleeping, a dastardly plan has been unfolding, slowly, surely, our enemies have been rolling out a plan that started back in the 1880's and has accelerated since the 1960's, a plan that has lulled most people into a soporific slumber which is why they have not noticed how much has been taken from them by the folks behind this plan.

Look at these two videos... they explain it well.

What happens next?

For me, the plan is simply to put this out there and invite people to get involved, because that is how ideas become reality, and how people can form a guideline for how the country SHOULD be run, not how it's always been done.

The powers that be who orchestrate what happens are unelected by us, they are elected by the people (elites) who want to control things and run things there way, and will always be subservient to their wishes.

So change requires draining the swamp, just like the Don has started to set in motion over in America, but those holding the power will not willingly lay it down, so even if we managed to get 650 real people, who had work experience in real life, elected to power, the power elite civil servants who have run things since they seized power in the 1850's will still continue to corrupt, blackmail, subvert and generally seek to gain control over those new MP's.

These changes may end up getting bloody, because we are due another mass blood letting, organised every 70 years or so to ensure that the menfolk who come back, have minimal appetite for further change or confrontation, though I suspect that it would be hard to bring in conscription and the docile obedience needed to make men kill for their country, when being asked to lay down their lives for a bunch of power elites who watch from safety.

No, I suspect we will see a civil war next...

This article is still being developed...

So if you are seeing it, then you have a chance to add or object to viewpoints, i.e. start the dialogue that leads to a plan!

Not a violent plan, I abhor violence, whilst recognising that sometimes only sheer brute force makes people take account of what you are stating.

But the scenario is building for normal working folk to start getting very upset about what the political classes are doing to our world...

Revolutions are cyclical also!

More as I get round to adding to this.

Please feel free to comment below, all comments are answered.

© 2017 John Harper


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