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Mayor Bill De Blasio Shirks His New York Mayoral Duties….

Updated on July 10, 2017
  • Mayor Bill De Blasio Shirks His New York Mayoral Duties….

Once again, increasingly, there are situations that are taking place in our fair Republic that have caused my mouth to be agape like that famous Aflac Duck’s commercial. Such a situation occurred a couple days ago when our mayor in New York decided to leave the Big Apple’s confines to join the G-20 protesters in Hamburg, Germany -- I kid you not. I want you to picture the optics of Mayor de-Blasio protesting in Germany, while one of his officers, Miosotis Familia, was assassinated on the streets of the Bronx -- the only thing, apparently, that was missing from de Blasio’s protesting attire was the Molotov cocktail and the attendant cowardly black mass.

The conspicuous irony is that many of those same Socialists protesters that Mayor de Blasio joined in Germany have protested and will be protesting in New York shortly… placing many of our police officers in mortal danger. Ironically, part of the de Blasio’s detail in Germany was police officers assigned to protect him, and paid by the New York tax payers. Once again, you cannot make this up. When many of these protesters come to New York on the grievous tour, they may spare New York since the de Blasio is simpatico with many of their causes. Perhaps, the Mayor’s going to Germany was a strategy and a way to stem the coming protests in New York.

I wonder who is advising Mayor de-Blasio, especially knowing that there is a pending New York Mayoral election in the near future. It is not like we do not have problems in New York. Under our current, protesting mayor, many of us working stiffs in New York have had to overcome the often problematic subways, along with being accosted by the multitudes of Homeless, while on our way to work. In addition, Our Mayor de Blasio has had a personal jihad against the more relative safer charter school system operating in New York because he is beholden to the mostly, venal Teacher’s Union and the inept public school system that they run in New York City.

About three years ago, Mayor de Blasio pissed off many of New York’s men/women in blue… with many turning their respective backs toward him at certain public ceremonies. As a Traditional Christian, who tries not to cherry pick which of Christ Jesus’ tenets to live by, I thought then and now that it was wrong for the officers to have turned their respective backs to the Mayor, who for me Biblically, is a man in authority. I can only surmise what the fallout will be, if any, with the de Blasio’s visit to Germany, while the men and women in blue were still in the throes of mourning, stemming from the assassination of Officer Miosotis Familia.

In an epoch where Fascism is rampant on many of our college compasses and that there are safe spaces provided from those with contrary thoughts and positions on many of the issues of the day, I expect that my mouth will be forever be opened on account of the symptoms and actual malignant sickness borne of Political Correctness. I suppose that I should try and get accustomed to mayors/politicians leaving America to protest, and that notwithstanding the hurdles placed in our Constitution, for states (California) to petition for Secession, and for the winy, pusillanimous college students needing pacifiers and cry-rooms to cope because their candidate did not win the Presidential Elections. Incidentally, I know many of us no longer read anymore - but I must ask that, in light of the Aflac-Duck’s mouth agape happenings, and I must borrow a query from George Orwell’s 1984: is 2+2 still four?

To help flesh out the themes of this blog, I have included Bob Seger’s - Like a Rock - drill down into the hyperlink below and enjoy this classic that takes us back to a time when men/women could still be friends, even though we disagreed on some of the merits of the Isms and the Ocracies. .


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    • tsadjatko profile image

      15 months ago from now on

      pusillanimous college students? There is a word I never heard before, pusillanimous! lol I guess in relation to that all I can say is if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, guess what, IT'S A DUCK! Accurate analysis VP!


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