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Mexico's Latest Dissing Is Further Evidence Of Our Descent Into Balkanization

Updated on July 15, 2011

Mexico’s Latest Dissing Is Further Evidence Of Our Descent Into Balkanization

How many times must many of us, who are sane citizens, hold our mouths agape like that famous Aflac duck commercial, because of America’s descent into Balkanization? I have seen two despicable acts by minorities, one of which happened a couple of years ago and the other of more recent vintage, which gave credence to my premise: One I wrote about before when President Bush, the younger, attended Martin Luther King’s wife funeral, down in Georgia, and had to bear the unmerciless, personal attacks by the Civil Rights leaders, who were supposed to be paying homage to Coretta Scott King’s life – incidentally, while Mrs. Bush sat with her husband… it was classless.

Last week it happened again when Mexico beat the a soccer match and then subsequently provided to have the post broadcast celebration… all in Spanish – in Pasadena,California. The Mexicans did not even consider having the post celebration in both languages; tell me where else could a country that is still the most powerful Hegemon accept such utter disrespect by a basket case of a country like Mexico… being almost run by narco-traffickers? Imagine, that the United had beaten Mexico, down South of the border, and proceeded to insist that the reporters all speak English?

Balkanization is here and heading the way of Serbia and few are paying attention. And please do not tell me this is a land of immigrants, because these immigrants are seeking to undermine the country by defacto annexing the United States. Years ago, a soldier who had fought and bled, and decided to further his education, had to pay for his education in California, while the typical, illegal immigrants can have their education virtually gratis. We must be mindful that the recent Alabama Immigration law, which was recently enacted, is being challenged by Mexico among other countries - what do we expect when we have Supreme Court Justices using foreign law in opinions to govern our way of life?

We all ‘yuck’ it up when we see the Aflac insurance commercials, but our agape mouths resulting from seeing the Balkanization incidents have us in shock and in dismay. Foreign flags are being flown above that of ‘Old Glory’ and Sharia law is gaining steam in Minnesota, and, I am expecting shortly that Cinco De Mayo to be given the same ‘props’ we afford the Fourth of July – Lord have mercy on us… oops, I meant my Caramba!


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