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Mississippi Food Stamp Program Information

Updated on February 14, 2011

The Mississippi Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program is a joint program of the federal and state governments that helps low-income households afford nutritious food each month. For households that meet eligibility requirements, a monthly benefit amount will be available to purchase food items from local grocery stores and markets. You may not purchase alcohol, tobacco, paper products and other non-food items with SNAP benefits.

General Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for SNAP benefits, an individual or household must meet certain basic eligibility requirements. Members of the household must be Mississippi residents and U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Additionally, individuals with criminal convictions may be excluded. If anyone living in the household fails to meet a basic eligibility requirement, the other members of the household may apply and benefits will be determined without including the excluded household member. Anyone receiving SNAP benefits must also comply with child support enforcement services for absent parents.

Income and Assets

Households without a member over the age of 60 or disabled may not have a bank balance over $2,001, as of 2011. Households with a member over the age of 60 or disabled may qualify with a bank balance up to $3,001. In addition, the household must meet annual income limits as determined by household size. For instance, as of 2011 a family of four could qualify for benefits if the total household income for the year was under $33,527.

Benefit Amount

Your county office will notify applicants in writing of their status within 30 days of their interview. If eligible, the monthly benefits will depend on the number of people in the household, as well as the household income. The lowest income families will receive the maximum allowable benefits, while other families may only receive a small monthly benefit. The county will review your benefits on a regular basis to determine if you continue to qualify.

How To Apply

You may apply for SNAP benefits by requesting an application by telephone, fax or in person at a county Department of Human Services office. You may also access the application online through the Department of Human Services website. Sign and return your application to the local office, which will schedule an interview. At the interview, you will need to provide proof of identity for all household members, as well as Social Security numbers, bank statements and proof of income, and proof of shelter costs. A list of county offices and contact information mat be accessed by clicking here.


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    • leigia67 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      PH-- I don't know for a fact, but cookies are food so I assume they can buy cookies. In fact, some "cookies" are actually full of things that are goof for a child like oatmeal, whole grains or nuts. Candy and gum, I don't know. It may depend on how it is packaged or marketed.

    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 

      6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Important Information. Thank you. Do you know if SNAP recipients in Mississippi are allowed to buy candy, gum and cookies in drug stores? In Georgia, they are and I am appalled.



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