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Mitt Romney and Republicans: We Are Counting On Those Americans Who Believe In Freedumb...

Updated on July 21, 2021

Romney and the GOP: The Push For Freedumb

Mitt Romney had a great debate, if lying to America is the criteria used when judging debate performances. Romney says he believes in freedom and that is wonderful, however, Romney and many Republicans have pivoted away from traditional freedom. To them, it is now freedumb that they believe in. Mother Jones recently reported on a poll done by Public Policy Polling. In the poll, Ohio Republicans were asked, "Who was more responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden? Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?"

15% answered Mitt Romney and a full 38% were not sure. Freedumb voters...

Both Romney and his party are praying that millions of Americans are either stupid, ignorant or both, and that poll suggests that they may be right. Maybe most of America has not heard or seen what Romney, Ryan and the Republican party have been pushing as their philosophy, their freedumb agenda for the last few years. The freedumb agenda has run the gamut of blocking the vote to selling the "You're on your own in this country" way of thinking, all the way to only "forcible rape" is rape. Yes, they have even tried to redefine rape.

Romney has lied since the beginning of his campaign. He changes his views as often as he changes his clothes. Romney tailors his messages to fit his target audience.

  • When speaking to $50,000 a dinner donors, Romney went on and on about the 47% of America whom he believes are takers, not makers, the leeches living off the government because they pay no federal income tax. He went further to say he won't worry about them.


  • When speaking to the American people in the middle of the debate, he shed the old skin and insisted that he cared deeply about ALL Americans. He cares DEEPLY. So deeply in fact, that he now just wants to help the middle class and the poor. During the debate, he said that the rich are doing just fine; they don't need his help.

Romney had to say that. When first confronted about the tapes, he told reporters that he had stated it "inelegantly", but went further to insist that he stood by his statements. But then something happened. Romney and his camp saw that these damning tapes were splashed across every newspaper and every TV station in the country. His numbers plummeted, so Romney has been forced to come out and apologize for the 47% comments. Surprised that Romney is saying he is sorry? The only thing that Romney is sorry for is that he got caught. Paul Ryan, Romney's running mate, may be unaware of the apology, because a couple of days ago he said that 30% of the country wants a welfare state. He went on to talk about takers, not makers. What a hypocrite! Under Ryan's own definition, he is a taker. He used Social Security survivor's benefits to get through college...

Romney has spent the last 18 months denigrating the poor, the unemployed, minorities, students, anyone who has needed food assistance, while at the same time pushing for huge tax breaks for the wealthy, and now, in the month prior to the election, America is to believe that Romney went to rehab? Right! Romney Rehab!

What Other Lies Will Romney's Freedumb Voters Believe?

Let's get some of the many other debate lies out of the way. Barbara Morrill, in a Daily Kos article titled "Mitt Romney, Lying To Victory" provides the bullet points. I have provided what is written in italics.

Romney lied:

  • When he claimed that "pre-existing conditions are covered under my plan." They are not. The Romney campaign itself, disavowed Romney's claim the night of the debate.
  • When he said that President Obama had cut Medicare by $716 billion to pay for Obamacare. Obama didn't. Obamacare took $716 billion, but not one dime of that came from care for seniors . Obamacare, instead, stopped the $1000 per year per person BONUSES paid to private health insurers who run Medicare Advantage programs. Yes, the government has been paying bonuses to private companies. Obamacare ends the bonuses. Some of the $716 billion went to provide free preventative care for seniors enrolled in Medicare. Still more went to close the doughnut hole and that closure has already saved seniors hundreds of millions of dollars in just the last year. Some of the money went to provide additional funding to Medicaid for seniors. Ever heard of Medi-Medi? Look it up! The rest is to come from cuts in Medicare reimbursement to providers.
  • When he denied proposing a $5 trillion tax cut. He did. Romney has. proposed that tax rates be cut by 20% across the board and that by cutting out loopholes, credits and deductions, the tax cut will remain deficit neutral and will not raise taxes for those who are middle class. Most middle class voters rely on 3 specific deductions to lower their tax burden. They are: the deduction for home mortgage interest, the deduction for state and local taxes and the charitable contribution deduction. Most taxpayers who are not quite middle class wage earners depend on tax credits to lower their tax liability. Those are, among others: the earned income tax credit and the child tax credit, the child and dependent care tax credit, the additional child tax credit, credits for the elderly and disabled and the education credit. The Tax Policy Center, a non-partisan group, analyzed the proposed 20% tax cut and determined that the only way that Romney's plan could remain deficit neutral was by cutting these deductions and credits. Even though the rates would be lower, the burden (the amount one pays) would be higher for middle and lower income wage earners, but that wealthier wage earners would see their tax burden go down substantially. Because Romney and Ryan plan to eliminate the capital gains tax, Romney's own tax burden would be close to zero.
  • When he said President Obama had "added almost as much to the federal debt as all the prior presidents combined. Not even close.
  • When he resurrected "death panels". That was called " one of the biggest whoppers of the night. Romney's assertion was that the IPAB would tell doctors what they could and could not give their patients in the way of treatment and that this board would deny care on a whim. The IPAB is NOT empowered to do this and Romney knows it...
  • When he stated that half the green energy companies given stimulus funds had failed. Only if three out of nearly three dozen is half. Maybe this outright lie is due to Romney's challenged math ability. Apparently, Romney believes that 3 = 36.

For Ms. Morrill's complete article with sources, go to:

Vouchers Instead Of Medicare Is SO Good, No Current Seniors Get To Have It

Romney and Ryan are truly selfish. Their plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program estimated to cost seniors an additional $6000 per year is so terrific that current seniors and those 55 and older aren't going to even be given the opportunity to enjoy it.

Come on, freedumb voters! Romney and Ryan know that if they promise current seniors the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Medicare voucher proposal (which every Republican has supported and already voted for), that Romney, Ryan and every Republican on the Hill would have to move to another country. Seniors would run them, not only out of town, but beyond our borders. They would all have to move to the Caymans and live where Romney's money resides.

But understand, freedumb voters, that once elected, all bets are off. All current seniors may get to enjoy voucherized Medicare. Romney will just explain it by saying that while campaigning, he and Ryan were "inelegant" when explaining their plan.

Romney's Stint In Rehab

So, Romney's been in rehab. Anyone paying attention to the campaign up until this point realizes that Romney has, in the last few days, tried to pivot away from his "severely conservative" policy proposals. It's all part of rehab. Now, instead of firing people, he wants to help find jobs for all Americans. Now, instead of wanting to get rid of those "job-killing" regulations, he says regulation is necessary. Next he may even say he supports equal pay for women, freedom of choice for women, gay marriage, medical care for the indigent, food assistance for the poor and even saving the auto industry. He might decide to support the "Dream Act for Students" or any number of other ideas that he has been "severely" opposed to throughout the course of this campaign.

And Romney is betting that freedumb voters will win the election for him...

For Doc, With Info Provided By Fox's Own, Neil Cavuto


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