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"More War!" Cries Senator Lindsey Graham

Updated on June 12, 2011

News of the day....

Recent breaking news around the social webs, has been the announcement by South Carolina's senator Lindsey Graham, who is suggesting that we should now step in and take down Syria's president Assad in the same way that we are doing with Libya's leader Gaddafi.

He has said that Syria is not yet a problem, but that we should preemptively strike Syria now and take out their president and force a regime change. Senator Graham is also suggesting that we upscale military efforts against Pakistan and Iran for not fully cooperating with US anti-terrorist operations in the Arab world. Now many in America are wondering if we should instead turn our efforts away from the middle east and turn them against war mongering senators like Lindsey Graham.

Some things you should know...

First and foremost, no matter what you have been told, nearly all the wars we are part of overseas, were not for "humanitarian" or anti-terrorist efforts. Nearly all of the undeclared wars we started to grab hold of resources or to force none NATO regimes to change hands so that the countries in question would be more pliable to the super powers of the world.

Afghanistan and Iraq all have huge petroleum reserves. Libya has petroleum AND one of the largest stockpiles of gold bullion. Pakistan is also home to large reserves of petroleum, and none of the above countries are part of NATO or any other organization linked to NATO. They have all turned down the opportunity to be a part of the world domination plan, which is part of what explains why these countries are feeling the wrath of NATO allies.

If we take a look at Syria, we can see that they too have vast petroleum reserves, gold and natural gas mines. Syria is also one of the countries that refused to join any NATO like agreements, as well as refusing to join the "world economy". By refusing these options, Syria has nearly come out of it's foreign debt to the world bank and all other debts owed. Which means less control over Syria from power nations.

To little irony, Syria is one of the countries that America gives money and weapons to, which means that the Syrian president has received our help in become a the so-called tyrant that he is claimed to be. Which begs the question, would we really need this "humanitarian effort" against Assad if we hadn't given them the ammunition in the first place?

Another thing to know, is that Syria is another country opposed to Isreal, for various reasons, and Senator Lindsey Graham is clearly an Isreal operative in the white house, who has continued to push for war against countries that don't do what Isreal wants. He is also against the first amendment right to Free Speech, among other things. Who knows whether it's through his own beliefs, through bribery or through sheer stupidity that Senator Graham has decided to act this way, but one thing is clear - we need war lords like him out of our government.


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    • jimmylesaint profile image


      7 years ago from Metropolis of Life

      It is shrewd tactics, Israel wins and the West wins. So we all can carry on living the life we are used too until a slow change in our lavish lifestyles is realised. Remember China, growing so fast, well with the power sources(Syria/Libya/Bahrain etc) in western hands it will slow china down drastically.

      Politics it is called i believe, like it or not.


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