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Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump

Updated on March 6, 2016

Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump

Well, here we are in 2016 and well on our way to see who will be the next president of the United States. I have always read in the Bible that the race is not given to the swift, but to them that endures to the end. As we near the finish line of this presidential count down, the only two Democrats running are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. In the Republican race, we have Ted Cruz, John Rasiach, Marco Rubio and no stranger to the media is of course Mr. Donald Trump. If we all come to reality, we know that the race is between Mrs. Hillary Clinton and Mr. Donald Trump. I don’t know which one of these can run the fastest to win a foot race, but I know the one who can talk the most and make national headlines. I am sure that most of you like entertainment, but not at the expense of a vote that could help your presidential choosing win.

During the recent days, every person on earth has witnessed all presidential candidates’ character and has based our votes on our belief in the political area. Mr. Donald Trump keeps me humored, while Madame Hillary Clinton keeps me thinking. As far as watching both Hillary and Donald in action, neither one has said anything negative towards each other, but there is one who continues to embrace the “Foot in Mouth” syndrome. Yes, I believe you guessed right; Mr. Donald Trump continues to talk against his prospects and continues to lose important votes. Hillary on the other hand knows what to say, when to say and how to say it. Some say she knows what to do and how to do it. Whatever your belief is about either candidate, one thing is sure that they both have a friendship. I was sitting here wondering if Mr. Trump really want Hillary to win and therefore; he continues to bad mouth those who may vote for him. I am media so my theory is Mr. Donald Trump could care less if he wins or loses, as long as he gets some air time and people know his name.

In my mind, Mr. Donald Trump is a huge supporter of Mrs. Hillary Clinton and may be the stumbling block for other would be Republicans to even have a chance at the race of President. I think the goal is for Hillary to win and Mr. Trump is of course going to endorse her. If we think about this, any president who really wants to win would be careful at what comes out of his or her mouth. Mr. Donald Trump could care less about what comes out of his mouth because his life does not depend on a win or lose. The only serious party in this race is Ms. Hillary Clinton who has won over her greatest opponent Mr. Donald Trump. Wait, Ms. Clinton and Mr. Trump were never enemies, but they had some opposing viewpoints or did they? I am not concerned about the views of either Clinton or Trump, but one thing I know for sure is there is a mutual friendship. The media can portray Hillary and Trump as opponents or either one can say there is no friendship, but in reality there is a form of mutual unspoken respect between the two candidates. Although Hillary and Trump or on two different streets in the campaign for presidential election, both candidates are well received by majority of the people.

While in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see Mrs. Clinton in action in at the Stellar Gospel Award Show. I remember sitting in the booth taking notes and snapping pictures and all of a sudden, the President of the Stellar Awards show (Mr. Donald Jackson) walked up to the podium and introduced Mrs. Hillary Rodhman Clinton. When Hillary walked on that stage, every person in that room stood up with their cell phones and began to record every moment she was in the room. Everywhere Hillary goes, she is respected because she gives respect. On today, Ms. Hillary Clinton tweeted, “Diversity is strength, not a weakness. If we lift each other up, we can make this country even stronger.” Mr. Donald Trump wants to “Make America Great Again.” He believes that people should have a choice to purchase health care, rather than be forced to buy health insurance. Hillary said that her husband Bill had set the country in a good position, and then the president right afterward had reduced that effort.Mr. Trump on the other hand has clearly said he is not worried about a thing. One of the visions that Mr. Trump has is to bring back jobs from China and Mexico

In speaking on the big subject of education, Hillary would like for Bible to be taught as history and to have teacher testing only for new teachers. She believes that all students should have uniforms. One hot topic that Hillary will need to explain is her explanation concerning social promotion. Hillary believes that schools should not have social promotion because it cheats students. I would recommend that the state come up with a system or recovery for those students who are over –aged and must be moved on to the next grade. Hillary has a strong hold on education reform which will obtain many of her votes.

Mr. Trump believes that education should be handled on a local level, rather than state. Mr. Trump does this mean that schools would be able to assess the students in another manner, rather than a state test? Mr. Trump is against Gun Free School zones and do not believe those signs or theory will keep your children safe. In addition, Trump believes that parents should be able to enroll their child or children in the school of their choice.

I have only given a brief synopsis of both candidates on a huge item, which is education. When voting, ensure that you are voting for what you really believe in, rather than a political party. When a person decides I am going to vote for this party because that is what I am, you are adopting a few things you want and setting for things you don’t want because you want to stick with your party. In conclusion, I still believe that Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump are friends. I believe that Mr. Trump is not interested or fazed by winning or losing, but at the end, he will endorse Hillary Clinton. The media and both parties can continue t say, “We are not friends,” but if not, you sure do have much respect for one another in this presidential campaign, which is great. Mrs. Hillary may want to tell Mr. Trump he can chill out now, he has almost 70 percent of the people in an uproar. Mr. Trump, just campaign quietly by putting out your signs and try to gain back those you lost along the way who could have been potential voters. If we all keep our feet out of our mouths, we could show our talent, rather than bite our toes.

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